Earn Money Online by Writing Articles Online in India

Isrg KB, contribute and earn, girl, bed, phone, MacBookIsrg KB is one of India’s most popular editorial, and content writing platform that offers an opportunity to the content writers and copywriters to earn and make money by writing articles and news updates on the topics like Education, Social-issues, Socio-culture, Science & Technology, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health, Tours & travels and other miscellaneous topics. Join today India’s the fastest growing knowledge-base articles and blogging news website in India where you get an opportunity to improve your writing skills, technical skills, and most importantly you get guidance from the senior bloggers and editors. In contrast, you get paid for what you love to do. Here at Isrg KB (“the website”) contributors are given complete freedom to write anything that could be useful and an asset to the readers on the Internet. At Isrg KB, we only allow serious, passionate and skilled writers with good knowledge and expertise in their field.

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Earlier we never granted so much of freedom to the contributors over choosing the topic. Still, freedom of expression, net neutrality and the excellent team of Isrg KB contributors, editors, reviewers, interns and volunteers inspired and motivated us to limit the restrictions. Isrg KB has more than 200 contributors who belong to different socio-background, reputed the universities like the University of Delhi, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and Lucknow University.

Now, it is your turn to be the next voice of Isrg KB on the Internet and express your thoughts, views, knowledge, skills and experiences with the people worldwide.

Eligibility and requirements

There is no minimum educational qualification required though you should have excellent writing skills either in English or Hindi or both the languages. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and WordPress will be your best companion in contributing and writing articles at Isrg KB.

Standard and quality of the Articles

Your article should be unique which means it should not be copied from anywhere on the Internet, books, newspaper or any other sources which include your blogging website and social networking profiles etc. See the “Contribution Guidelines for Writing Articles” for the detailed instructions and information.

The team of the editors will give the topic of the articles at “Topic Request Manager” on which you can write articles you can request your topic which you think that it can be useful to the readers and after approval, you can contribute at Isrg KB.

Payment details

For every article that you contribute to Isrg KB, you earn some amount of money. After reaching the Minimum Payout Threshold, i.e. after writing the minimum five articles, the payment gets processed on every 25th of the Month. The payment option you can choose from Paytm, Cheque, Cash (only for New Delhi), Wire or Net Banking Transfer

S. No.Word LimitPayment Per Article
1.700-950Rs. 40
2.1000-1400Rs. 60
3.1500-1800Rs. 75
4.2500-3000Rs. 85
5.4000-4500Rs. 170
6.5000-5500Rs. 200
7.7000+Rs. 300

IMPORTANT: This payment is only valid for the topics given by us where the amount for the topics requested by you will be Rs. 60 with word limit 1000 (minimum).

Bonus and Threshold

Minimum ArticleBonusTotal Payout

We always advise you to read the Detailed Payment Policy to avoid any misunderstanding.

Once you contribute 60 articles on Isrg KB, we increase the Payment for Per Articles (PPA) from Rs. 45 to between Rs. 100-200 depending upon the quality, length and the uniqueness of your article.

We monitor hits and views on the website using the “Google Analytics”, and the articles with maximum hits and views get a weekly bonus of Rs. 500.

Becoming an Editor and Contributor

You can join Isrg KB without paying any security or investment, unlike other bogus websites which charge joining fees here at Isrg KB you have to pay nothing. You can apply online using the below form.


  1. Make sure you’ve read the Contributor’s Guidelines for Writing better articles for applying.
  2. Submit only valid details using below form.

Isrg KB registration up process

Photo has to be your own as it will be used in the author description

Acceptable file types: gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 10mb.
Terms & Agreement

Please Note: For the security reasons, You've to submit at least 1 article within 48 hours of your account creation otherwise your account will be terminated.

We always suggest editors complete this online quiz to learn more on writing a better article at Isrg. For further details and information, you may contact us or Message Isrg KB directly on Facebook.