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10 Places in India to visit this winter for History Buff

Holidays is round the corner. So it’s time to pack the pack and explore the world and welcoming the new year with special hopes and happiness.

We all love to travel and explore and there is nothing better than travel with families during holidays and spend some days in the unknown place exploring the new culture and surroundings of the place.

For this winter here are the lists of some famous or offbeat places for the history lover and also those who loves the ancient architecture. These places would surely give a good experience of our ancient past and the history could be revisited through the eyes of a wanderlust.

Great living Chola Temples

1. Great living Chola Temples- Chola Dynasty- Tamil Nadu

This site is tagged as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the temple complex consists of  Brihadeswara Temple,the Temple of Gangaikonda Cholapuram and the Airavatesvara Temple. The site is located at Thanjavur Tamil Nadu, about 350 kilometres of southwest of Chennai. The main attraction of the temples is about the architecture based on axial and symmetrical rules. It is well connected via road from the city of Chennai.


2. Warangal- Kakatiya Dynasty- Telengana

Another site which history lover must love. The architecture of Kakatiya Dynasty. It consists of Warangal fort, Kakatiya Kala Thoram. This place can be accessed by trains and via road from city of Hyderabad. It is also to mention that this city is selected under Smart city scheme of government.


3. Mahabalipuram- Pallava Dynasty- Tamil Nadu

The famous rock cut temples for history buffs. The group of monuments in the Mahabalipuram is also tagged as the UNESCO world heritage site. This place is also connected via roads from the city of Chennai.


4.  Aihole, Pattadakal, Badami- Chalukya Dynasty- Karnataka

For the history lover these places can be a good travel spot for exploring the architecture, the architecture is of Vesara style and Chalukyan style. These places can be accessible from the city of Bangalore by road and few trains.


5. Halebid, Hoysala Dynasty-Karnataka

Halebid and Belur are great place to explore for history and architecture lovers, the cities are enriched with mesmerising Hoysala architecture. Belur and Halebid are connected by few trains from maion cities of Mysore or Bangalore, or by roads.


6. Shravanabelagola and Kambadahalli- Western Ganga Dynasty-Karnataka

They are finest piece of architecture of the Western Ganga dynasty. The former one is a Jain temple, and can be reach from the city of Bangalore via roads or by train. Kambadahalli is also connected by roads from Bangalore.


7. Madurai- Pandyan dynasty – Tamil Nadu

One of the finest example of Dravidian architecture, Meenakshi Temple located in Madurai. Madurai can be reach by trains from Chennai.

Ellora Caves

8. Ellora Caves- Rashtrakuta dynasty, Maharashtra

Largest rock cut cave temple, and also tagged as UNESCO World Heritage site,  one of the caves Kailasanatha temple (Cave 16)  is the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world.


9. Doddagaddavalli- Kadamva Dynasty- Karnataka

Kadamba dynasty created their own style of architecture and is prominent in Lakshmi Temple of  Doddagaddavalli in Hasan district of Karnataka. The temple is build up from soap stone, for history lover this place can be provide the prominent example of Kadamva architecture.


10. Amarkantak- Kalachuri Dynasty- Madhya Pradesh 

Amarkantak is beautiful place connected by roads from Nagpur or Raipur. These place provides some of the finest architecture of Kalachuri Dynasty. The temple complex consisted of several temples depicts the Kalachuri architecture.

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