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प्रिय राजन तुम्हारी सरलता व अनुशासन प्रियन्त्र एक अच्छा उदाहरण है रगू पारेप्रमी व होनहार छात्र हो ईश्वर तुम्हारी मदद करें ।

-Mr. Anil Kumar Tripathi/ Educationalist & social-activist

I admire this guy, he is a great person, helping people is the maximum, giving without waiting to receive, I wish there were more people like him in this world

-Brenda Mata Santander / Teacher, Mexico

Dear Isrg... u are my star child shine like a star. U are outstanding and very creative I promise u to support throughout ur life. God bless u. Best of Luck for ur BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD... Keep smiling

-Mr. Somvir Chaudhary / Teacher, BMVB ASMA

Rajan, you are wonderful person with a golden heart, You've always been a great help in our I.T. oriented work. Hope you achieve your dreams and rise very high in life. God bless u. All The Best

-Mrs. Swati Ghosh/ Teacher, BMVB ASMA

स्वस्थ रहो, खुश रहो, कामयाब बनो।

-Mrs.Sunita Bhambani/ Teacher, BMVB ASMA

Rajan ur my brother... what if we dont share a blood relation... u have more important place in my life... ur my true freind, a good champion and a true helper... Always be like this even if u are far away from me... I ur lovely sis Kirti.

-Kirti Chauhan/ Student, Delhi University

Rajan, you have a very g8 buddy to me... May god bless you with all the positivities in life... May you become a g8 IT personality. Keep in touch

-Preeti Goyal/ Student, Amity University

All the best to you for everything that you want to achieve in your life.

-Mrs. Sonali Bharadwaj/ Teacher, BMVB ASMA

Dear Isrg, you are computer genius. May you be successful in the career you choose and shine like a bright star. God bless you

-Mrs. Priyanka Chuttani/ Teacher, BMVB ASMA

Good Luck. Best of Luck. राजन बहुत आगे बढ़ो जिंदगी में खूब खुश रहो हसते रहो।

-Ms Ranjana Malhotra/ Librarian, BMVB ASMA

Isrg, you are a gr8 guy and not do mention, immensely talented. May Allah bless you!! Lots of wishes

-Maryam M Stanakzai/ Student, Delhi University

Dear Isrg! May your innocence & bliss be immortalized. May you always be successful in life. God bless u.

-Mrs. Gopa Mukherjee/ Teacher, BMVB ASMA

Dear Rajan May god gives u lot of happiness in life. Best of luck

-Mrs. Nidhi Garg/ Teacher, BMVB ASMA

God bless you. You will become the famous IT person for India. IT is waiting for you. Good luck for animation and www.

-Mrs. Asha Sharma/ Teacher, BMVB ASMA

May u achieve ur goals in life!

-Mrs. Swastika Banerjee/ Teacher, BMVB ASMA

Wish u all d best! God bless u wid lot of lot of luv & happiness. हमारी शुभकामनाएँ हमेशा तुम्हारे साथ रहेंगी। खूब तरक्की करो और जीवन में सफलता प्राप्त करो।

-Mrs. Ashima Chauhan/ Teacher, BMVB ASMA

You are unusually talented and real genius. God Bless you with a wonderful results.

-Mrs. Vandana Baberwal/ Principal, BMVB-II