Tech10 Ideas to develop utility apps for iOS and Android users

10 Ideas to develop utility apps for iOS and Android users

Utility apps have a huge demand in today’s world. These apps are often used as business models for startups. Utility apps are easy to code using primary computer languages like Java, HTML5, Kotlin, Swift, and C++, and these languages can be learnt in a few weeks giving you enough Knowledge to create apps and form a startup company.

What is a Utility App?

A Utility app is a subcategory of apps which act as an enhancement factor in your personal and business life, such as reminders, calculations, documents etc. A utility app has functionality that is basic and simple, to perform a strict and straightforward task. Note making apps, Fitness apps etc.

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The 10 Utility app ideas for android and iOS users are:

1. Snapchat streak reminder App

If you are a Snapchat user, you might be aware of the streak system on Snapchat. We send streaks back and forth with our friends, creating a streak score which acts as a form of proof of friendship. But it can be frustrating sometimes. Imagine if you are busy on a particular day and forget to send your streaks to others, you end up losing your entire streak score. This can be irritating at times as your whole hard work goes in vain plus you end up pissing off the person on the other side.

An app that sends reminders to your phone in the form of call or text will serve as an excellent use for the users. It would be a relief for all the Snapchat users as they have a backup. Real hardcore Snapchat fans will even pay for such apps.

2. Food Planning/organizing App

In this day and age, diet is considered mandatory for all adults due to their stressful work life. They tend to get unhealthy and fat due to irregular eating intervals and consumption of fatty foods. An app specifically designed to remind you to eat healthy and tasty meals at preferred intervals of time will be a lifesaver for middle-aged working-class people.

Especially a reminder for drinking water will help reduce fat and provide clear skin. The key to this applies in the pre-made meal packages. The user must be given an option to choose the most efficient package to their liking and follow it strictly. This app can be based on a monthly subscription bases for both android and iOS users.

3. Language Acquiring App

A person’s greatest strength is his/her’s Knowledge. With students finding it difficult to learn new languages at school, this might just be the remedy. Students are addicted to their phones and keep checking for notifications constantly. Imagine an app that taught the children 5 new words every day by just showing it on their screen every time they check their phone. This startup could result in a highly profitable business if marketed to the right audience. For android users, Android studio will be the best choice for creating high-quality apps.

4. Call recording App

Have you ever been told something on call and forget it a few moments later but feel embarrassed to ask them again? Well, if there were an option to record calls using an app, it would resolve this problem. Currently, there are a few apps that record calls, But the issue faced by them is that it occupies a lot of space. If you were to find a way to store all the recordings directly in the cloud with easy access, it would turn into a great business. There are numerous ways to code this as an iOS user. But if you are an android user, I would recommend using Android Studio for such high-quality app creation.

5. PDF Conversion Apps

Regardless if it is a school project or a business report, a pdf file is always recommended. Scanning written copies are a headache and require a scanner which most households don’t have. A simple app which converts files or images into pdf will resolve the issue. An app that compresses the image, making it easy for the receiver to download will also be helpful in many cases. This idea can be used as a profitable startup, depending on the user interface, as many apps perform the same procedure.

To win over customers and make them download your app, you must have a fantastic user interface involving various options with fewer clicks. The app must be of higher quality which occupies less space in the user’s phone.

6. Timetable Notice App

An app that displays the entire weeks’ timetable practically and creatively, helping the viewer to remember via photographic memory. This not only stimulates the brain but also enables you to keep vast amounts of Knowledge right at your fingertips. The Target audience would mostly be personal assistants who have to memorize various schedules daily.

7. Medicine Intake alert App

This is one of the most accessible apps for developing ideas out there. The app must contain a template consisting of Morning, afternoon and night. The user can just type the medicine name and set the number of repetitions, and voila, you’ve got yourself a customizable system with just a few easy clicks. The app must provide multiple notification options like call, message and alerting other members.

8. Social Service App

A Social Service App not only gives back to the society but also provides a platform for those in need. Here any user can request for members for participating in a particular social service or can send out a request asking to help a specific person within a particular region. The person closest to the location can take responsibility for the service. There are endless possibilities for this app. This can act as a platform for reaching out and promoting humanity at its purest.

9. Debt Reminder App

Ever find yourself in a position where you can’t ask your friend for the money that he owes you, but you desperately need it. No worries, this app has a changeable timeline within which your friend would have to pay you, if not paid, yet notification is sent to both you and the friend. This would be a great startup since it is simple and very much in need.

10. Mood Tracker App

This app keeps track of your mood daily. You answer questions at the end of the day and find your accumulated answer at the end of each week. This will pinpoint which part or time of the day tends to give you joy or make you feel depressed. It finds out your mood swings and helps you predict them. A business that might bloom if targeted at the right audience. This should be made for both android and iOS users to capture more users.

Love writing and learning new things, Afterall we are bound to learn a thing or two everyday either knowingly or subconsciously.

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