DMCA Take Down Request

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take down request can be made to take down ( to remove) contents from the website(s) owned and operated by Isrg Rajan, ISCL Online, Isrg, IITI and Isrg Group.

Types of contents fall under DMCA take-down?
Approximately all types of contents is covered under DMCA some of are:
  • Textual Content
  • Images, photos, clip-arts, sketches and paintings
  • Audio, Video, Animated Clips or Images.
  • Design, Source-code etc.
Where to request DMCA take-down?

You can directly drop messages to Isrg Rajan contact page for DMCA take down. With following details:

  1. What is Copyrighted?
  2. Where it is on our Website?
  3. How it is Copyrighted?
  4. Evidence of ownership or Copyrights (should be mailed to
  5. What is your concern?

Please note that all the legal proceedings are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction and the content be only removed if you are able to produce the evidence of the copyright or the ownership.

For more assistance you may write to us at