Girls taking selfie with selfie stick

There is a lot of hullabaloo around understanding who a typical millennial is. Being looked upon with a lot of preconceived notions by their forerunner, generation X, it is time that they be looked upon with non-judgmental eyes. Their lifestyle is different and no one can really change the way they are. After all, lifestyle is set upon and not forced upon.

Belonging to an age group of 18-24, millennials are large in terms of population and hence understanding their way of life is crucial and anyway fascinating. They are among the ones who are breaking stereotypes and setting new benchmarks in every field. Their life doesn’t revolve around getting settled, marrying and starting a family. They see limitless possibilities in everything and hence are often misunderstood to be the generation who is not serious about adulthood. While in reality, they are just creative innovators who are neophiles and have visions to make an impact on the world.

Generation Y is often largely labeled as the selfie generation. It is true that these millennials are ardent technology lovers. Most of their time goes in adorning their virtual self they create online because of their apparent FOMO (fear of missing out) but solely interpreting them as narcissists is not correct. Technology saw a bloom during their time and embracing it has naturally become a part of their lifestyle.

On the other hand, while millennials hail technology largely, they are blatantly becoming a slave to it as well. They tend to show fewer emotions and faking emotions through the umpteen number of emojis has become an easy escape to the problem. They might have thousands of friends and followers on their social media but find only handful of people to actually talk to.

A huge change in the pattern of consumption by millennial when compared to generation X is also often observed. This generation believes in consuming better and higher quality of produce. They spend largely on food and drinks in outlets where outer presentation is more stressed upon.

Though they often end up feeding more on junk and mostly are less active and hence problems like obesity, hair and skin problems are pronounced in them more than ever. Most of them are fanatics about tattoos and cosmetic products through which they can enhance their personality and make people perceive them as they want to be.

Millennials have been raised with the chanting that they should follow their dreams and with the deeply enrooted thought that they are here to change the world, they tend to be confident. Most of them might be phobic to relationship commitments but family is the one thing they’d trade the world.

They are digital pioneers, multi-taskers and the ones who value happiness and self-enhancement more than brooding over how they are being perceived by the society. They are intrigued by instant and fast paced life hence most of them desire to live in an urban setting. They understand the importance of marriage and having a family but want to delay that phase to come in their life. More than anything maybe millennials want to live young than just being young and bring about the changes they visualize in their heads as soon as they can.