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What are the qualities of a Mentally Strong Person?

The most important investment you can make is in Yourself.” — Warren Buffet

As quoted by the famous investor, business tycoon, and the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Mr Warren Buffet is a very well said quote for self-development and those focussing on growth and success in life. Mental Strength is a very important aspect of seeking goals in life because, without personal efforts, nothing is possible to achieve in life. For a healthy and prosperous lifestyle, the one that is full of satisfaction and happiness, many qualities are required to imbibe and pursue that separates the mentally strong and hard-working people than the rest of the world. Ever wondered why some people are happy in life and leading the life of their dreams whereas most of the people are suffering and tired in life. People blame it for luck or any other circumstances, but they lack seeing the fault in themselves.

Let us look at some of the essential qualities that are required to be Mentally Strong:-

1. Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness

“It is hard to beat a person who NEVER GIVES UP.” – Babe Ruth

In our lives, many situations are adverse, and not everyone can fulfil all of his or her dreams. Even in a simple life, mental Strength is very much required to face the challenges in day to day situations that leave a person so tired and lack of enthusiasm. Various factors and workload pressures kill the beauty of a happy lifestyle as all are so busy with themselves. Mental toughness is the necessary quality that helps a person to deal with any favourable or unfavourable circumstances. It is generally a very important quality and comes from self-confidence. A confident person can move mountains if it is needed. This means he can perform well, even in hardships and adverse conditions that challenge his goals.

2. Self Love

Self Love, smartphone, laptop, girl

We don’t need to be smarter than the rest, and we need to be more disciplined than the rest.” – Warren Buffet

Self- Love is very necessary if you want to be happy. Self -love means taking care of yourself to walk strongly in life. We can make better decisions if we are true to ourselves and want happiness for us. The definition of happiness varies from person to person. Some find true happiness in love, and others may find happiness in success. To some people, happiness means family, while others find true happiness in doing some creative work. Whatever be the definition of happiness, one thing is true that everything we do in life is to satisfy ourselves. So, the best way to be strong is to be a stronger you. Love yourself first! Know your goals and focus on achieving them. The- better satisfied yourself is a better person. We should love what we do and also we should build our future too.

3. Will Power

Will Power, running, hiking, jogging, mountains

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. it comes from an indomitable will.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mentally strong people face the challenge by constantly improving and assuring their mind with positive thoughts. “I CAN”, is not just a word but a whole sentence! Speak to yourself about what are the hardships and seek ways to overcome those hurdles; this trait is inbuilt in mentally strong people. In life, most of our lives run as per the will of our parents and elders who want us to have a secured job to feed the family but mentally strong people also hear their hearts and pursue things of their choice. A mentally strong person can prove to others that he or she has the capabilities to go beyond and reach new heights which a common man cannot do. This makes a mentally strong person. Such people are the greatest leaders and can become great entrepreneurs.

4. Motivation

Motivation, motivational, sports, running, playing

” Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Hellen Keller

Mentally strong people are highly motivated; they are so full of self-love that common people term them as selfish! But there is a lot of difference between motivated people and the common people. In general, mentally strong-willed people face many obstacles, and those also build a base for a brighter future. A common person gives up easily and becomes negative from within, whereas the mentally strong people are adventurous and ready to take risks. They learn every day. They learn from their mistakes too.

5. Moving on from Failures

Moving on from Failures, man tie, blazer, suit, dress

“Failure is simply The opportunity to begin again, this time more INTELLIGENTLY.” – Henry Ford

For a mentally strong person, failures are the stepping stones towards success. We often tend to go in a negative framework of mindset if we do not get a job, or a promotion or any other gifts that we want, and then slowly our brain fails to understand the cause and get stuck up into small hindrance and stop looking ahead. It common disorientation from the constructive building of our mind, which is very important. Due to a negative attitude and fear of failure, many end up their lives in suicidal attempts too! It a social problem and the social issues which need an explanation, but the mentally strong people learn to train their minds by moving on from failures and start rebuilding again. The process of rebuilding is required, and one should not think that if you failed once, you would be ruined for life, instead, shake hands with destiny and say, here I come, yet again. Constant efforts will eventually pay

6. EQ and IQ

Emotional, EQ and IQ, friends, girl

“People tend to be more emotionally intelligent and have more intelligence as they age and mature.” – Daniel Goleman

People with higher IQ levels often show higher EQ too. An emotional Quotientor a stable emotional behaviour is one of the key qualities possessed by people who are resilient, stubborn, and emotionally superior to the rest.  If one succeeds in motivating self, then he or she can also manage and help in managing the emotions of others in a positive manner. Intelligence is also very much developed in a strong-willed and self-motivated person. Intelligent people get bored easily, and they also have fewer friends as they invest more time for themselves. Intelligent people know the solution to a problem quickly than the other people and also can visualize the future. But a balanced person should possess a mix of both EQ and IQ as, without EQ, IQ also fails sometimes. The society is governed by a flock of people which we call as our habitat and people we know, and people are very much interested in poking noses at someone else’s fault or mishappenings rather than looking and judging their shoes! Mentally strong people don’t care much about society as they have confidence. During the times of hardships, they act spontaneously.

7. Decision making Attitude

Decision making Attitude, handshaking, business, deal, meeting

“You are the CEO of your own life, start making executive decisions today.” – Stephen Luke

Good decision-makers have the ability to see beyond the wall, into the future, and build trust among associates and teammates. Even at home or in the office, a person with a rational and better decision-making ability can walk the road called life more effectively and also build skills for the future. This important quality is well seen in big leaders and politicians and is a symbol of a great thought builder and visualizer. This trait is well developed in a mentally strong person that makes him or her a class apart. A mentally strong person is healthy from his brain as his brain is constantly working, whether a bad situation comes or an adverse condition, a mentally strong person will think positively for himself and society. These qualities look so easy but are very rare to find. It is true.

8. Futuristic thinking

Futuristic thinking, office, business, startup, employee, boss

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln

When we talk about mental health and fulfilling goals, it should be understood that mentally strong people can transform adversity into a blessing! They are futuristic and plan than the commoners. Thinking and doing things for the future is the key advantage their mind posses which makes them capable of building an empire for themselves. They become materially sound and content in later part of their lives. Open any book or biographies of well know people who have made a mark in history and then you will know what skin they are made of hard will, strong determination, constant efforts, and ” a cult above the rest”. Innovations and ideas develop in their womb of minds, and they give birth to newer technical advancements.

9. Adaptability

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“All things are difficult before they are easy.” – Thomas Fuller

Strong-willed people can adjust and adapt to a completely alien lifestyle. They are very easy going and embrace the change. Change is a constant phenomenon. No future can be as a present. Changing the mindset to adjust with the newer generation is a beautiful virtue possessed by the knowledgeable and emotionally stable person. Being mentally strong has nothing to do with physical attributes, but it is more focussed on the assessment on the self and is related to self-seeking happiness goals. One should adapt to the new circumstances and learn new skills to upgrade self learning and reciprocating in a good manner is very much required if we want ourselves to be heard in a public or a group. So, adaptability is a must, coming out from your comfort zone and trying new things can bring immense satisfaction.

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