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21 Amazing Indian Hacks for Healthy Life

1. Replacement of thickening agents

Gond Katira

We all love thick soups and curries, there are various things like cream, curd and cornstarch that works as thickening agents in our foods and binds everything together, but do you know? Curd should never be heated, and cream should never be mixed with salt because it may release toxins in the body, so what is it’s a replacement? You can use Gond katira. It’s a jelly-like substance that is available in crystal form you can get it from any supermarket.

The easiest way to use it is to take a bit and crush it then soak it in water and add it directly to soups and curries and enjoy its own benefits.

2. Cure to sleeplessness


Most of us have this sleeplessness problem: sleeping and being awake for several hours at night in bed. A simple hack is to include rice kheer as a sweet dish after the main meal as it helps and promotes sleep.

3. How to choose jaggery

Jaggery, Gud, Sugar, Indian, Sweet

Jaggery is always preferred over refined sugar due to it’s better digestive properties, and it’s hard to decide which jaggery to take as good quality jaggery is rarely found so, the darker the jaggery is, the purer it as this will help you to find good quality jaggery for you.

4. Benefits of ginger


Are you suffering from weak digestion or your stomach feels bloated an amazing hack to consume a piece of ginger with rock salt sprinkled on it. Ginger has innumerable benefits, but it strengthens the digestive system and promotes hunger; thus, it’s one of amazing health life hacks.

Ginger can not always be readily available to make a simple ginger pickle by squeezing a lemon over the ginger and sprinkle some salt on it. Now you can preserve it by storing in an airtight container.

5. Hacks for overeating


Overeating is a widespread problem, especially when you are eating your favourite food to avoid overeating, you should know when to stop eating when you get your first burp. It’s a signal of your brain that you should stop eating.

6. Cleaning utensils

Pitambari Powder

It’s often tough to clean copper and brass utensils as they develop green rust over time. There are many life hacks to make things easy. One of this is to use Pitambari powder to clean copper, brass and even aluminium utensils.

7. Eat salad in a healthy way

Eat salad

A salad so is eaten properly so that it provides you with maximum benefits. Salt should not be sprinkled on raw vegetables and fruits as they contain natural sugars salt reduces its fat loss properties and hacks this to replace salt with lemon and squeeze it over the salad.

8. Get a better sleep

Regulate Your Sleep Schedule

We all are very familiar with the benefits of copper charged water, but it can also help you sleep better. Copper utensils filled with water makes certain vibrations on a wooden surface that can help you sleep better.

9. Relief from painful cramps

Menstruation pain and suffering

Women experience many stomach pain and cramps during their menstrual cycle, so one of an amazing health life hacks to cure this problem is to drink a spoon of pure cow ghee in hot water for four to five days can work wonders for you try it out.

10. Replacement to milk

Soya Bean, Soybean, Milk, Vegan Milk

Milk is something we all have heard of since childhood is good for bones and is an excellent source of calcium. Still, it can increase the risk of cancer in women so a healthy hack would be to switch to vegan milk that could be coconut milk or almond — don’t miss to learn more about the Soyabean and its benefits.

11. Reduce sourness of amla

Amla tree

Amla is an excellent immunity booster, but we find it difficult to consume it raw as it is so sour, but we can reduce the sourness of amla by simply soaking it in warm water for just four minutes consuming it with a meal. This makes the amla less sour and soft to eat. It’s a simple hack to make things easy.

12. Reduce over sweating

Sweating, Sweat, Exercise

If you suffer from over sweating or you over bleeding during you menstrual astringent foods are the best as it helps to cure the problem of over sweating and over bleeding. It’s so useful as most of us over sweat.

13. Smooth bowel movements


Bloating Remedies Indian, stomach pain, woman

Most young adults suffer from constipation, and here is one of the simplest life hacks to make things easy for you. Next time you in the restroom clench your teeth as they smoothen the bowel movements and cures constipation.

14. The cure to skin problems

Skin Ance, Home Remedies, Treatment

If you often face acne of blackheads that are mainly caused due to impure blood, then you must include bitter foods such as bitter gourd, fenugreek seeds and other bitter foods and spices.

15. The cure to bloating and burping

Bloating And Burping

If you often feel bloated or you a lot of sour food suck as amla, tamarind and lemon could be the best way out for you as it helps to tackle these problems, so try out these foods to cure these problems.

16. Increase the durability of clay pots

Clay Pot, Earthen Pot

Clay pots and earthen pots are very fragile and break very easy a simple hack increases its durability to soak it in water for about eight to twelve hours. This easy hack can increase the life of your clay utensils.

17. Calm your mind

breathing meditation

We feel tired and angry working all day long. Homemade sweets out of healthier sugar alternatives like coconut sugar date sugar, stevia leaves, jaggery, mishri and honey. Consuming these sweet can help a lot to calm your mind and make you feel good.

18. Eating curd a healthy way

Cayenne Pepper Powder with Milk

Curd is oily and cold, which can cause cold and sinus problem if consumed after sunset or at night. A simple and healthy hack is to add a pinch of pepper powder to balance the curd’s cooling nature and make it healthy.

19. Study with a concentration

approaches study

Cramming a day before exams don’t work out. You can try out a sleep sandwich to take sleep naps then study with a fresh mind when you wake up after you feel tired again sleep. Sleeping this way helps you to retain what you leant and helps you study with concentration.

20. Cure upset stomach

Diarrhoea, abdominal pain, appendicitis

Our stomach feels upset whenever something oily and spicy. A simple hack to smoothen bowel movement and cure upset stomach is to drink the first glass of water in the morning in standing position and the last milk before going to bed.

21. Wake up early

wake up early in morning

The most important part of being healthy is waking up early in the morning to try waking up for a few days after someday your biological clock is set the way that you can get up early without any alarms.

These were some simple life hacks hope they help you out.

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