Why the Payment on Isrg KB is too low?

We invest a lot of money in renting IT infrastructures whether it’s about renting Servers, investing in Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and marketing etcetera to keep our services running and available 24 hours and 365 days, nonetheless it is much more disappointing for us than it may be to you too behind the reason that, why the payment on Isrg KB is too low. At Isrg KB, we and the entire team are working hard to give as much as we can afford and bring a smile to your face but there are certainly serious issues that we are facing and not able to tackle with it. If you are not aware, our source of funding is completely based on revenue generated through advertisements displayed on the website but there are certain issues that we are sharing herewith you.

There are four major reasons behind the low Payment on Isrg KB, and these are:-

1. AdBlockers

We agree! No one loves ads as sometimes these ads are really annoying especially when they pop-up and open multiple tabs. In a study, it was found that 8 out of 10 people are using AdBlockers or such Web browsers that come with an in-built ad-blocking feature. AdBlockers are good for those who want to get rid of ads but on other hand, it is harming the companies which rely on advertisements as their source of funding and we are one of them.  Using AdBlockers is like having coffee at a restaurant and paying nothing.

2. Quality of Articles

We are not biased and publish even those articles submitted by contributors, which hardly get any hits. As a writer, there are two cases, the first case is that you have written a Quality Article and it gets millions of hits in that case there are chances that we’ll generate revenue from ads from the people who are not using AdBlockers. Whereas, in the second case another writer or you as a writer have written an article and it gets no hits; it will not even help us to recover the Rate of Investment (ROI); and to be very transparent, the numbers of such articles which barely get any hits are huge in numbers.

3. Issues in Under-Developed or Developing Nation

Advertiser from countries that comes under developing nation make very low bids on the Ads which directly impacts the income of the companies which displays ads on their platforms. To understand it better let’s compare the income generated by a developed nation and an under-developing nation like India with the help of an example:

“Suppose 1000 web visitors from developed nations generate revenue between $10 and $50 USD, whereas similar traffic from underdeveloped or developing nations like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the other 46 countries designated as least developed countries by the United Nations will generate revenue between $0.3 and $10 USD. 98% of the traffic on our website comes from the least developed countries, which is why we are compelled to keep the payout low and keep our services running and available irrespective of the revenue generated from the advertisements.”

4. Bounce Rate

As per Google, “the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.” Most of the people spend less than 1 minute in reading an article irrespective of its content size and hardly follow any inserted link which gives more details or provides references.