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‘A rose for Epona’ by Eluveitie: Song review

There’s a friend of mine who is an excellent guitar player. It was when she sent me her cover of this song that I was taken into a trance. The song ‘A rose for Epona’ has a magical folk melody which even a person with a bad taste in metal would surely like to hear. The main attraction of the song is the melody which is being played through bagpipers. The guitar and the drums do the magic alongside too. The genre falls into is a folk metal which is a sub-genre of heavy metal, of which I am not that big a fan of.

The lyrics did not make sense to me at first, but while I was listening to it for the first time, music appealed to me more. I was compelled to figure what the song talked about, and it was when I discovered it was about a Gaulish woman calling out to the goddess Epona. Its history is bewitching as well.

I had never heard about the band before, and it made me all the more amazed as I was sure I had made a new favourite. I felt forced from inside to watch this song’s video picturing in my head if the melody and the lyrics were so high, what the video must be like. The video has been designed equally well, I must say. It is apt to the situation and the vocalist, as well as the music players, are emanating a real sense of the song through their expressions. I feel like grabbing a mike and singing along with them as screaming the lyrics with such heavy voices seems fun.

With such expressive kind of music, sometimes it feels like to attach our own emotion and imagine the song in our heads with a totally different meaning, no matter what is being said through the lyrics. I usually daydream screaming out loud to all the difficult situations in my life and demanding answers as to why am I made to suffer hardships of life. My favourite part of the song is the absolute beginning when the bagpiper is being played and when it is accompanied along with the drums. The bridge of the song where all the screaming happens gives me goosebumps.

Eluveitie’s primary speciality is, no doubt their music. I do love the voice of the lead vocalist too. When I heard the other songs by this band, music was all I was interested in. The other songs by this band did not appeal to me much expect a song named ‘Isara’. It is hard to say what kind of people might dislike this song. Maybe for people who look for deep, beautiful lyrics with a subtle message or something might not like to tune to this song or the ones who dislike the metal genre no matter what. I also used to be mostly pop kind of person, but this song has changed my mind.

Swati Verma
Swati Verma
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