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The 5 Faces that Could Be the Next Prime Minister of India

So the Lok Sabha election which many call it as a national election has reached its fourth phase. The three phase of casting the votes are over Who would win this election would be known by the end of the fifth round It is because the voting pattern and the percentage of the votes casted will really determine which way the election would go. These are the FIVE names according to their achievements, and their national standings who could be considered as the potential candidates for the covered post I start by placing my choice and the list in the reverse order is taking the last one first in the order of merit and move to the ultimate ” first ” choice

mamata banerjee

1st Candidate : Number Fifth in merit

5. Mamata Banerjee

Let us decide upon the “five” faces or the candidates who would be the Prime Minister of the country, Our first pick would be Mamata Banerjee whom we would like to place her in the number 5th position Having started he career from Kolkatta at Bengal as a Congress political leader she first won her Lok Sabha election from the Jadavpur constituency in 1992 defeating then Somanath Chatterjee who was a firebrand leader of the Left then.

Mamata Banerjee since then has become a leader who separated out and fell out from the Congress and formed her own party In 2004 she was the only one to have won a seat for herself and her party From being a one seat carriage she has driven the Trinamool the party she formed at west Bengal to the second terms in the office She was the one who broke the backbone of the Left at West Bengal which ruled West Bengal from 1967 to 1972 and from 1977 to about 2007.

Mamata Banerjee’s strength is that she has overturtled the odds at Bengal to lay the seize and the throne for herself and her party. She in the first phase of her rule at West Bengal took the support of the Congress but not finding them the right partner to take support she left the Congress and moved forward In her second terms she came back to the power with an overwhelming authority in terms of an absolute sweep.

Mamata Banerjee in her rule has improved the face lift of Bengal in the manner which could be termed as OK. She has brought about some social benefits to the poor and the people who have come from the humble background Picking up the points from her counterparts at Chattisgarh amd Madhya Pradesh she introduced the cover and the blanket cover schemes for the girls for their marriage, and her work was laid for the improvement of the roads within the municipality limits in the entire state of Bengal The electricity, the repairs of the bridges and the roads and covering the people from the poor and humble background she came up with certain schemes like providing rice at a very cheap rate, medicine and hospital facility etc.

All in one and one in all Bengal has not improved in the area of employment, and industrialization The coffer of the state also has not improved When she took over from the Left the state was in total doldrum and the deficit was tuned upto Rs 22,000 Lakhs of crores That deficit has not come down drastically Bengal at one point of a time was the fifth in terms of handing the cheque to the Centre from the various tax but now it has lost that place as well as the sheen.

Mamata Banerjee would expect to get not more than 28 seats and with that kind of a number it is very doubtful that she would be at the race anymore for the post of the Prime Minister Moreover her acceptance as a national leader totally remains in doubt She has only a poor 2% of chance to be the Prime Minister of this country once the entire result of the elections are over.

Nitish Kumar

Second Candidate: 4th in the order of merit

4. Nitish Kumar

The name that comes in the fourth place is. Nitish Kumar, a Bachelor of Engineering, holding a degree in Electrical Engineering Nitish Kumar has come a long way He was under the tutelage of jai Prakash Narayan in the seventies and thereafter he and lalu Prasad yadav together pulled the Bihar polity together before Kumar feel apart from Lalu Prasad yadav He formed the Janata Dal ( United ) and was in company with the BJP as its one of the most important partner for 17 years.

He held the portfolio of the Railways before he tok it as the Chief Minister of Bihhar During that period he totally reformed Bihar and brought about a heavenly changes when it came to power, electricity, education, health, and abobe all the security at Bihar.

Bihar was famous for its jungle raaj and this man totally strengthened the law the police and its administration at Bihar and transformed some of the important cities of Bihar from a laid back city to the modern one’s Patna to cite an example started throwing the malls the amphi-theatres to the people However with the rise of Modi in the BJP and with the possibility of him being put under the shade and looking at the possibility of him not being crowned as the Prime Minister from the NDA he formed his own reason about all the grudges that he could hold against Modi and deserted the NDA joining hands with the Rashtriya Janata Dal of Lalu Prasad Yadav He was soon to realize his folly and he came back again to the NDA

Left with only 5% of chance it is highly impossible for Nitish Kumar to become the Prime Moinister of this country. The third in the list is Sharad Pawar He is a leader who was in the Congress and at one stage it was he who looked like the most likely candidate of being the Prime Minister from the Congress The internal brickering and the Congressite’s bringing in Sonia Gandhi reduced his chances He formed his own party the National Congress party ( NCP ) and has been in the polity since then He also was the Defense Minister beside holding the portfolio of the Ministry of Agriculture in the UPA His name being glued with the Adarsh Housing scam and some other scam uprooted all his sheen and he also started losing his grip in the UPA.

He has decided not to contest the election and with that decision it practically is all over for him th be considered as the next Prime Minister of this country Pawar was in the Indian polity for a very long time Perhaps it was more than 45 years but as a national leader he could not cast any impression on anybody He did not do anything noteworthy for his state when he was the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and also for the UPA when he was the Agriculture Minister.

Left with nothing to offer to anybody at this stage and with his party the NCP who will find it even hard to win 10 seats from Maharashtra he will never be able to become the Prime Minister of this country and that is for sure.

Mulayam Singh Yadav

3rd candidate : 3rd in the order of merit

3. Mulayam Singh Yadav

The third in the list that comes readily in the mind is Mulayam Singh Yadav, the one who has formed the Samajwadi Party Mulayam Singh is being thrown out o the Samajwadi Party by his son Akhilesh Yadav. He now has formed his own local party along with his brother Shivpal Yadav, but this party is hardly going to win a single seat. The chances are dim Twice the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yadav leaves no history of creating or doing any miracle at Uttar Pradesh either for his party or the state He was the Defense Minister of the third front when Deve Gowda was the Prime Minister of India.

