Op-ed10 Dark and hidden secrets of Indian Teenagers

10 Dark and hidden secrets of Indian Teenagers

While every one of us reading this, keeps a secret. A secret that we don’t intend to share with anyone. A mystery that remains with us till our last breath. A report suggests that Teenagers ought to keep more secrets as compared to grown-ups or youngsters. Teens share their secrets only with some selective people, mostly their Best Friend, and if not, they just don’t let anybody evoke their privacy. They do not intend on sharing the hidden truths with either their parents or siblings. Some secrets are kiddish, while others are severe matters of concern. Let us look at some of the dark secrets of these teens:-

1. Password

Password Keyboard PhotoThey chat, they make free calls, they click selfies, and they keep Secrets. The most secretive task of Teenagers is keeping their Password-safe and secure. Be it their phone or gallery lock, be it their chat lock or their social media passwords with a habit of improvising it time to time. These teens don’t want to show their world kept in their mobiles or laptops to an outsider or even insiders that includes their photographs, videos, Whatsapp chats or messenger chats. In that sense, Password is the top secret of teens.

2. Dairy & Journal

Pink Diary with LockDear Diary,
Yes, Dairies or Journals are the dear friends of these teens. From their very first crush to the latest, from their first kiss to the first hug, from the biography of their favourite celebrity to the lyrics of their loved music, everything is stored in it. Their happiest days as well as the sad one, their hatred as well as their love for someone special. They’d instead share their secrets with their dear dairies than someone in person.

3. First Crush Story

First Crush CoupleThey fall in love easily, they get attracted easily, they like someone quickly, and they believe someone easily too, but they do not share it easily. After all, it is their “Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar”, and they wish to keep it forever with themselves. They dream of their crush during sleep. They get lost in reveries of them that’s how easy they play it. All of a sudden they start worrying about their looks, clothes and figure. An all-new likeness for romantic songs and movies develops in them, and they start seeing the world differently where everything is Beautiful.

4. Missed Waxing Session

Missed Waxing SessionOops!… the biggest challenge for any girl would be maintaining their parlour sessions and most importantly WAXING session. What if you realise that the last time you waxed was almost two months back? Simple you will try to hide it as much as possible, especially in front of Boys. Because you don’t want them to see that poky hair either on your legs or your hands. In that case either you wear clothes that cover up most of these areas or else apply a hair removal cream or use a razor as an instant remedy to avoid it and the secret remains a secret.

5. Picture Perfect

Girl Clicking Picture Perfect“WOW…finally I got the perfect selfie”. The trend is of Instagram, the trend is of Facebook, the trend is of selfies, and the trend is of uploading picture-perfect selfies. We love it, but we do not know after how many clicks they got the perfect click. Then another mild but grand secret is that can be called as “selfie secret”. They pose it they pout it, and they click it simple it seems but harder to achieve. They want it perfect and that they secretly edit it, crop it, and exaggerate it without letting others know.

6. Their Wildest Fantasies

Couples about to kiss photoThe generation is a Tech-Savvy generation, and they know everything even that, they shouldn’t say. Thus exploration of adult sites and reading adult contents automatically produces particular wishes and desires in the minds of these teens that are uncontrollable and unstoppable. They don’t realise how easily they are getting obsessed with the contents, that they dream of practising it with the one they like, love or lust for. This is one dangerous secret that these teens couldn’t afford to share with anyone.

7. Abuse & Bullying

Abuse & Bullying TeenagerThe first day of college and they are excited as hell. They leave the house in the hope of making new friends, creating new memories and living a new life but all their dreams get shattered when they are abused and bullied by the senior’s in the name of “Ragging”. A regular visit to campus only increases the torture and torment, and the Teens no more feel like moving outside of their room. They don’t reveal the reason for their solitude to anyone lest further acts of humiliation and punishments.

8. Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Drug & Alcohol AddictionAlcohol or Drug addiction can be due to many reasons, for example:- spoiled group. One out of many reasons for getting addicted and obsessed with drugs or alcohol is the friend circle we choose. Sometimes we get so much involved in group activities that they forget their boundaries and other times we do that as a symbol of style statement. The more we get inclined to these, the more they get spoiled. Extreme rejection for family or cravings for these addictions takes them to a zone where they develop a whole new world of their own.

9. Relationship Troubles

Relationship TroublesBeing in a Relationship is a Beautiful experience until it contains some aspects like -Love, Care, Concern, Respect etc. but not necessarily all Relations out there are like the Fairy Tales some are horrifying and distasteful as well. Once the times takes its pace, the ugly and unfortunate side of your partner starts showing up. The love they had once for your changes to lust, the care they used to show for you have swapped places with possessiveness, the concern now becomes scepticism, and the Respect is now changed to domination and humiliation. The teens do not find easy ways to get out of such Relations and hence, instead of sharing it. They rather prefer to keep it within.

10. Lies

Lies WallpaperWe all lie at some point, for some purpose but the ratio is definitely in favour of these not so kiddish Teens. The most common reason for choosing lie over truth could be the limitations and boundaries set for them by either their parents or siblings. They are not allowed to party, not allowed to go out with friends, are not provided sufficient amount for expense etc. Although these rules are for their betterment and benefit only, they only see it be nothing less than a punishment. Hence, the secret of the number of lies told by them remains a secret.

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