Account Violations, Suspensions and Bans

Welcome to Isrg KB Policy Center. This document will guide you on the account violations, suspensions and bans.

Is your account banned or suspended?

Your account could be banned due to:

  • Multiple copyright violations i.e. submitting plagiarise contents.
  • Inactive accounts for more than 60 days since the last article published from the respective account.
  • Incomplete profile description — your profile description SHOULD ONLY have details about you.
  • Improper profile picture use — it is highly recommended that you should only use your photo as your profile picture.
  • Duplicating contents — once your article has been published on Isrg KB you cannot mirror (copy) it on other websites/blogs including your own.
  • Stealing topics — if you were found stealing topics from Isrg KB Article Request manager your account may be banned and legal action may be taken.
  • Invalid payment requested — If you were found requesting invalid payment request your account may be banned and legal action as per Indian Penal Code (IPC) 420, IPC 421 and IPC 415-419 may be taken.

What you should do if your account has been banned or suspended?

Suspended or banned account holders can contact us from Isrg KB support centre.