Department of Germanic and Romance Studies (Coed)

Affiliated to University of Delhi (DU)

The Department of Germanic and Romance Studies has its origins in the Department of Modern European Languages which was established in 1948. The Department came into existence in 1988 when the original department was divided into two separate departments. Since the introduction of the MA programmes in 1988 in French, German and Hispanic Studies, the focus in teaching and research is on cultural studies with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary perspective and a broader European dimension. This focus has been enhanced through the restructuring of the MA programmes and the introduction of an MA in Italian Studies in 1995, the restructuring of the MPhil programmes in 1998 and the introduction of BA (Hons) programmes (in French, German, Italian and Spanish) in 2002.

Undergraduate courses offered by Department of Germanic and Romance Studies

  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) Hons in French
  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) Hons in German
  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) Hons in Italian
  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) Hons in Spanish

Postraduate courses offered by Department of Germanic and Romance Studies

  • MA (Master of Arts) French
  • MA (Master of Arts) German
  • MA (Master of Arts) Italian
  • MA (Master of Arts) Spanish
  • M.Phil (Master of Philosophy) in French
  • M.Phil (Master of Philosophy) in German
  • M.Phil (Master of Philosophy) in Italian
  • M.Phil (Master of Philosophy) in Spanish

Postraduate courses offered by Department of Germanic and Romance Studies

  • Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) in French
  • Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) in German
  • Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) in Italian
  • Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) in Spanish

Other courses offered by Department of Germanic and Romance Studies

  • Certificate in Portuguese
  • Certificate in Romanian
  • Diploma in Portuguese
  • Diploma in Romanian
  • Advanced Diploma in Portuguese
  • Advanced Diploma in Portuguese Romanian

Address of Department of Germanic and Romance Studies

Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007

Contacts of Department of Germanic and Romance Studies

Phone: +91-11-27666426, +91-11-27667725
Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Department of Germanic and Romance Studies Coed or Girls of Boys?

Department of Germanic and Romance Studies is a Coed college.

Where is Department of Germanic and Romance Studies located?

Department of Germanic and Romance Studies is a located in Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007.

What is phone number of Department of Germanic and Romance Studies?

The phone number of Department of Germanic and Romance Studies is (+91)- +91-11-27666426, +91-11-27667725.

Previous year's cutoff of Department of Germanic and Romance Studies?

