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How effective is air purifier in Delhi to use in the room?

When we talk about air pollution, we have a clear vision of our “Capital city Delhi” in our mind. Referring to the survey conducted by WHO in about 1650 cities, “Delhi- The heart of India” was declared as the most polluted city of India, which definitely affected the neighbouring districts- Kanpur, Faridabad, Patiala and many more. The impact of environmental conditions on health has created a fear among the crowd of Delhi.

Due to the poor air quality, Delhites have faced trouble in all terms. It created fear among the crowd as people started facing health problems like coughing, chest & throat irritation, infections, and such other respiratory issues. The crowd, including children, have led to lung damage because of the toxic air they inhale. Toxic air is hitting down the immune system of each.

Talking about the present environment condition in Delhi, it is sure the future of our children is not safe and healthy. Even for the healthy people, “Air they breathe is not safe.” One can surely look forward to wearing an N99 pollution mask while hanging around the city, but staying indoors, they are still living in danger, which cracks serious health issues like asthma, bronchitis. We as a residential are looking forward to the pollution outdoors, but What about the indoor pollution? What about the toxic air in your home? What about the toxic air particles and germs residing in your house? Limited ventilation is one of the primary reasons behind poisonous air inside your house. As per the sources, approximately 2 million people a year die due to the illness because of household air pollution or say indoor pollution. It is a potential cause of diseases like lung cancer, stroke, COPD- Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, Asthma, and few more deadly diseases. Believe it or not, Indoor air quality is much worse than outdoors. Indoor air is more toxic than the air outside your home. The same toxic air is circulated again and again in our house due to the limited or less ventilation. We stay inside our house a lot more than outdoors, which means we breathe around 80% of toxic air daily. Looking after the condition of patients with asthma and such other health problems, doctors have suggested wearing a pollution mask outdoors and also recommended the installation of air purifiers at their residential for their day to day living.

It is true investing in an air purifier will save you from deadly airborne diseases and will let you feel safe and happier at your home. Focusing on the research data, residential’s from Delhi- NCR region are facing severe health problems due to the bad air quality. Hence, the people living in the NCR region are asked to drive away from the place and find another living space. Concerned towards the poor health condition people are facing, including children, families are shifting away from the place reasoning the poor air has led impact on their health. Delhites are looking for the ultimate solution to live in a pure environment. Thus, people are doing their best to keep them protected in such an environment. Due to the deteriorated air quality, people are looking forward to the air purifier, which is an effective solution to stay healthy and breathe fresh air indoors. Keeping health and living in mind, an air purifier is a safe investment as the air quality is PM 10 AQI & PM 2.5 AQI, which clearly states the need of air purifiers at home to breathe fresh and pure air staying in Delhi.

If you have a choice to stay protected from air pollution indoor, then why not? Looking at the current status, circulation of fresh and pure air is only possible with the air purifier. It will not only save you for an hour, or a day but for a lifetime. While reading this if you have a question in your mind- Does air purifier really works for the home? Then answer is, Yes, the air purifier is an effective and essential source to improve the poor air quality indoors. Air purifiers clean and purify the air indoors, circulates the fresh air, attacks the germs transferring airborne diseases.

Let us see how an air purifier works for a home?

  • Air purifier allows the circulation of fresh air.
  • It helps in filtering pollutants and destroys impurities like germs, bacteria, dust particles out of the air.
  • It cleans and purifies the air and thereafter provides fresh air into your living space.
  • It definitely helps in reducing air pollution level inside your home.
  • Moreover, it directly helps in improving your immune system.

Delhi and for other metropolitan cities, air purifier have become an ultimate need for their indoor spaces. Due to the increasing level of pollution, there is no presence of fresh and pure air. Thus, air purifier plays a vital role in letting you inhale the fresh air, live healthily, and protect you from deadly respiratory diseases. Keeping oneself safe and healthy in such a toxic environment is a task. Air purifiers are now a necessity for your home. Pollution in the metro city- Delhi is constant talk of the town. Surely, you can choose wearing pollution masks while outside your home, but do not neglect the toxic air you breathe in daily at your home. So help yourself getting an air purifier. It will be a practical and essential move. An air purifier will ensure you a healthy future and will lead you towards a healthy lifestyle.

If you are planning to take a step towards a healthier and happier life, do not be worried and make a good move. You surely have a right to live healthy indoors. Before investing or buying an air purifier, keep a few factors in mind.

These are a few things to consider before buying an air purifier:

  •  Choosing an air purifier based on health preferences. For example, Person living in such polluted living space and suffering from an illness like asthma should opt for True HEPA filter air purifiers, avoiding ozone-based purifiers.
  • People with not so good or lower immunity level should also choose purifiers like True HEPA.
  • Not only for humans but pets also staying in a suitable environment is a must. Here, both the owners and pets health is a concern. Thus, one living with a pet should opt for air purifiers with good pre-filters.

Invest in your good health and future and make a step towards happier life.

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