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What are the simplest Cures for Knee joint pain in Ayurveda?

Knee-Joint pain is a common problem that is affecting millions of people today. Not only older people are suffering from knee-joint pain, but also the young people and even the children are now experiencing from it. The signs and symptoms of knee-joint pain include weakness, stiffness, redness, swelling, fatigue and instability to straighten the knee with crunching sounds.

The problem can last for a short term period to long term period. Usually, most of the people have short-term knee-joint pain which can be easily treated Ayurvedically and with home-remedy treatment. Whereas, the long term knee-joint pain require expert consultant such as a doctor to treat it effectively.

Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain methods and home remedies to get relief from knee pain:

1. Turmeric based Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain

This is one of the extremely beneficial remedies for your knee joint pain. You can make this remedy at your home quickly. You will see the benefit of this remedy in a few days. If you feel that you should continue to use this remedy, then you can use it for more days. It does not have any side effect. All you need is three ingredients to make this remedy. Now take one spoon turmeric. Take one spoon powdered sugar. Take one pinch of limestone and mix all the three ingredients and add little water into it and make a thick paste.

Now apply this paste onto your knees gently before going to bed and cover this area with cotton and wrap it with a cotton strip or cloth so that it does not spoil your clothes or bed. Now unwrap the cotton cloth and wash your knee with warm water in the morning. Use this remedy daily for a few days, and you will be amazed by the results.

2. Ginger powder-based Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain

This remedy is beneficial for quick relief in knee pain. If you want to get assistance quickly, then you can surely use this remedy. Many people experience knee pain in winters. If you are one of them, then you can prepare this remedy at home. All you need is three ingredients which will be readily available in your kitchen. Take 5 grams dried powdered ginger, 50 grams black salt and 100 grams carom seeds.

Now take a pan and mix all these three ingredients and roast it for a few minutes. Now take a clean cotton cloth and pour the roasted parts into it and tied it to make a small bag and give yourself a hot therapy for 10-15 minutes to your knee. You will get relief within a few minutes from knee pain.

3. Turmeric and fenugreek seeds based Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain

If you are one of those people who is suffering from joint pain, then this is the remedy for old, young and everyone in between. Take 100 grams powdered turmeric, 100 grams fenugreek seeds and 100 grams dried ginger powder. Mix all these three ingredients and keep it in a jar and your remedy is ready. Now take a spoon of this remedy and gulp it down with a glass of milk every day. You can take this remedy twice in a day with warm milk.

The best time to use this remedy is after breakfast in the morning and after having dinner at night. Soon you will get relief from joint pain, tiredness, weakness, swelling, back pain and body pain. You can use this remedy for days or months. There is no side effect of using this remedy for so long. This is very easy to make this remedy and all the ingredients you can find at your kitchen. Try this remedy, and you will be amazed by seeing the results.

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