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Welcome to Isrg Knowledge base (KB). We have brought a great opportunity for students, teachers and those with good skills in writing articles in Hindi, English or Both. Now you can write or sell your own articles at isrgrajan.com and can earn from home as per the articles you write and get paid instantly once you reaches the minimum numbers of required articles which is 5.

How much you will be paid?

Payment details

For every article that you contribute for us you earn some amount of money and after reaching the Minimum Payout Threshold i.e. after writing the minimum 5 articles the payment get processed on every 25th of the Month. The payment option you can chose from Paytm, Cheque, Cash (only for New Delhi), Wire or Net Banking Transfer

S. No.Word LimitPayment Per Article
1.700-950Rs. 33
2.1000-1400Rs. 50
3.1500-1800Rs. 65
4.2500-3000Rs. 75
5.4000-4500Rs. 110
6.5000-5500Rs. 165
7.7000+Rs. 220
IMPORTANT: This payment is only valid for the topics given by us where the payment for the topics requested by you will be Rs. 45 with word limit 1000 (minimum).

Bonus and Threshold

Minimum ArticleBonusTotal Payout

We always advice you to read the Detailed Payment Policy to avoid any misunderstanding.

Once you contribute 60 articles on Isrg Rajan we increase the Payment for Per Articles (PPA) from Rs. 45 to between Rs. 100-200 depending upon the quality, length and the uniqueness of your article.

We monitor hits and views on the website using the “Google Analytics” and the articles with maximum hits and views gets a weekly bonus of Rs. 500.

Standard of the article

You should chose a unique topic based on education, lifestyle, travel, computer, Science & technology, gadgets, government polices, health etc. with an eye catchy title for the article also include the important keywords to standardize your article as per SEO aspects.

The article should not be copied from anywhere including the internet, Wikipedia, books, newspapers, etc. nor it should be translated from Hindi to English or some other languages.

In order to avoid copyright violation and duplication of the article plagiarism will be done.

Proper use of heading, quotation, words and formation of the paragraph will be considered.
Topics for writing articles

We’ve wide range of topics list you can chose to write your own creative article or can choose your own choice of topic for the article. Some of the topics are Education, Computer, Programming, Health, Jobs, Mobile, Reviews, Technology, Science, University, Colleges, Real Estates, Lifestyle etc.

 When you will be paid?

Once you completes the writing of the article as mentioned above under the “How much you will be paid?” section, the payment will be made using your choice of payment option

Payment Option – How you will be paid?

You can opt any of these options to receive the payment –

  • Net Banking Transfer (require Bank a/c; parents account can also be used)
  • Cheque (with min. amount Rs. 500)
  • Paytm
  • Recharge/bill pay (applicable only for Indian citizens)
  • Cash (only if you are reachable to us)

Interested? Let us know

Photo has to be your own as it will be used in the author description

Acceptable file types: gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 10mb.
Terms & Agreement

IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we are receiving a high volume of requests due to which you may experience a delay in account approval.

For more details you can contact us or can message Isrg Rajan directly at facebook.com/isrgrajan