im using z3 trying to unistall the user app and it only shows app store not user, is it maybe the same thing?

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asked Jan 6 in Sci & Tech by EDDY (120 points)
i have installed the uninstall app and now i want to go to step 2 of removing old hike so it only shows me app store not user app as mentioned on the website. please help

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answered Jan 6 by isrgask (5,210 points)
Welcome to Isrg Forum. If in case the hike app is not showing up in the remove app, you can use the other way of uninstalling it by simply tapping and holding it for few seconds and once it shows with cross sign on the logo simply tap on the cross button and uninstall it. After uninstalling you can follow up the rest of the part of the article
commented Jan 6 by EDDY (120 points)
you mean what is it that im tapping and holding? system app or the remove app?
commented Jan 6 by isrgask (5,210 points)
As I Guess you want to uninstall the hike, so its obvious that you should remove the hike instead of the remove app
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