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How to deal with today’s generation relationships effectively

It’s really difficult to maintain relationships nowadays — Not only love relationships, but also relationship with your family friends’ parents neighbors and relatives. We need to know the fact that we were born alone and we have to live alone in this world. We have to understand the fact that the whole world is selfish everyone love us for their own  needs. The world is full of selfish people and it is really difficult to find a Soulmate and to maintain a love life. You can’t force someone to stay with you as everyone is free to do what they want in life. Love is not something that you go to market buy it and get satisfied.

The major problem we deal with relationships is with attachment, when you get attached to someone it is really difficult to disattached; I have experienced the depression I felt after breaking up with my relation. I have resolved and talk to many people about relations specially love relations. To detach from one person we always move to another person. Changing people and attaching with other people will not affect anything in our life. No one will permanently stay in your life and no one is going to understand you in your difficult times. The only thing you can do to deal with this attachment and relation problem is to your love, yourself and spend time on yourself to do things you love to do and to spend your time on hobbies you like. We need to understand the fact that everyone loves us to the limit they have some work with us or till the time we are satisfying them in their life. It’s really difficult to find someone who loves you completely. It is said that we value things before getting them and after the things are gone. People love us in the early stage of relation and as the relation gets old the interest gets low. They start ignoring us this message, but never reply as the way of talking gets rude. It hurts to love a person who doesn’t love us back relationship works when you give your 100% and you get hundred percent in return.

Why relationships struggle to survive?

At the start of a relation everything is pleasant good happening and everything is right. But as the time passes the things gets difficult. The golden key to to make a relationship work is to compromise. But when a single person compromises and the other doesn’t even value the sacrifice he she is doing things gets difficult. It is said that you can’t clap your hands with a single hand. To make a relationship work both the partners have to understand each other. God has made everyone different and each one of us has a different nature. You are really lucky if you have someone who understands you completely doesn’t matter who are they your mother, your father, your friend, your neighbor, your relative, your cousin,  or anyone in this world. It really hurts when the person we love ignore us. This is the law of nature, if we value A thing more than it deserves so everything will get wrong. If you will be available for a person each and every time whenever he or she needs you, you are loosing  your value and nothing. They are not going to value you until the time they understood your worth at the time they need you but you will not be there. The main problem today’s relation go through its lack of time, lack of communication and lack of interest.

Why we should think twice before using harsh words in a relationship?

Words really affect every single thing in a relationship. The way what talking describes what you feel about the person you are in a relationship with. I personally believe that we can forget everything and anything but we can’t forget the words that we give to someone. A relationship is not just about talking, roaming, having fun or meetings. A relation is about to help a person when he or she is in need. My personal view about a relationship is the person you are in a relationship with should help you when you need him or her if the person is not helping you there is no point of continuing that relation and suffering from that hurt. If the person you are in a relationship with doesn’t value you and do not help you at the time you need his or her help and use harsh words and do not talk to you in a proper way and ignore you so there is no mean of continuing that relationship I will advise you to move on at this point and continue your life alone.

Foolish things we do when our relations doesn’t work. I have seen many people suffering from depression and even suicide when there doesn’t work. You can’t control a person you cannot force someone to stay with you. Ending your life because of a person who doesn’t value you who doesn’t even what your existence is nothing but completely of foolishness. I have seen people succeeding them hang themselves on a fan they drink poison did jump in a river. Suicide is not an option to any problem. We must be so strong that anything in this world should not break us.

From where we can get motivation after we fail in relation?

You can see inspirational videos from YouTube or Facebook. Read quotes on Google. Spend your time on doing things you like to do. I believe each one of us is born with some specialty in us. Empty minds are Criminal Minds. We should decide hobby and we should work on it. We can do anything we are interested in, there are many things to do in this world. You can show interest in dance social activities fashion designing or anything you like. If you will sit idle the whole day you will get nothing but all those depressing thoughts in mind and you will end up with depression.

Ways to live a really happy life alone:

To live your life happily alone first you need to  love yourself first. Love and value the people who love you and leave the people who don’t value and love you. You don’t need to follow the useless rules of this world do whatever you want to do live your life as the way you want to live it. Forget about everyone just think for yourself and sort out what is best for you. The world is completely selfish no one is going to help you in time of your needs you will be there with you when you need someone. Even our shadow leaves in times of darkness so we are fools to trust someone and to believe that they will help us when we will need them. Be around  positive people and positive environment. Avoid negative people it is the Golden key to live your life in a perfect way. I advise you to be so strong and love yourself that you don’t need anyone in this world you will be your own companion and you will be true to yourself.

I end  this article by saying that love yourself live for yourself, be true to yourself, don’t value people who don’t value you remember your worth and don’t be negative at any point of life.

Nancy Lulla
Nancy Lulla
I start the introduction of myself with saying I am a fun loving kind of a person. I believe that we should risk our limits to see what happens when we do the things which are wrong for the world. It is not necessary to follow fake rules of the selfish world. We should invest our time on thing we wish to do. Life is short and we should live to its fullest. I prefer to write articles on relationships issues, on life, colour changing world, health, fitness, diet, and social topics. I am also interested in English literature. I will try my best to write good articles I want it to get up published on your page.

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