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Bhishma Pitamah, Karan and Arjun: What were the Greatest difference

The three Central character of the war of Mahabharat, and the three best of the very best warriors that the World could ever see who saw them, and the world could ever read about them What made them so very great, and who actually was the GREATEST amongst them It would serve a volutes’ of a reading

Bhishma Pithamah: The Only example of a DIAMOND like Villian, and a Diamond-like Hero

One of the main, and the most important man referred in the entire history of India, and it’s thought which relates one to the epic, Bhishma Pitahmah was both- a diamond in terms of a hero, and much more than the diamond in terms of the villain.

Born to Raja Shantanu the one to succeed King Bharat in succession for the throne, Bhishma Pitahma was the great-great-grandson of King Bharat. He was born to King Shantanu, and Maa Ganga whose only son was to become somebody who could even take on the might of Lord Shiva, and who could stop the entire flow of the river Ganga through his arrow which none other than Lord Shiva gifted him. To prevent Bhishma from all the adversity, it was Maa Ganga who killed seven other brothers of Bhishma Pitahma by drowning them in the river Ganga itself. That was done to prevent all the curse that would come to Bhishma Pitahma by the others

Pitamaha to bear the curse of his previous birth in many away. That I would write it here later. Those curses were such terrific that the pains he had, and he would endure was such that if the evils and the pains inflicted by those brothers whom Ganga Maa killed if were not killed then the life of Pitahma would have been dead in terms of life to live to ultimate death till he died

He became not the Pitahma by choice. He was forced to become. His father Shantanu saw a lady fisherwoman fishing for the day to earn her bread and butter. The lady was Satyavati. So beautiful was Satyawati, and so attractive that after seeing her King Shantanu lost all his sense. He could not come to terms with himself. All the best of medical care could not do anything. This was the time that Pitahmah Bheeshma asked his father about what was that which was so heavy that he could not find anything in terms of everything to get up from his bed

King Shantanu narrated everything. After hearing to that, Pitahmah asked the father of Stayawati to meet him at his palace immediately. The Father was stunned to hear that his daughter was liked by the King. But he replied that Satyawati and her horoscope was such that if she marries anybody, he would die, and also that if she marries the entire family would crumble under the pretext of vengeance, and revenge with each other This completely broke King Shantanu

It was here that Bhishma took a terrific oath He took a vow that he would never marry at any time of his life He also vowed that he would never allow the shades of any lady even to fall anywhere near him He took a vow that he will ever remain a servant of the throne of Hastinapur When he took the vow he made it very clear about his intentions to the Lords ruling the world, i.e. the Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh that his vow will remain forever, and that he should not be cursed or punished by the Lords ruling the world about him being a King, and still not marrying. The way he roared and took the vow, and the way he screamed in a vociferous voice the entire clouds, and the heaven got trembled, and the clouds with fear started raining That was the effect, and the thunderous vow that he took

He was later called as Bhishma because of the vow. Actually “ bheeshan “ means terrific or terrible. These vows were terrific During those days, the Kings, and those who were born to the King family were not supposed to remain bachelor at any time. This again was terrific over it he later became the oldest ones in the family of raja Shantanu, So he is the oldest, and the wisest of them all, he was referred as Taatshree which means Pitahmah Thus he became the Pitahmah

Bhishma learnt political science from Brihaspati, the guru of the Devas, and that is why he was so knowledgable with all the lessons of knowledge from era to era during that period was in his fingertips. He learned the Vedas and Vedangas from rishi Vasishta,and that is why he could narrate everything, and every rule by which the eras previous were ruled, and the changes that had erupted from time to time, and archery from Parashurama, also known as Bhargava, thus becoming an exceptionally skilled administrator, as well as an undefeatable warrior. His banner in battle was a golden palm tree.

He went on to create strategies, and formation of the war, and he discovered so many a warfare strategy in his life that at one point Lord Shiva got anxious, and had started fearing that if this is what it goes then the heaven would be in problem

Bhishma was the only one who broke the golden throne on he used to be seated with the clinch of his palm when Draupadi was being subjected to take away her clothes after the Pandavas lost the game of “ shoot kids “ that is the game of ludo Since he was tied to the throne of Hastinapur he just could not do anything extraordinary to safeguard the honour of Draupadi

Bhishma was the only one who gave the alms of life to his Guru Lord Parshuram when he refused to marry Amba. His Lord Parshuram had ordered that he was responsible for the kind of the stress

that Amba was in, and that he would have to marry Amba to safeguard his honour. Upon refusing t do that Lord Parashurama gave him two options to choose from. He had either to accept the death or that he would have to fight the Lord. Bhishma took to take his Guru, and after a fierce battle of 23 days he gave the “ calm “ in terms of Guru Dakshina to Lord Parshuram by awarding his life back to Lord Parshuram He could have killed Lord Parshuram but he gave him his life back Impressed by it the Lord blessed him by saying that never would the world have a student or a shishya as we call it who would be able to defeat his teacher, i.e., Guru in any way

At the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Bhishma Pitahmah had to lie on the 1000 arrows that were hit at his body by Arjun. At the end of the first day when the battle for the day was over, Lord Krishna went to him. He then had asked the Lord about why he was so in pains all through his life, and why is that so many arrows which were inflicting the pains paining to him like anything were his destiny. Lord Krishna was prompt to answer him that in one of his previous birth before this, he is a King had inflicted too many a wounds to too many soldiers and that he caused wars after wars to create panic after panic amidst the people. The pains that he inflicted were the pains he was getting back. Also replied Lord Krishna, once when he was a child he caught a pigeon, and pierced a straw at the eye of the pigeon. The pain that the pigeon had to endure is equivalent to the pain that he was amidst.

