Contribution Guidelines for Writing Articles

The Isrg KB Contributor Guidelines for the copywriters, editors, reviewers, interns, and contributors for writing better and quality articles. This document also includes the information and the instructions on formatting articles, using images in the article, payment information, timeframes, etc. The Contribution Guidelines for Writing Articles was published in May 2014, and last updated on 23rd October 2022.

Table of Contents

  1. Annexure (I) – The topic of an article.
    1. Section [1] Articles on your own topics
    2. Section [2] Reasons for rejection of topics
    3. Section [3] Writing Articles on the Isrg KB’s Topics
  2. Annexure (II) – Writing an Article
    1. Section [1] Format of your article
    2. Section [2] Use of rewriters
    3. Section [3] Submission of Translated Articles
    4. Section [4] Categories of Articles
    5. Section [5] Articles with CoI
    6. Section [6] Rejection of Article
    7. Section [7] Article Submission Period
    8. Section [8] How to Submit Article
  3. Annexure (III) – Isrg KB Account Policy
    1. Section [1] Account Creation
    2. Section [2] Application or Account Rejection
    3. Section [3] Account Ban or Termination
    4. Section [4] Inactive Accounts
  4. Annexure (IV) – Payment Pay-out
    1. Section [1] Limits & Restrictions
    2. Section [2] Withdraw and Payment Methods
    3. Section [3] Payment in case you want to leave the site
  5. Annexure (X) – Content Ownership

Annexure (I) – The topic of an article

Section [1] Articles on your own topics:

At the Isrg KB, two options are available, the first one is writing an article on your choice of topic which is subject to pre-approval of the topic on which you want to write an article. In simple words, you have to submit your topic for review and once the Isrg KB review team approves your topic you can write the article on the approved topic. You can request the approval of the topic from the Isrg Article Manager Dashboard under the option “Topics” > “Request New Topic”. Once the team approves your topic you will be informed through E-mail after which you can start writing your article, and if in case of rejection of the topic you will be informed through an E-mail with the reason for the rejection of your topic. The Isrg KB Team, may take 30 minutes to 12 hours to review your topic.

Section [2] Reasons for rejection of topics:

The most common reasons behind the rejection of the topics are:-

  1. The topics on which an article is already published in detail on third-party websites (such as Wikipedia, Health e-Magazine, Tech and Gadget sites).
  2. General topics of which most audiences are already aware off, or the topics whose answer is available in Google’s knowledge panels or in the Knowledge Graph. You can read more on the same at
  3. Topics on which an article or multiple articles are already published on Isrg KB or Lekhsagar either under the same topic or under a different topic. You should pre-check the topic against duplicacy prior to requesting for review using the Search option provided on the Isrg Article Manager Dashboard under the option “Topics” > “Request New Topic” > “Search”.

Section [3] Writing Articles on the Isrg KB’s Topics:

The second option is writing articles on the topics added by the Isrg KB team which can be found at the Isrg Article Manager Dashboard under the option “Topics” > “Claimable Topics”. Before starting to write an article on any of the topics mentioned on the Claimable Topics page, do ensure to claim the topic. The option to claim a topic can be found next to the available topic. Once you have claimed the topic, the topic will be assigned to you and no other writer will be able to write an article on the same topic.

Annexure (II) – Writing an Article

Section [1] Format of your article:

Foremost and utmost your article should be unique, detailed, formal, and plagiarism free. You should not copy the contents which are already available or published in the public domain (e.g. – A newspaper, a third-party website, books, notes, study materials, etc.). You are not even permitted to cut-copy-paste your own writing work which may be published on any other website, be it your own blog, website, or your social media account.

Your article should answer the questions that may arise in the reader’s mind while reading your article. You can take the help of Google by searching your topic and Google will show you questions related to your topic that people also ask.

Your article should be written in a formal tone and in a standard format. In the beginning of your article, there should be at least two detailed paragraphs, the first paragraph should be about your topic and the second paragraph should be about the things you are going to cover in your article.

There should be a mandatory featured image in your article as well as you may add relevant images in your article for different paragraphs (For e.g. – You should use images available for fair-use or are copyright free from sources like,,,,, and etc.

You should avoid writing a colourful article or use of any stylish font etc. It should follow the standard format such as:-


You can use Microsoft Word, or LibreOffice Writer, or WPS Office to write your article. The article should be submitted in Word format with file extension .doc or .docx

For writers who don’t have a Laptop or Desktop, they can download these apps from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for Free of Cost.

Section [2] Use of rewriters:

In the market and online, there are several software and websites available to rewrite or regenerate a plagiarism-free article. Though you are permitted to check the plagiarism but using any such software or website to rewrite a plagiarism-free article is unfair and illegal which is not permitted, and if found doing so, it may lead to a temporary or permanent ban on your account.

