ISCL Web Directory (WebD 2.6)

ISCL Web Directory (WebD) 2.6 Engine is developed by Isrg Rajan which enable business submission. This engine has been developed using PHP and MySQL.

Latest Release WebD 2.8.1 (5 May 2015)

Newly introduced features:

  • Bootstrap introduced in form
  • Awesome-font icon introduced in form & navigation
  • Security updated
  • ISAWS integrated


Release WebD 2.6 (5 May 2015)

Newly introduced features:

  • Pagination of Search
  • Pagination of Categories
  • Bug fix in the form validation
  • Removed http:// & https:// under recently added sidebar
  • Forbidden Dating category under recently added sidebar


Release WebD 2.O (28 April 2015)

Newly introduced features:

  • Index Introduced
  • Removed JavaScript Validation
  • PHP Form Validation Introduced
  • Bug fix in E-mail Verification


The source code is available for sale at Rs. 6000 (USD $100) Further request can be made at