IFDM Lifestyle is an initiative and venture by Isrg Rajan in the field of fashion designing and marketing. IFDM LifeStyle serves the motive of Isrg RajanĀ i.e. — Technology & Kindness towards mankind can teach all.

IFDM LifeStyle is devoted to the art of designing in clothes and lifestyle accessories.
In 2012 IFDM LifeStyle hosted a fashion show event which included dance with the ramp walk in the city of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh on the occasion of its launch. See IFDM LifeStyle in Media


IFDM LifeStyle organize, host and sponsor events based on the Lifestyle, Fashion Designing, Marketing and education. We also conduct workshops to educate people about the fashion designing and on various other topics based on IT and development.

Past Events:

  • Fashion show — May-June 2012, Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Seminar on Cyber-security — August 2014, New Delhi
  • Seminar on Ethical hacking — March 2015, New Delhi
  • Workshop on Blogging & Vlogging — July 2016, New Delhi

IFDM LifeStyle in Marketing

ISCL Online
IFDM Lifestyle working forward to enrich the marketing standards and quality to meet the requirements of a company mainly focusing upon branding and increasing the sales and growth of the industry.