Section [3] Submission of Translated Articles:

Translated articles from any other language, comes under the article with plagiarism and use of unfair means which may lead to termination or ban on your account. The Isrg KB team has witnessed that many writers use a Translator such as Google Translator or Bing Translator to rewrite an article from one language to another. While reviewing such articles, it becomes very clear to the reviewer whether you’ve written the article by yourself or you’ve used a translator. Section [2] of Annexure (II) is applicable to this section too.

Section [4] Categories of Articles:

The Isrg KB allows you to write articles on any category (such as Education, Lifestyle, Computer Programming, How-To, Science & Technology, Gadgets, Games & Apps, Entertainment, and articles based on Programmes, schemes, or an initiative launched by the Central Government or any State Government of India or an entity that can benefit common citizens, news and updates on competitive exams, etc.

Section [5] Articles with CoI:

Articles based on poetries, self-written stories, own-observations, own-reviews, own-experiences, or an article with Conflict-of-interest (CoI) which contains links to third-party websites such as affiliate links or sponsored links or a sponsored or promotional article is not permitted.

Section [6] Rejection of Article:

Articles that fail to comply with Annexure (I) and its different sections or article with major grammatical/typo errors or labeled with Section [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7  or 8] of Annexure (II) are subject to rejection of your article. Section [6] of Annexure (II) further extends to Annexure (III) and its sub-sections.

We never accept article spinning, rogeting, and articles written using AI. (You will be banned forever for submitting such articles).

Section [7] Article Submission Period:

Once your topic gets approved or you’ve claimed a topic as mentioned under Annexure (I), you’ve to submit your article within a period of 10 days (if the submission period is not specified), otherwise, the claimed topic will be automatically unclaimed and you will not be able to reclaim the topic and the topic will be released under Annexure (I) Section [3]. Articles submitted beyond the defined period will not be published or considered.

Section [8] How to Submit Article:

Once you’ve written your article, you can submit it from the Isrg Article Manager Dashboard under the option “Topics” > “Submit Article” by clicking on the button “Submit Article” given next to the topic. Please Note- The article should be submitted in Word format with file extension .doc or .docx.

Annexure (III) – Isrg KB Account Policy

Section [1] Account Creation:

You can apply for a new account from, once you will apply you will be informed via E-mail for further verification and after the verification, the Isrg KB team will take an online Knowledge-Transfer (KT)-cum-training session on Google Meet. Once you will attend the KT session your account will be created and you will receive the login credentials through E-mail. For the first time when you will log in, the website will automatically prompt you to verify your Mobile number via OTP and update your account by providing basic information which will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Section [2] Application or Account Rejection:

If in case, failure to Annexure (III) Section [1] either by not submitting the relevant verification document or by not attending the online KT session your application is subject to deletion or rejection after which you may not be able to reapply at the Isrg KB for a new account.

Section [3] Account Ban or Termination:

Failure to comply with the Isrg KB Contributor’s Guidelines or multiple violations of Annexure (I), Annexure (II), and its sections your account will be liable for the permanent or temporary suspension/deletion or ban on your account. This section further extends to Annexure (X).

Section [4] Inactive Accounts:

Application or account that falls under [sub-section 4-(A)] inactive accounts for a period of 30 days or [sub-section 4-(B)] unverified accounts inactive for a period of 15 days or [sub-section 4-(C)] suspicious accounts with the security breach etc. will be liable for the permanent or temporary suspension/deletion or ban on your account. This section further extends to Annexure (X).

Annexure (IV) – Payment Pay-out

Section [1] Limits & Restrictions:

You can withdraw the payment only after earning at least INR 350 between 21st to 27th of every month. We’ve kept the minimum payout threshold to INR 350 in order to maintain the accounting properly and the withdrawal date is fixed due to our source of income. We rely on advertisements for the source of funding, and the advertisement agencies release the payment between 21st to 26th of every month. There won’t be any delay in your payment even if the advertisement agencies do delay in releasing the payment.

Section [2] Withdraw and Payment Methods:

You can use any of these methods to withdraw the payment for example PayTM Wallet, Bank account (via NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS), UPI (via PhonePe, Google Pay, BHIM, Amazon Pay, WhatsApp UPI, and other UPI-based applications); these are the most common online payment option available for the native Indian contributors whereas for our foreign contributors PayPal and Payoneer is available. To withdraw the payment login into your Isrg KB account, Go to Payments > Earnings and click on Withdraw button. On Clicking, Withdraw button you will be redirected to a different page where it will ask you to select the mode of payment and provide the essential withdrawal details.

Section [3] Payment in case you want to leave the site:

You will be permitted to withdraw the payment even if your account does not have minimum threshold earnings i.e. INR 350. You can reach out to us at for the same.

Annexure (X) – Content Ownership