The Scam Prevention Policy

The Scam Prevention Policy is applicable to both the publisher, Isrg, and its esteemed clients. Our paramount objective with the Scam Prevention Policy is to safeguard the rights of both parties and put an end to any financial scams or fraudulent activities.

At Isrg, we hold a steadfast commitment to combatting scams and frauds while ensuring the protection of the rights of every individual, entity, or organization involved.

Terms and Resolution

Under the Scam Prevention Policy, clients are presented with two distinct options to ensure secure transactions:

a. Advanced Payment:

Clients have the option to make an upfront payment, showcasing their earnest dedication to the transaction.

b. No-Follow Links:

Alternatively, clients may opt for the second choice, whereby all hyperlinks within the article will be removed, and a no-index tag will be skillfully appended to the post. This approach guarantees that the content remains untainted by any unscrupulous or deceitful activities.

Legal provisions

Isrg stands proudly as a registered entity with the esteemed Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India. As such, we strictly adhere to the laws and regulations set forth by the revered Indian government. Clients can thus rest assured that their rights are meticulously protected under these legal provisions.


The revered government of India, in its benevolence, provides several portals and resources to safeguard the rights of consumers. These invaluable resources include the National Consumer Helpline and E-Daakhil, a prestigious online portal launched by the esteemed National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

Contact Information

Should our esteemed clients have any inquiries or concerns regarding the Scam Prevention Policy or any other matters, we warmly encourage them to get in touch with us via the distinguished contact page on our illustrious website at

With the prudent implementation of this Scam Prevention Policy, we ardently aspire to uphold transparency, trust, and a secure environment for all parties involved. Together, we can resolutely combat scams and frauds, thereby fostering an environment conducive to genuine and trustworthy transactions and interactions.