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4 Non-Indian Educational Movies you need to watch this weekend!

We try to find our dreams, hopes and expectations mirrored in movies. We quench our imaginations by watching romantic films, comedies and action movies. But there are movies beyond Bollywood. There are movies across borders that are significant works of art but escape our notice due to the lack of budget, cross-border cooperation and international advertisement.


The colour of Paradise is a 90-minute film by Majid Majidi set and shot in the mesmerising Iranian backdrop. The movie is about a blind boy, Mohammed, who wants to see God. His father, on the verge of a second marriage, is ashamed of his blindness. He, therefore, leaves him with a blind carpenter who decides to make an apprentice out of Mohammed. The movie revolves around blindness and the taboo attached to it by society. The end of this movie is typical to Majid Majidi’s style of storytelling. It leaves the coldest of viewers moved to tears.

The Colour of Paradise by Majid Majidi


In the name of God/Khuda Ke Liye is a Pakistani movie by Shoaib Mansoor. It stars Fawad Khan and has a cameo appearance of Naseeruddin Shah. It follows the lives of two Pakistani singers living in America, whose lives change after the 9/11 attacks on the Twin-Towers. The movie depicts the Taliban and its treatment of women. It also portrays the deep-rooted bias in some families with narrow minds, that store their pride in their women and treats them as material for safekeeping. It opens a new perspective to Jihad.

The songs from the movie are a cherry on the cake. Each better than the other. ‘Bandya’ being a favourite!

Khuda ke liye or In the name of God by Shoaib Mansoor

3. BOL

Bol is another Pakistani movie by Shoaib Mansoor about a significant social issue- Patriarchy. It stars Atif Aslam along with other wonderful actors. The film deals with the oppression of women and the LGBT community on the hands of patriarchy. It is a touching story of a family of girls whose father keeps trying to convince a boy. When he finally does, the boy grows up to be gay. The movie is a soul-stirring insight on societal biases and patriarchal oppression of all the genders other than male.

It’s songs, too, are a treat to the ears!

BOL by Shoaib Mansoor

4. Muhammad- The Messenger of God

Muhammad-The Messenger of God is another Iranian movie by Majid Majidi. The film is an Islamic Epic. It is the story of the childhood of Muhammad. It, however, presents a different and unique perspective on Islam and it’s founding fathers. The movie is an enlightening experience in terms of religion, and it’s intricate details. The film has won various awards world over, and it has however failed to leave its mark on the Indian audience.

Muhammad- The Messenger of God by Majid Majidi

Let us spread a hand of friendship towards the cinema beyond borders and give art a chance. Time to binge goes through these four life-changing experiences in the form of movies. Have a happy weekend. 

Sanskriti Tomar
Sanskriti Tomar
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