Isrg Care to Fair Foundation (ICFF)

Isrg Care to Fair Foundation (ICFF) is an Isrg Rajan Initiative to support the needy and deprived people.

ICFF Agenda

Our agenda is to wipe of crime and poverty from society.

Isrg Care to Fair Foundation (ICFF) is establish to help the needy and deprived people in all the possible ways. ICFF never accept any donation or individual support. Any one calming for donation should be immediately complained to us.

Welfare Programme

In order to serve the girls and women a safe place of living Mr. Isrg Rajan has developed a platform named AntiRapist which can be used to report about any kind of criminal activity against women whereby received complaints further forwarded to the dedicated department of government and NGOs so that the legal action could be taken as well as it keeps an eye on the matter so that the fair action must be taken. Discontinued Antirapist Group Online since 2014 due to financial aid

anti rapist

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