S. No.Cut-offSubjectCut-off percentageCategory
11B.A. (Hons) french90.00%General
21B.A. (Hons) french85.00%OBC
31B.A. (Hons) french85.00%SC
41B.A. (Hons) french85.00%ST
51B.A. (Hons) french85.00%PwD
61B.A. (Hons) french85.00%km
71B.A. (Hons) french81%EWS
82B.A (Hons) Spanish86%General
92B.A (Hons) Spanish80%OBC
102B.A (Hons) Spanish80%SC
112B.A (Hons) Spanish80%ST
122B.A (Hons) Spanish80%PwD
132B.A (Hons) Spanish80%km
142B.A (Hons) Spanish77.4%EWS
152B.A. (Hons) french88%General
162B.A. (Hons) french83%OBC
172B.A. (Hons) french83%SC
182B.A. (Hons) french83%ST
192B.A. (Hons) french83%PwD
202B.A. (Hons) french83%km
212B.A. (Hons) french79.2%EWS
222B.A. (Hons) German88%General
232B.A. (Hons) German83%OBC
242B.A. (Hons) German83%SC
252B.A. (Hons) German83%ST
262B.A. (Hons) German83%PwD
272B.A. (Hons) German83%km
282B.A. (Hons) German79.2%EWS
292B.A. (Hons) Italian86%General
302B.A. (Hons) Italian80%OBC
312B.A. (Hons) Italian80%SC
322B.A. (Hons) Italian80%ST
332B.A. (Hons) Italian80%PwD
342B.A. (Hons) Italian80%km
352B.A. (Hons) Italian77.4%EWS
363B.A (Hons) Spanish85.00%General
373B.A (Hons) Spanish79.00%OBC
383B.A (Hons) Spanish75.00%SC
393B.A (Hons) Spanish75.00%ST
403B.A (Hons) Spanish79.00%PwD
413B.A (Hons) Spanish79.00%km
423B.A (Hons) Spanish76.5%EWS
433B.A. (Hons) french86.00%General
443B.A. (Hons) french81.00%OBC
453B.A. (Hons) french80.00%SC
463B.A. (Hons) french80.00%ST
473B.A. (Hons) french81.00%PwD
483B.A. (Hons) french81.00%km
493B.A. (Hons) french77.4%EWS
503B.A. (Hons) German86.00%General
513B.A. (Hons) German81.00%OBC
523B.A. (Hons) German80.00%SC
533B.A. (Hons) German80.00%ST
543B.A. (Hons) German81.00%PwD
553B.A. (Hons) German81.00%km
563B.A. (Hons) German77.4%EWS
573B.A. (Hons) Italian83.00%General
583B.A. (Hons) Italian78.00%OBC
593B.A. (Hons) Italian75.00%SC
603B.A. (Hons) Italian75.00%ST
613B.A. (Hons) Italian78.00%PwD
623B.A. (Hons) Italian78.00%km
633B.A. (Hons) Italian74.7%EWS
644B.A (Hons) Spanish84.50%General
654B.A (Hons) Spanish77.00%OBC
664B.A (Hons) Spanish70.00%SC
674B.A (Hons) Spanish68.00%ST
684B.A (Hons) Spanish77.00%PwD
694B.A (Hons) Spanish77.00%km
704B.A (Hons) Spanish76.05%EWS
714B.A. (Hons) french85.50%General
724B.A. (Hons) french80.00%OBC
734B.A. (Hons) french75.00%SC
744B.A. (Hons) french73.00%ST
754B.A. (Hons) french80.00%PwD
764B.A. (Hons) french80.00%km
774B.A. (Hons) french76.95%EWS
784B.A. (hons) German85.00%General
794B.A. (hons) German80.00%OBC
804B.A. (hons) German75.00%SC
814B.A. (hons) German73.00%ST
824B.A. (hons) German80.00%PwD
834B.A. (hons) German80.00%km
844B.A. (hons) German76.5%EWS
854B.A. (Hons) Italian80.00%General
864B.A. (Hons) Italian75.00%OBC
874B.A. (Hons) Italian70.00%SC
884B.A. (Hons) Italian68.00%ST
894B.A. (Hons) Italian75.00%PwD
904B.A. (Hons) Italian75.00%km
914B.A. (Hons) Italian72%EWS
925B.A (Hons) Spanish76.50%PwD
935B.A (Hons) Spanish76.50%km
945B.A. (Hons) french79.50%OBC
955B.A. (Hons) french74.50%SC
965B.A. (Hons) french72.50%ST
975B.A. (Hons) french79.50%PwD
985B.A. (Hons) french79.50%km
995B.A. (hons) German84.50%General
1005B.A. (hons) German79.00%OBC
1015B.A. (hons) German72.50%ST
1025B.A. (hons) German79.00%PwD
1035B.A. (hons) German79.00%km
1045B.A. (hons) German76.05%EWS
1055B.A. (Hons) Italian74.50%OBC
1065B.A. (Hons) Italian69.50%SC
1075B.A. (Hons) Italian67.50%ST
1085B.A. (Hons) Italian74.50%PwD
1095B.A. (Hons) Italian74.50%km
1106B.A (Hons) Spanish83.00%General
1116B.A (Hons) Spanish70.00%SC
1126B.A (Hons) Spanish61.00%ST
1136B.A (Hons) Spanish76.00%km
1146B.A (Hons) Spanish74.7%EWS
1156B.A. (Hons) french77.00%OBC
1166B.A. (Hons) french62.00%ST
1176B.A. (Hons) french77.00%km
1186B.A. (hons) German78.00%General
1196B.A. (hons) German75.50%OBC
1206B.A. (hons) German71.50%SC
1216B.A. (hons) German61.00%ST
1226B.A. (hons) German76.50%km
1236B.A. (hons) German70.2%EWS
1246B.A. (Hons) Italian79.50%General
1256B.A. (Hons) Italian73.50%OBC
1266B.A. (Hons) Italian69.50%SC
1276B.A. (Hons) Italian60.00%ST
1286B.A. (Hons) Italian76.50%km
1296B.A. (Hons) Italian71.55%EWS
1307B.A (Hons) Spanish69.75%SC
1317B.A (Hons) Spanish60.75%ST
1327B.A (Hons) Spanish75.75%km
1337B.A. (Hons) french76.75%OBC
1347B.A. (Hons) french61.75%ST
1357B.A. (Hons) french76.75%km
1367B.A. (hons) German71%SC
1377B.A. (hons) German60.50%ST
1387B.A. (hons) German76.25%km
1397B.A. (Hons) Italian79.25%General
1407B.A. (Hons) Italian73.00%OBC
1417B.A. (Hons) Italian69.00%SC
1427B.A. (Hons) Italian76.25%km
1437B.A. (Hons) Italian71.325%EWS
1448B.A (Hons) Spanish69.50%SC
1458B.A (Hons) Spanish60.00%ST
1468B.A (Hons) Spanish75.50%km
1478B.A. (Hons) french76.50%OBC
1488B.A. (Hons) french61.00%ST
1498B.A. (Hons) french76.00%km
1508B.A. (hons) German70.75%SC
1518B.A. (hons) German60.00%ST
1528B.A. (hons) German76.00%km
1538B.A. (Hons) Italian79.00%General
1548B.A. (Hons) Italian72.50%OBC
1558B.A. (Hons) Italian68.25%SC
1568B.A. (Hons) Italian76.00%km
1578B.A. (Hons) Italian71.1%EWS

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