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Isrg KB, India’s fastest growing knowledge base, blogging, educational, lifestyle, tours and travels web portal that has content viewership from more than 190 countries, contributors from all over India. It’s not just a website or a portal, it’s a community of the people, by the people and for the people with the vision “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” meaning “the world is one family”. At Isrg KB, we believe that the Internet is “the treasure of the knowledge” and Isrg KB is “the best way to gain knowledge”.

Isrg KB is a part of Isrg Consortium that deals in various online services such as e-Commerce Solution, IT Consultancy, Business Solutions, Sales of Digital Services and Products, News and updates on General topics, Education, How-to-blog, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Technology, Gadgets, Health and Money.

Isrg Knowledgebase (KB) was launched in 2012 by Isrg Rajan with a vision to offer high-quality regional blogs, news, poetry and educational updates. In 2014, Isrg Knowledgebase upgraded with the integration of additional services and products including Isrg Educational Portal, Isrg Forum, Isrg Business Web Directory, Tools and Utilities and DU College Predictor.

We at Isrg Knowledgebase believe that “Technology and Kindness towards mankind can teach all” and with this mission, we are expanding our services, products and reach to new levels, and that’s every day.

Isrg Knowledgebase has more than 1 million monthly readerships with up to 10,000 Push-up notification subscribers and 8,000 Email subscribers.

In 2016 Isrg Rajan started “Contribute and Earn” programme under this programme anyone with excellent skill in language and writing can contribute and write contents (“articles”) at Isrg Knowledgebase.


In 2012 the domain was registered with the purpose to deliver high-quality regional blogs, news, poetry and educational updates, but in 2014 Isrg Rajan (“the website”) moved from to Since then is being used as the official domain name to serve the services and products offered by Isrg Knowledgebase including the additional services like DU College Predictor, Isrg Education, Isrg Web Directory and Isrg Forum.