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Isrg KB one of the popular Knowledgebase, Educational and Blogging website that offers updates on Lifestyle, Education, Gadgets, Sci-Tech and Entertainment with an educational portal that has a giant database of the colleges and institutes in India.

You can take this opportunity to promote your business, services and product on Isrg KB directly and make your business grow. Isrg KB has been ranked with 150,000* worldwide Alexa rank, which means we are getting a good number of legitimate traffic.

We accept all types of contents of business, services and products except adult contents, scams, misleading, manipulating and related materials. You can promote your services, product and business with Isrg KB through:

1. In-article sponsored content

We will write a paragraph of 100 words about your company, services or the product in any article of your choice published at Isrg KB with a do-follow link via for the lifetime. Kindly note, we will not alter any information or add any misleading facts in the article that you will choose to promote your business, services or product. The position of paragraph in the article will be added as per your preference with the word “Sponsored” either at the top, middle or the bottom of the article.

2. Banner Ads

Alternative to in-article sponsored contents you can choose the banner ads to promote your business, services or the product. In banner ads, your advertisement will be displayed on the articles published at Isrg KB similar to the ads displaying on the article How To Transfer Money From PayTm Wallet To PayTm Bank Without Any Transaction Charges?

For the banner ads you can choose from following sizes of ads (anyone):

  • 728×90 – Vertical
  • 300×250 – Rectangle
  • 336×280- Rectangle
  • 320×100 – Vertical
  • 250×250- Square
3. Promotional Article

The promotional article is the best option to promote your business, product or services through Isrg KB. In the promotional article, we will publish a post about your business, product or the services with dofollow link of your website via

Kindly note, promotional articles published at Isrg KB will contain “(Sponsored)” word in the title of the article with a line declaimer at the bottom for the same.

Pricing and Validity
  1. In-article sponsored content = Rs. 6500 (USD $100) for lifetime.
  2. Banner Ads = Rs. 660 (USD $10) per day.
  3. Promotional Article = Rs. 13000 (USD $200) for lifetime.

IMPORTANT: 100% payment in advance should be made, and the prices are not negotiable.

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Terms & Condition

  1. Lifetime validity means until the website remains in operation.
  2. We never assure or guarantee about the response from the advertisement.
  3. Restricted and prohibited contents include adult contents, misleading, manipulating and forbidden contents by International Governing Agencies.
  4. There is no provision of refund once the advertisement/content published.
  5. No alteration in the published article will be accepted to promote your content.
  6. You can always ask us to take down your content, but no refund will be made.
  7. No alteration will be allowed in your content once it gets published.