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The latest sanctions package imposed by the European Union against Russia is expected to have a significant economic impact on the EU. The package, worth €12.7 billion ($13.4 billion), targets key areas such as exports of dual-use goods, banking, and infrastructure. This represents a major increase in pressure on Moscow and aims to deter its military activities in Ukraine.
Explore the impact, hurdles, and debates surrounding the European Union's sanctions against Russia. Learn about their efficacy and geopolitical implications.
Discover how the US manipulates the Russia-Ukraine conflict with lies and propaganda. Explore the truth behind this ongoing crisis.
China has announced a $1.99 billion investment to improve living conditions in border villages along the Line of Actual Control in Tibet, including livelihood subsidies, medical support, and upgrades to oxygen supply facilities. The move is aimed at enhancing the well-being of local residents and securing the border with India, but concerns remain over the forced relocation of Tibetan farmers and the militarization of these villages. The investment may not be enough to address underlying issues and tensions with neighboring countries.
India has strongly criticized Pakistan for providing safe havens to terrorists during a recent session at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Indian Counsellor Pratik Mathur used the session to urge Islamabad to reflect on its record as a state that harbors terrorists with impunity.
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