Op-edLet Fear Motivate You, Not Defeat You

Let Fear Motivate You, Not Defeat You

 Let Fear Motivate You, Not Defeat YouFear Defeat You

Remember that everyone you will ever meet is afraid of something, that they have loved something, and they have lost something.

To face your fears, you need to first overcome being afraid. No matter what you’re afraid of, I can tell you that there is a simple solution to that fear.

Find something you love, something that you are so passionate about that you can’t go a day without it..

Find a passion that outweighs your fears that may have gotten in the way of your life before. That is the ultimate solution. Without that, every obstacle will cause you fear. When you find it, obstacles will just become another challenge that you look forward to accomplishing.

You will fail and you will lose things along the way. When that happens all you need to do is look towards your passion.

It is the reason you started and it will give you a reason to finish. Never let that out of your sight, and never let your fear of a situation prevent you from approaching it. When you are finally face to face with it, you’ll wonder why you weren’t here sooner.

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