Hindi Unicode to kurti dev

Unicode is an international encoding standard used with regional and different international local languages. Unicode assigns an unique digit to every character which is further uniquely recognized by the computers and smartphones.

Nowadays, Unicode is being used on web-applications, websites, smartphones, online translations, social-media websites and in different software and apps. Though the Unicode is not new to this world, but when it comes to handling Unicode in newly adopted languages which include Hindi also known as Kurti Dev and Devanagari there are many bugs and problems that has to be truckled. Many people face problem in copying and pasting the text in local-regional language written in Unicode as it changes the whole format to an unexpected one making it look truly differently from the original text. You must have noticed the similar problem with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Presentations.

Here we have found the solution to resolve your problem in copying the Hindi text i.e. Kurti Dev written in Unicode that you may have copied from Google translator or any other website using Hindi-Unicode.

You can translate the Hindi Unicode into the Kurti Dev and can easily copy paste it to any software including Photoshop, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Before you begin the translation make sure to download the Kurti Dev font and install it in your operating system. To download and install the Kurti Dev font :

Now, translating Hindi Unicode into Kurti Dev font :

  • Go to translate.google.com or google.com/intl/hi/inputtools/try and type the text that you wish to convert into Kurti Dev — You can directly copy paste the Unicode Hindi text from any website
  • Paste the Unicode Hindi text into the below Text Area and press “Translate” button to translate.