Download Free and Paid CBSE Class 11th and 12th Java IP Projects

Informatics Practices (IP) as one of the core subject was introduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for the 11th and 12th class students. The major objective behind introducing I.P. as the subject is to make the students understand the fundamental of the application development, database management and developing GUI and CUI based applications.

As per the latest syllabus of the C.B.S.E for the Informatics Practices the students have to submit a project at the end of the session as one of the mandatory tasks and the project work which included in the final Marking System i.e. the Result. Under the project, the work student has to make and submit a GUI (Graphical user interface) based application developed using IDE Java NetBeans and MySQL and the hard copy of the source-code also known as documentation.

In our previous article, we detailed on How To Make A Great IP Project for CBSE Class XI and XII which include instructions and the complete guidelines on creating a great CBSE IP Project. The tutorial includes step by step instructions with an example and the complete source code and the database connectivity details.

In this article, we have listed some of the common IP Project which you can download to learn and explore more on developing the Java Projects using Java IDE Net beans and MySQL. These projects are paid as well as some of the projects are available for free to download.

1. Taxi and Cab Booking System

Cab Booking SystemTaxi or the Can Booking System based application of Java IDE NetBeans Project developed using Java GUI as the front-end and MySQL as back-end. The Project includes modules for login, creating new bookings, modifying existing bookings, deleting bookings and generating overall crystal booking reports.

These modules including the name of the application could be modified as per the requirement.

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2. Banking System Project

Java Banking System ProjectBanking system based Java application is one of the best choices for the students to submit as the I.P Project. It is a creative and almost new ideal to make and develop the project banking application for the CBSE IP Project. This project is developed using IDE NetBeans Java and MySQL.

The banking system includes the modules to open a new account, withdraw cash, deposit cash, close account, generate report followed by a login module for the management to keep the data secure and safe from unauthorized people.

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3. Java Mobile Phone Repairing Service Center Project

Java Mobile Phone Repairing Service Center ProjectMobile Phone service Center based project consists of modules for managing and operating a mobile repairing store or a service center for a particular brand.

This project is highly customizable where the developer can change the entire layout, add images, change the name of the project. This project lets the user create new entries, modify existing entries, delete and generate the report of all the entries.

This project used MySQL as the backend to store all the records in the database which can be retrieved in the future.

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4. Java Hotel and Suite Management Project

Hotel Booking SystemHotel and suite management project developed using Java as the front-end and MySQL as the back-end with up to 5 modules that include login, booking, modify, delete and report.

Using the Hotel and Suite management project students can book the new bookings, modify the existing booking and delete the existing bookings while can also generate the crystal report for all the bookings.

Hotel and suite management projects can be easily customized using the IDE NetBeans Java include its name can be changed.

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5. Bus Booking System

Bus Booking SystemOne of the Advanced Project for Booking Bus in India developed using the IDE Net Beans which let the search for buses, select buses, select destinations, date and bus type for the booking. This project is highly customizable.

Frames i.e. form for adding records, fetching bus information, location data, booking, modifying, deleting and generating reports are included in the project.

Bus Booking System project can be easily customized using the IDE NetBeans Java include its name can be changed.

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6. Tiffin Booking System

tiffin booking system

The Tiffin Booking System allows you to run the tiffin booking service business with advanced and easily manageable options to make new bookings, modify existing bookings, delete or cancel bookings and generate the report. This project also has an in-built login option to secure the project from authorised access.

The project has been developed using Java and MySQL. Java has been used in the front-end to design and handle the various events like booking, deleting and modifying, etc. where MySQL is used in the back-end to store and retrieve the data.

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