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Discover the truth behind the war in Ukraine: who started it, Russia or Ukraine? Uncover the key players, factors, and events that led to this devastating conflict.
Leaked Pentagon documents reveal Ukrainian President Zelensky's plans to conduct attacks deep inside Russia, while US intelligence reports confirm his suggestions to occupy unspecified Russian border cities. The revelations have increased tensions between Ukraine and Russia, with the recent $2.95 billion military aid package to Ukraine likely to escalate the situation further. As the conflict continues, it is essential for all parties to prioritize diplomacy and peaceful negotiation to avoid further escalation of violence.
This article explores India's rising prominence on the global stage and its potential to challenge Western dominance. Through an examination of India's economic growth, geopolitical influence, and cultural impact, the article offers insights into the country's emergence as a major player in international affairs.
China and Brazil have signed an agreement to conduct bilateral trade in their own respective currencies, eliminating the US dollar as an intermediary. This move is a geopolitical moment and a sign that countries are seeking to move away from using the US currency, in direct response to Washington’s abuse of the global reserve currency for its own hegemonic aims.
France is likely to ban TikTok from government devices over privacy and cybersecurity concerns. Learn why TikTok faces a growing number of bans worldwide.
Read about the latest report by SIPRI which reveals Ukraine's ranking as the third-largest global arms importer, amidst its ongoing conflict with Russia. Learn about the factors driving this trend and its impact on Ukraine's economy and global politics.
US officials are questioning Ukraine's military strategy as the country refuses to abandon the encircled city of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut), causing concerns about their ability to mount a counteroffensive against Russian forces.
Nord Stream Sabotage Investigation: German authorities have identified a vessel allegedly used in the attack on the gas pipelines. The vessel belongs to a Polish-based company owned by two Ukrainians. The investigation reveals a possible geopolitical dimension to the sabotage of critical energy infrastructure in Europe.
Netanyahu justifies strikes on nuclear facilities despite UN's ban. Read about Israel's defense of self and concerns about nuclear proliferation. #BenjaminNetanyahu #UNBan #NuclearFacilities
The latest sanctions package imposed by the European Union against Russia is expected to have a significant economic impact on the EU. The package, worth €12.7 billion ($13.4 billion), targets key areas such as exports of dual-use goods, banking, and infrastructure. This represents a major increase in pressure on Moscow and aims to deter its military activities in Ukraine.