Op-edSelf Defense Techniques Everyone Can Do and Should Know

Self Defense Techniques Everyone Can Do and Should Know

The time has come in 21st century where women have to learn martial arts, boxing, karate or any other defense technique just to walk safely. They now have to juggle school, house, work, their own hobbies and then, maybe, their martial arts classes. There are people who think that the women’s feminity will be compromised if they begin to kick high or slap harder. And hence, do not allow their child to go for these classes. There are houses which think a women’s virginity would be put at risk due to too much stretching which would rip the hymen away. After all, hymen is what defines a woman and cannot form once again.

Where as women face trouble, men are not far behind. Toxic masculinity promises that men have to beat each other out, and the one who comes on top is the real man. Any moment some testosterone raging male can attack another, challenging him by beating his chest and then beating the other with a baseball bat.

In conclusion, 21st century might be the time for scientific evolution, political correctness and advancement, it is far behind in terms of protection. Violence is on rise both towards males and females. We can do little to stop it, not participate in it but what if it threatens our life or people we love’s life.

Imagine being confronted by some burglar, the knife pressed against your neck. What will you do?
Although fighting back might not be the best defense, always, it is good to have few tricks at hand. Despite which, the main defense is teaching not to attack.

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In this article, you will learn few of these tricks which might just save your life!

  1. Open Hand Strike: Open Hand Strike requires the hell of your hand to the target’s vulnerable areas on the head. For example, face, nose, ears, neck etc. It is almost like a punch. It can hurt or at least take them aback. Like a cobra, keep your elbow in front of your ribs. This will be your warning stance, ‘come closer and die’.
  2. It is okay to play a bit dirty and give a kick in the groin. The groin is regarded to be one of the most vulnerable sport for both men and women. It is just that the groin attack for men is more publicized. If you stand away from the attacker, aim to hit with the tip of your shoe or where your shoelaces are supposed to be. In case you are closer, use the knee.
  3. 360 degree or Outside Defense: It is widely known that attackers tend to be cowards. They usually attack from behind or from the side, using circular attack to slap, grab, punch or pull. Use the side of your wrist to find and hit them as they come. Remember to keep your arm at a right angle to create enough space between yourself and the assailant.
  4. If you are on the floor and the attack above you, kick them with both of your feet at the same time. Thrust your hips off the floor, get up and run away.
  5. It goes without saying that prevention is the best when it comes to self-defense. Everyone wants peace. Attackers want unsuspecting, weak and vulnerable targets. They are usually waiting in the dark parking lots, deserted roads and lone person. Teach your kids to be wary of strangers, walk to your car with keys tight in hand and walk in groups.Self defense techniques
  6. The most vulnerable body parts include eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee, legs and ribs. Determine the position of the attacker and strike. Never step closer to your assailant. If you can strike his knee with a kick, do not bother hitting his nose with your hand.
  7. Use your hands to strike the upper body. Strikes can be made with the edge of your hand, like a knife or a palm strike or even a knuckle blow. You can use the well trusted curled fist to hit.
  8. When attacking the eyes: Gouge, poke and scratch This will your attacker pain and inhibit their vision.
  9. When attacking the nose: If close, use the heel of your palm. If the person is behind you, strike with your elbow. In both of these cases, aim for the nasal bones.
  10. When attacking the neck: The carotid artery and jugular vein are located on the side. You can stun the person using the edge of your hand to hit the side of the neck. To take it a bit further, thrust your elbow in the attacker’s throat while pitching the weight of your body forward.
  11. When attacking the knee: To disrupt the balance of your assailant, attack the knee. Kick the side of the knee to cause injury. You can kick at the front, as well to injure the person but it would not result in any sort of imbalance.
  12. When attacking the ribs: To just punch the person in his ribs. Strong enough to knock the air out of him. Beware as this can kill.
  13. To maximize damage, use your elbows, knee and head. They can be tagged as your body’s built in weapons. Irrespective of your height, weight or mass, you can defend yourself through the laws of physics. Self-defense is not about punching or kicking as much as it is about punching and kicking strategically. Your aim is to injure the attacker using moves which are efficient, planned and targeted. Aim for the pressure points using your body to cause damage, aim to kill.
  14. Look around for objects you can use to your benefit. Like the key in your hand as you walked to your parking lot. When someone attacks you, you can shove it in their eyes or hand. The same you can do with a pen. The ring around your finger can add thousand times more power to your punches, even drawing blood. Carry perfume or hairspray, or stun gun or pepper spray with you at all the time. You can bang the assailant’s head against the wall, hit them with a bucket, render them incapable by spraying them with jet spray of water or slam a dustbin against their back.
  15. When someone grabs your wrist, do not pull back. Rather squat down, lean forward and bend your elbows towards him until he can no longer hold onto your wrist.
  16. When someone holds you from behind, hit his head with your elbow or stomp on his feet with your heel. You can also pull his fingers, bending them to an impossible angle. It will force the assailant to release you, and you may rotate out of his group and attack him.
  17. Watch YouTube videos regarding this topic and practice it on your sibling or family member. Tell them to be harsh on you.

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