The Samajwadi Party has conglomerated with the Bahujan Samajwadi party which is led my Mayawati who also has been the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh The SP-BSP have joined the hands to fight the BJP together at Uttar Pradesh They might at the most reduce the chance of the BJP to win over 50 seats but that will not help them The SP-BSP combination at Uttar Pradesh to win even 50 seats will neither help Mulayam Singh Yadav, Akhilesh Yadav or Mayawati to lay their hands on the coveted post of the Prime Minister.

They do not have any road map or any national plan for anything to offer and in that way they will not be able to do anything at the centre to project their claim to be the Prime Minister The Mahagathbandhan either way also will not be able to get past the 250 marks in total in number of seats to lay their hand on the seat of the Prime Minister Hence the chances of Mulayam Singh yadav, Ms mayawati or Akhilesh yadav to lay their hands on the post of the Prime Minister diminishes There ends the matter for them.


4th Candidate : 2nd in the order of merit

4. Mayawati

Mayawati in her tenure as the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh only built the stoic statues of her mentor, of the elephants and above all of her Have you ever seen or did hear of the personalities building the statues of themselves when they have been existing and alive A statue of anybody or somebody is built after her or his death if the situation arises but this lady did it when alive There were Saddam Hossain and Gaddafi who did that when they were the ruler of Iraq and Libya What happened to them One shudders to think what might happen to this lady as she is feeling under the fact that the Taj corridor scam worth Rs 400 crores looms over her head Is there any umbrella that is over her head to prevent the scorchers hitting the head that she carries That again is a question of conjecture The chances of her laying her hands to the throne appears to be diminishing as the days are passing by

Akhilesh Yadav for that matter is somewhat better when it comes to public health and engineering In this regard he could be crowned with some credits The by-pass roads at Uttar Pradesh, the national highway though it was the center who and which was constructing that, but was beautifully aided well in providing the state government succour which was the need of the hour then and certain degree of social engineering that he did to strengthen the fabrics of the society which was necessary at Uttar Pradesh then was his hallmark but everything was put to the rest when his Minister Azam Khan would destabilize the eternity of the peace at the state.

Law and order at India have been made a paramour because of the polity that exist here at this country and nobody is scared of laew Hence the hands which could catch Azam Khan by the scruff has no strength left in it to do so as the politicians are always surmounted by the power This is one reason where the parties which has people like Azam Khan suffers and that has been the crucifying fate of the Samajwadi party which ultimately was crushed at the Uttar Pradesh state election held last and Azam Khan ought to take a lot of blame for that I do not see Akhilesh Yadav for himself or for his father to lay down his hand on the covered seat which we call it as a ” hot seat “.

Uttar Pradesh needs water, electricity, animal husbandry, education, health and public engineering to be far more resourceful and in a better shape of heath and health These were the areas where the Samajwadi party when it held the forte last could have concentrated upon but it came a cropper It is pity for me to write that still the state lacks in basic infrastructure and amenities A lot has been done after the BJP took over from the erstwhile Samajwadi party but that is not enough The enormous challenge remains and that is the challenge Instead of focusing on the challenge the SP-BSP is focusing only on the fact that how to get rid of Modi and how to save our future for our existence and with this paraphernalia’s it is next to impossible for the SP-BSP the ” babua-bua” to think of better anything except to hide their skin and the raw muscles that covers the jaw and the teeth I do not think that either of the trio of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Ms Mayawati or Akhilesh Yadav would be able to lay their hands on the throne be it combined be it individually.

Narendra Damodardas Modi

No. 1 i.e. the 1st Candidate in the order of merit

1. Narendra Damodardas Modi

The question is then who is the one who could be a very potential winner and who actually will get that hot seat by a hundred percent If Manohar Parrikkar was alive and if he was in the pink of the health then could have been him as well who within the BJP could have given Modi a run for money With him no more doing the rounds as he is no more then who could be that one who would be termed as and deemed as the potential Prime Minister of India from 2019 to 2024 Well he none other than Narendra Damodar Modi.

The only one who looks to hold the post for the second term is Narendra Modi and better not to waste any lines describing him and his achievements One might ask and throw a few question about anything at all that he has achieved under his rule from 2014 to 2019 as other Prime Minister of this country One might throw a lot of conjectured at him and his Ministry as well as his office asking many a questions which would end with the question mark ( ?) to get an appropriate answer Well there are a few which will weigh the scale in his favor though one might not give him 10/10 marks for those and the sundries Yet these are some of them and there are many who would give him at leat 4/10 marks ie the pass marks and he has managed to pass his test or the exam in a manner which could be termed as ” boundary line pass marks ”

His first term could be regarded as the time when India has plowed the field and has sown the seed for the bumper harvest What he could do in his first term he was stabilized and created a beautiful international relationship with countries abroad and he has given a strong fillip to the defense and the internal securities He brought about a tremendous reform in the financial sector by curbing and quashing all the fake currencies that was killing the strength of our economy and he brought about a change in the fiscal system by bringing everybody under the clout of the GST In a way he has raised a hope that if given another chance he will bring about a total change in the various systems that needs the change and he has given a lot of hints That gives him the extra edge in terms of the miles and the cutting edge as well.

That suffices everything to believe that he is our POTENTIAL- the next Prime Minister of the country Given a chance he will have to walk miles and miles before he goes to sleep.