Contribution Guidelines for Writing Articles

Updated on: May 01, 2020

Isrg KB Contributor Guidelines for the copywriters, editors, reviewers, interns, and contributors for writing better and the quality articles. This document also includes the information and the instructions on formatting articles, using images in the article, payment information, and timeframes, etc.

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1. Overview- Instructions

Currently, at Isrg KB you can write articles in English and Hindi where Hinglish or any other regional languages are not permitted. You can either write articles on your own topics after getting it approved at Isrg Article manager or on the topics available in the Isrg Article Manager after claiming it.

At the moment you can write articles on the topics based on Lifestyle, Education, Entertainment, Socio-Culture, Sci-Technology, Gadgets, How To, News & Updates, Politics, Travels, Relationship, Health, and Best Top things, etc.

1.1 Selection of topic and title of the article

Isrg KB allows you to write articles on your own topics. Still, before writing an article, you need to get the topic approved at Isrg Article manager. Alternatively, you can write articles on the topics available for the claim at Isrg Article manager. This topic is selected on the basis of its credibility, third-party coverage, and worth.

1.2 Things you should ensure while requesting a topic for approval

  • Make sure that there are no similar article published on the same topic at Isrg KB using Isrg KB Search
  • The topic of your article should start with “What”, “Who”, “Where”, “When”, “Why”, “How”, “Best” and “Top” etc.
  • Length of your topic should not be less than 35 characters or exceed 70 characters including spaces and special characters

1.3 Restricted topics and articles on Isrg KB

At Isrg KB articles based on the following topics are not permitted:

  • Articles based on your life, family, friend, school and college
  • Articles with conflict of interest (COI)
  • Personally written poems, quotations and short stories and memes
  • Articlesasking users to download things with affiliated links
  • Articles that link to other blogs and website which may have a conflict of interest
  • Outdated topics that are covered in detail on the third-party websites
  • Articles covered in detail on the third-party websites, news and books

1.4 Format of your article

Your article shall follow a standard format as defined below:

  1. Paragraph 1- Introduction or the Overview of the topic
  2. Paragraph 2- Specify the things you would be covering in your article
  3. The main content of your article with well-specified sub-headings (an example is here)
  4. Do not thanks or include any personal message or greetings for the reader at the end of your article
  5. The article should be written in a formal tone where passive voice and personal greetings are discouraged.

1.5 Size and length of the article

The length of the article should be at least in 750 words and as per the instructions provided for every topic at Isrg Article Manager

2. Use of images

We highly recommend you to use appropriate images and photos in your articles, but you should also ensure the following points:

  • The image should not be copyrighted
  • The image should not have any watermark, copyright or trademark tag or logo
  • The image should not be depicting any offensive activity, act or the images not be suitable for the audiences of the age 12
  • The image should be renamed according to the subheading wherever it needs to be used
  • The Image shall be cropped and compressed to 750×430 pixels from
  • The image shall only be of JPG type
  • The image shall not be of low resolution or quality

2.1 Restricted and prohibited images categories

  • Your own or your family, friends and relatives selfies and photographs
  • Photos that are not relevant to the content of the article

3. Payment

The payment for each article published on the website is based on the word limit as specified at Isrg KB joining page.

3.1 Payout

w.e.f May 01, 2020, you can withdraw the money from your Isrg KB account after earning a minimum INR 350 between 21st to 27th of every month.

The mode of withdrawing you can choose from:

  • PayTM
  • NEFT/RTGS and Net Banking
  • Cash/ Cheque (available for Delhi based editors with a minimum payout of Rs. 500)
  • PayPal (available for the foreign non-Indian editors)

3.2 Bonus and threshold

w.e.f May 01, 2020, Isrg KB has introduced a bonus system for getting Facebook likes on Isrg KB articles and the trending editors listed on the homepage. You can find the bonus rates at and details on Facebook articles likes can be found here

4. Payment Calculation & Deduction

Payment deduction is very rare at Isrg KB, but for the repetitive mistakes committed even after several reminders, the reviewer may deduct some amount or percentage from the payment for per article as specified below:

4.1 Grammatical, Typo, Spelling and Shorthand

We always advise editors to check the grammatical, typo and spelling errors from and in addition to that shorthand, i.e. short-cuts should be avoided for the uncommon words.

5% of the Payment for Per Article (PPA) will be deducted if there are more than three grammatical, typo, spelling error, or even for the shorthand uses.

4.2 Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are used to organize the contents at Isrg KB, and if the Categories and Tags are missing your article may not be viewable to the regular readers at Isrg KB. We always advise our editors to choose the most suitable category and use the appropriate tags for their articles.

If the Category or Tag (both or either anyone) is missing 3% of the Payment for Per Article (PPA) will be deducted.

4.3 Featured Image

Featured Image is mandatory for every article that you write. The featured image should be attractive, optimized, and watermark-free.

In addition to that, the featured image should be of 750x430px which can be easily resized from

If the featured image is not valid or missing 3% of the Payment for Per Article (PPA) will be deducted

4.4 Plagiarism and CCP

There is a 100% deduction of the Payment for Per Article (PPA) if there is plagiarism or a Cut-Copy Paste (CCP) violation. In the case of multiple Plagiarism and CCP violation, the account of the editor may be banned, and all the earnings may be nullified.

4.5 Images

The use of images in the articles is highly appreciated, though there are topics which may not require any images such as news, trending topics, philosophical topics, etc. where articles based on top things, places, personalities, Sci-Tech and Movies, etc. require images.

While using images always ensure the following things:

  1. Images used in the article should be centrally aligned
  2. Images should of 740×430 in size (you can be resized in bulk from
  3. All the images used in the article should be of the same size (you can be resized in bulk from
  4. There should not be any watermark on the images
  5. While uploading images, it should be ensured that Title, Alt Text and Description of the image should not be left empty (Note: Caption is optional).

There is a 4% deduction of the Payment for Per Article (PPA) over the violation of either of the points under the Images section.

Isrg KB reviewers reserve the right to grant the bonuses and the cases where reviewers believe that your article took a lot of effort from the reviewers in adding and resizing images, correcting grammar and typos, formatting the article.  We would like to re-mention that payment deduction is very rare, but avoiding these mistakes will give you a 100% payment as mentioned at Isrg KB joining page.

5. Timeframes

This section defines the minimum deadlines for various process on Isrg KB

  • Approval or rejection of the application for the contributor account at Isrg KB:- 24-48 hours
  • Approval or denial of Identity verification: 24 hours
  • Approval or rejection of the topic: 24-48 hours
  • Article approval, denial, review: 7 working days
  • Account restoration: 48 hours

The above-defined timeframe may increase or decrease depending upon the backlogs and content length, quality etc. And for the processes which are not denied has a timeline of 7 days.

6. Understanding Content Ownership


7. Account Suspension Policy

w.e.f 2019 editors, contributors, and interns are required to submit the verification request in order to continue using Isrg KB. In addition to the account verification, Isrg KB has announced several other policies and failing to any of these may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of the account:

  • Inactive accounts for a period of 30 days
  • Unverified accounts inactive for a period of 15 days
  • Suspicious accounts with the security breach etc.

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