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Contribution Guidelines for Writing Articles

Updated on: 22nd May, 2019

Welcome to Isrg KB Contributor Guideline and Introduction Center. In this article we have included the details, instructions, and payment information for contributing i.e. — writing articles at Isrg KB.

Content of the page

At Isrg KB you can contribute article in Hindi or English or in both the languages. While writing article, do ensure following points-

  • Avoid copy-paste
  • Avoid translation from other languages
  • Avoid use of offensive and uncultured tone and language

1. Introduction for Writing

The topic of the articles will be given by the team of the editors at “Topic Request Manager” on which you can write articles, in fact you can request your own topic which you think that it can be useful to the readers and after approval you can contribute at Isrg KB. We publish articles on a variety of topics which include Education, Gadgets, How-To, Tutorials, Guidelines, Trending News, about Relationship, Places to travel and hangout and Best Top things etc.

1.1 Topic and the Title

The topic of your article should be self descriptive and should be at least of 40-70 characters. The topic of the article may include the word phrases like “How to”, “where to”, “here are” and “these are” etc.

1.2 Objective of your article
Your article should answer these three questions:

  1. What you are writing?
  2. Why you are writing?
  3. Is it answering all the questions that may come in reader’s mind?

1.3 Restricted Topics

At Isrg KB we have restricted certain topics which include :

  • Articles based on your life or your family
  • Articles with Conflict of Interest (COI)
  • Personally written Poems, Quotes and Short-stories
  • Articles that asking users to download things with affiliated links
  • Articles that links to other blogs and website which may have conflict of interest
  • Outdated topics that are covered in detail on other websites such as Wikipedia etc.
  • Articles that are covered in detail on third party websites

1.4 Length of the Article

Your article should contain at least 700 words (w.e.f 13/01/2018) which does not include the common words. In addition to that articles based on certain numeric items and list of things including products, features, services, books, phones, personality and places etc. should have at least 10 items/list with at least 4-5 lines of description.

1.5 Format of the Article

At Isrg KB there is no as such restrictions on the format of your article, but we always advice to use a standard format for writing articles. The standard format include following things :

  • Paragraph 1  — Introduction of your topic or the article
  • Paragraph 2 — Details on the things that you have covered in the topic
  • Content of your article

1.6 Article Selection & Approval 

W.e.f 25th Jan 2018, we’d started providing the topics for writing articles in addition to that the editors can request their own topic from which subject to approval. During the topic approval process, we evaluate various things:

  1. Uniqueness of the topic
  2. Feasibility and durability
  3. Readership and targeted audiences

2. Use of images

Use of images in the article is appreciated, but in other hand you should be careful while selecting the images. You should ensure these points:

  • Image should not be copyrighted
  • Image should not have any watermark
  • Image should not be depicting any offensive activity which may not be suitable audiences below the age of 12

3. Blunders to be avoided 

“Blunder” may not be the right word to define the common mistakes that most of newly joined editors commit, but here are the things of which you have to be careful:

  • Avoid being too friendly and use of following phrases:
    • “Hi! its me”
    • “Hello! there its me”
    • “Hi! its me again” … and so on…
  • Use of too low or high resolution pictures
    • Do not use pictures measures less than 600×300 pixels or more than 1000x600pixles
    • Blurred Images
  • Avoid use of unnecessary formats as italic, underline and CAPITALIZED sentences

3.1 Restricted Image Categories

At Isrg KB we have restricted certain categories of images, which include :

  • Your own selfie and photographs
  • Photos of your family members that does not relate with the article
IMPORTANT NOTE: You are advised to seek the permission in order to use personal photographs

4. Payment

The payment for per article is Rupees 30 minimum and maximum is Rs. 200. The Editors can request for the payment between 21st to 27th of every month, after the minimum required articles i.e. 5 get published. In addition to that editors can hold the payment for up to 10, 20, 40 or 60 articles for which they get extra benefit i.e. bonus as given below:

S. No.Word LimitPayment Per Article
1.700-950Rs. 33
2.1000-1400Rs. 50
3.1500-1800Rs. 65
4.2500-3000Rs. 75
5.4000-4500Rs. 110
6.5000-5500Rs. 165
7.7000+Rs. 220
IMPORTANT: This payment is only valid for the topics given by us where the payment for the topics requested by you will be Rs. 45 with word limit 1000 (minimum).

Bonus and Threshold

Minimum ArticleBonusTotal Payout

There cases when the editors have written more than the minimum required articles (i.e. 5), but less than the threshold, in that case the editors will be paid as per the Threshold+Payment Per Article for every additional articles.

The payment will be credited to the editors’ Isrg account soon after the article get approved and published. The editors can withdraw the payment from their Isrg account.

Payment Calculation & Deduction

There is provision of payment deduction for every extra efforts that you miss-out while writing the articles at Isrg KB that we’ve listed below. Avoiding these mistakes will give you 100% payment as mentioned above in the payment chart.

There is no payment deduction if the title is short, subtitle or excerpt is missing, but if there is following issues with your article the payment will be deducted as per the payment deduction policy.

1. Grammatical, Typo, Spelling and Shorthand

We always advice editors to check the grammatical, typo and spelling errors from and in addition to that shorthand i.e. short-cuts should be avoided for the uncommon words.

5% of the Payment for Per Article (PPA) will be deducted if there are more than 3 grammatical, typo, spelling error or even for the shorthand uses.

2. Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are used to organise the contents at Isrg KB and if the Categories and Tags are missing your article may not be viewable to the regular readers at Isrg KB. We always advice our editors to chose the most suitable category and use the appropriate tags for their articles.

If the Category or Tag (both or either any one) is missing 3% of the Payment for Per Article (PPA) will be deducted.

3. Featured Image

Featured Image is mandatory for every article that you write. The featured image should be attractive, optimised and watermark free.

In addition to that the featured image should be at least of 750x430px and should not be more than 1000x600px. Editors can resize the images from

If the featured image is not valid or missing 3% of the Payment for Per Article (PPA) will be deducted.

4. Images

Use of images in the articles are highly appreciated, though there are topics which may not require any images such as news, trending topics, philosophical topics etc. where articles based on top things, places, personalities, Sci-Tech and Movies etc. require images.

While using images always ensure following things:

  1. Images used in the article should be centrally aligned
  2. Images should not be less than 600x300px or more than 1000x600px in size (you can resize in bulk from
  3. All the images used in the article should be of same size (you can resize in bulk from
  4. There should not be any watermark on the images
  5. While uploading images it should be ensured that Title, Alt Text and Description of the image should not be left empty (Note:Caption is optional).

There is 4% deduction of the Payment for Per Article (PPA) over the violation of the either of the points under Images section.

Plagiarism and CCP

There is 100% deduction of the Payment for Per Article (PPA) if there is plagiarism or Cut-Copy Paste (CCP) violation. In case of multiple Plagiarism and CCP violation, the account of the editor maybe banned and all the earnings maybe nullified.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently we have limited the numbers of articles in Hindi to be published in a week is up to 3 articles until the special rights are not guaranteed to the contributor.

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