Discontinued Services and Products

1. Jabalpur Knowledgebase

W.e.f Jan 2020 we have discontinued Jabalpur Knowledgebase and merged it with Isrg KB to server better-unified contents and updates from Jabalpur and the rest of the world.

2. Isrg Forum

Since 31st December 2019, we have discontinued Isrg Forum which was one of the popular discussion platforms in its time, but due to numerous reasons, we have discontinued this service.

3. Isrg Web Directory

Since 31st March 2018, we have discontinued Isrg Web Directory and Business listing services. We know that in past few decades the Web Directories served a major role in boosting-up the website’s ranking and helped in optimizing the SEO, but SEO rules have changed and are not much beneficial to the organization using Web Directory to build-up SEO secure which has made us discontinue Isrg Web Directory.