LifeStyleSocialWhat feminism really is! In an Indian's Perspective

What feminism really is! In an Indian’s Perspective

  • Feminism is real.
  • Feminism is needed.
  • Feminism is a strength.

It is every girl who takes the bus and gives her seat to any elderly person or any other human being that seems to need it more. It is the woman who walks into a boardroom full of male directors and makes her voice heard. It is the woman who never bows down because of her gender. It is also the woman who never takes advantage of it. For her, gender is merely a social construct that identifies her sexuality for others. Just that. Feminism is that woman fighting her husband’s family and her own in the court of law against domestic violence; because “ji ye chote mote jhagre to ho jaate he pati patni k beech” was insufficient for her.

She is the woman fighting against health, family, friends, reality, and the whole society because “ji ladke the… garam khoon hota he… galati ho gai. Ab ye choti dress me raat ko club me kya kr rai thi?”

Yes, try fighting that

And she is also the girl who fights with the same vigour for the male rape victims. for the victims of bisexual rapefor the victims of transgender rapefor the victims of asexual rapeAnd any other rape victims that fall for the “jawan ladko ka garam khoon” problem.

Yes. She will fight for them equally, for, as I said earlier, gender is merely a social construct for her. Nothing more. Feminist is that woman who is called fat but decides to love herself as she looks in the mirror. Accept herself.

Yes, she is what a feminist looks like

The woman who has broken free from the cosmetic body image of those shallow eyes When a storm comes, she won’t hang by your shoulders. She will be in the middle of it, shielding you and all that she loves. She won’t cry on your shoulders and expect you to fight for her. She has her squad ready. She can fight, and when she needs it, the squad will too. A feminist is that woman who will be just as sexually charged as you and be unapologetic for it. The woman who won’t know what it is to be coy She would not know those age-old, filmy demeanors. No. She will be who she is. She accepts who she is. She will be the woman who will take your hand in hers and fight alongside you.

She will be the woman you can fall back on. The woman you can look up to

  • Yes.
  • When you see such a woman, know that she is a feminist.
  • She wouldn’t need a saviour. No. She has no use of it. She is fine.
  • She doesn’t need you to save her.
  • She chooses you.
  • She wants you.
  • But doesn’t need you.
  • Yes, that will be a feminist.

But they are all about child custody and alimony in the end, you say? No respectable woman will seek alimony.No feminist would. First of all, if you’ve married a feminist, chances are she’ll be earning more.

Then there will be an asset division. But alimony? No. She can support her child. You took it all out of her when you decided to leave. when you drove her to throw away the dream of a safe haven for her child and just walk out.

For, barring a few (and I doubt if they are even worthy of being called women, just like some men aren’t worthy of that title), a woman would do anything for her child. That is her basic nature. Protect. Nurture. Fiercely so.

So if she is throwing caution to the wind and all those dreams of a peaceful life and walking out, something has gone really wrong in the relationship.

Such a woman wouldn’t care about alimony. She has already decided to move on. to pick up her guns. To fight.

And when I see your problems with feminism, they are so trivial as compared to the problems of those who need feminism that I do not know how to react.

You’re worried she will take your money?

Well, keep a human inside you for months, give birth to it, see its future disintegrated into two pieces of parenthood, keep her or him with you, and bring her or him up alone. and see what society does to you. What do people do to you, and how do they do it?

but you keep your money. You and your likes Keep your money by all means.
And in spewing such hatred as you do, you know what it is that you are proving?

If you and your kind are the only alternatives to feminism, you are no better than the people you are criticizing. Those sick human beings that hide behind the garb of feminism Yes. They are exactly like you. They hate They complain. They fight an unjust fight. They do not listen. They do not see. They are selfish and self-serving. and just that.

And so are you, my friend. So are you. Also,

  • It doesn’t boil down to the most expensive mascara.
  • It doesn’t even start there.
  • It doesn’t even matter.
  • Not to a feminist.

For she is capable of giving the world her message without having to underline it with kohl.

Yes! She is a feminist.

Sanskriti Tomar
Sanskriti Tomar
Studied at La Martiniere Girls' College, Lucknow. Graduated in English honours from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. An SSI certified Open Water SCUBA Diver. Love to travel, meet new people, read, write and eat. A trained Awadhi Kathak dancer. A cat-lover. A recreational photographer; and a lover of all forests, deserts, mountains and beaches. Travelled across India and hope to go abroad. In love with Sea Turtles and Elephants.

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