Database of Scammers and Fraudsters

This webpage comprises a comprehensive compendium of individuals engaged in online scams and fraudulent activities, particularly pertaining to financial transactions. Included herein are the names, email addresses, and other pertinent details of these unscrupulous operators. However, it is crucial to underscore that the veracity of the provided names, email addresses, or any other distinctive identifying information pertaining to these malevolent actors may be susceptible to manipulation and fabrication. Consequently, it is strongly advised that you exercise discernment and take appropriate measures in consonance with your own judicious considerations.

EmailNameOrganization & AddressDomainScam ProofComment
[email protected]Oliver JackTechie Buzz Add. Philadelphia Office1414 Radcliffe St. #301 Bristol, PA 19007www.spectrumoffers.comProofScam Alert: Beware of False Guest-Post Requests – Publishers, be cautious of “Oliver Jack” ([email protected]) claiming to be from “Techie Buzz.” This person, likely linked to and Digital Globe Services, LLC, requests guest posts but doesn’t honor promised payments. The company details provided, including address (1414 Radcliffe St. #301, Bristol, PA 19007), seem fabricated. Exercise caution, verify identities, research companies, and ensure secure payment arrangements. Report suspicious activity to protect the community. Stay vigilant and safeguard your platforms.
[email protected]Anza Prime Solutionwww.buytvinternetphone.comProofAsk for the guest-post and once published he/she neither replies to the mails nor releases the payment.

Scam Proof:

At Isrg, we are committed to protecting the reputation of individuals or entities. Everything published here is true, and proof of the scam is available upon request. If you believe that your name or your entity’s name has been included mistakenly, and you or your organization are not involved, directly or indirectly, in the scam, then you can ask for proof of the scam by sending an email from the registered email address of your entity. Please note that emails from common providers like Gmail, Outlook, Live, Yahoo, AOL,, or any other email provider will not be considered valid. The email should come from an email address under your entity domain name, for example, [email protected].

Government organizations of any country can request proof of evidence by sending an email from their registered government email address. We may ask for additional information or evidence to verify your identity.