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5 Career Opportunities in Beauty and Wellness

We are living in the 21st century, where people like to choose offbeat career and living the lives on their own terms and conditions. Offbeat career options brings out the creative parts in you, gives you immense job satisfaction and the same time you are earning a good amount of money out of it. Beauty and wellness industries are blooming now a days and giving the immense opportunities for the newcomers who wants to work in this field.

Not only that, beauty and wellness industry can rise you to fame like other career options, sometimes it also includes immense travelling around different places. Moreover it gives you freedom and make your own boss.

Here the list of 5 professions one can choose if beauty and wellness is their passion, and make their passion into their profession.

1. Make up Artist

This is one of the most blooming career option, people choosing now a days. It brings the creative side on you. You need to identify the skin contour, face shape and gives the person an outstanding makeover. Makeup artists are on demand during the marriage seasons. Makeup artists job include bridal makeup, professional makeup, photo shoot makeup depend on the occasions. Moreover one can also work under any salon or as freelancer or start her own makeup artistry company. The job has become professional and is well paid. There are also several institutes offering course on this subject.

2. Hair stylist

Another job which is in upsurge. It include everything starting from cutting to trying different hair style to match with the looks and occasions. In future there may also lead to several branch of hairdressing like hairstylist specialist who deals only with styling or hair coloring expect who deals only with hair coloring. This will be giving immense opportunities in future as well.

3. Nail Art

Another promising and freelancing job that is most in demand and is very well paid. If you are creative this job is for you. Also you can have your own Nail Art Studio, all you need to be more creative and coming up with more innovation. There are also some Institute that provide with courses of Nail Art, but basically it need one own’s creativity and imaginative ideas in Nail Art.

4. Cosmetologist

Basically a cosmetologists deals will all aspects of beauty from skin to hair and everything related to wellness. So this can be another career options for all those who are interested in beauty and wellness. Moreover this is also a good paid job, and you can also set up your own independent business after being professional in this field.

5. Spa Management

Another career option in beauty and wellness industry, but basically to start off you need to learn therapeutic spa treatments, which can be learnt by enrolling in any spa management course of the country. You get to learn about skin, spa, aromatherapy about essential oils etc. To improve your skills you can take job or internship in any real spa. For those who want career in beauty and wellness, this career option can be surely considered.

Ankita Chakraborty
Ankita Chakraborty
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