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asked Jul 28, 2016 in Education by parul asthana (140 points)
sir.i got dspsr (delhi school of profffesional studies and research )..under spot counseling...sir may I get any reviews about dis college...

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answered Jul 30, 2016 by isrgask (5,210 points)

Delhi School of Professional Studies and Research (or DSPSR) is located in Sec.-25 in Rohini (Delhi). The college is affiliated to IPU for BBA and B.Com (H) programmes.

The college is claiming to be accredited by some US and UK based not for profit accreditation organizations and is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) though it have nothing to do with BBA or B.Com. They might be offering some other courses which are not affiliated under the IPU and the reason they are advertising to be accredited by foreign organizations to attract more students.

This college is not even in the top 10 list of the colleges affiliated to IP University for the BBA and B.Com programmes and this means that the information provided at their website is not valid.

You must have heard the news that there is no colleges of universities from India in top 100 colleges in the world; the news you can confirm from here

This news has exposed many colleges and Universities.

About placement:

As all the colleges the DSPSR is also giving placement in many banks and IT industries like Accenture, Info-sys etc. (I cannot confirm that how many students get the placement).

About the infrastructure

The college have good infrastructure as compared to the most of the colleges of IP University.

About the faculties

Well, only the students can give the reviews about the faculties.

commented Jul 31, 2016 by parul asthana (140 points)
sir , it means that dspsr is below average ..and I need to do really  a hard work so that I may get good placement through college only
commented Aug 6, 2016 by dr.swami (2,370 points)
Never go with the placement options available with these colleges as most of are just exploiting the students.
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