The Lord later said and explained him the ruler who so ever it may be, id he uselessly, and unnecessarily be, inflict the pain, and suffering by the war would be treated as the manner as you have been treated, and you are undergoing the pains all through This would be the fate of all the rulers if they did not find out a way or a solution to end the pain game

There would be no other to match him in the kind of inventions that he had made to invent the new kind of arms, and ammunition that he did in his lifetime, to discover the warfare strategy in the battlefield, and to use all the kind of weapons that he would use during that era with a one hundred per cent of fluency, and accuracy In his entire life. Not even one, i.e. a single arrow got wasted that he took out of his quiver to hit the opponent, and he could visualise the result of the war many, and many days ahead even if the war had not started only by counting the actual strength of the enemy.

In the days to come, there would be many, but there would never be one born like Bhishma Pitahmah

Sutputra Karan: An indescribable being with unimaginable qualities

If at all if there was an example of what the TRUTH is, and how the truth would describe ever in this world it was this warrior, full of valour, extremely focussed at what he meant to do, full of the ideas of what the opponent would come in the next, and above all to stand by the idea of principles when it came to it.

There is a saying, and that is well scripted in the Holy Geeta. It says destiny is decided by virtue, but the life is decided by karma. It means what you have done in your previous life is what would be the destiny to inscribe your future, and your luck in this life You, and one has to continue doing his job. If the job is full of principles, with the truth covering, and encompassing it, and if the virtues are sacred, then the destiny will give you the best of the rewards in a maximum manner. However, if it is versa, the results would be versa, and destructive

He actually was the first son and the eldest amongst the Pandavas. He should have been in the place of Yudhisthir to head the Pandavas for everything. He should have been the heir to the throne Pof Hastinapur after the death of Maharaja Pandu, the father of the Pandavas. He was to spent his life in a hut amongst the weaver. He was raised by the weaver. He was heavily cursed by Lord

Parshuram that we would forget all his teaching, and the maha mantras which the Lord taught him to make him a great warrior. He lost his wield, i.e. the kavacha that was given to him by the Lord Sun, and he had to marry a woman from the weaver society in spite of indirectly being a son from the family of the King Pandu. That was his destiny. Throughout his life, he was insulted, and taunted as a sootputra, and was never considered a King by anybody despite Duryodhana gave his small Kingdom, the Angadesh which was gifted to him by Shakuni.

A warrior whose main weapon, and love was the arrow, he could beat the best in the business who were then the champs of the weapon gada, he could out beat anybody when it came to taking the opponent by the sword, and his mastery over the spear was something to be admired for. He had no rivals when it came to either the weapons or the teaching’s, be it the Vedas, be it the shlokas, be it the lesson of administration or anything that related to the warfare, wargame, and it’s strategy or even the ideas to change everything from a bad to the best position.

Birth Of Karna:

Once a team of sages came to Hastinapur. One of them came up to the palace of Hastinapur to see the King, and the rest of them who was the resident of the palace owner The King, Dhritrashtra ordered Kunti, the wife of Pandavas to take care of the sage Nobody took the order of the King on its face value, and the sage later went to Kunti for her to treat her properly like a King, and respect him for the respect that he ought to get as a guest

Initially the so-called not so matured Kunti did not pay any respect, and attention to the sage This offended the sage, and he was just to curse the entire family of King Dhritrasjtra, and the one’s of Hastinapur A nervous Kunti then asked the sage to forgive everything that was wrongly meted to him, i.e., the sage, and treated him like a God. The happy sage gave Kunti a maha-mantra to recite and told her that if you wish to mate with any God whosoever, it might be, the replica of the God will come, and mate with you, and would bless you with the sons who would have the quality of that God with whom you mate

The young and inexperienced Kunti would not believe that. She recited the maha-mantra. It was the maha-mantra of the Lord Sun. The replica of the sun in the form of a man came, and Kunti had to mate with her. The son born was Karna. So horrified was Kunti that she because of the fear of the society, and the backlash that she would receive went to river Ganga in the midst of the night. She took the note, and the care to see that nobody was watching her. When she was assured that nobody was watching her, she took that baby who was Karna, and she placed her on the river. The river and its flow took Karna miles ahead in that manner, and he was taken off from the river by a weaver who brought him home

What they saw on the face of the child was the strong, and powerful ray that one would call it as the Karna ray of the sun. He was named Karna This boy despite the huge setback, and with all the societal limitation went on the learn everything by himself, and many a things by Lord Parshuram to become the most, and the best ever warrior after Lord Shiva, and Bhishmah Pitahmah. He was far, and far from the habits of the Prince at that age, and of those eras. He was very principled and was a believer in giving alms to those who would need that. He would give anything asked, and after the bath in the river Yamuna every day, those who would come to him to seek alms, he would not let them go empty-handed. He was known as daanveer, which means the brave who just gives the alms.

It was this habit by which Lord Krishna through a Brahmin dosage got the Suraksha kavach out of his chest He cut it from his chest to give it to the Brahmin, and again when his mother Maa Kunti went up to him and asked him to give alms to the five Pandav’s, he said that he would not kill the four but would kill Arjuna to prove that not Arjuna but it was he who was the GREATEST warrior of that time. He said to Maa Kunti. You have five sons. You will have five sons. Yudhishthira, Bheema, Nakul, and Sahdev will be your four sons. If Arjun kills me, you will have five. If I kill Arjun, I will come back to you as your eldest son because I’m your son, and that too the first one. However it would be Yuddhishtra who would be crowned as the King, and not me.I’m not fighting this wat for either the throne or the empire.I’m fighting for all the downtrodden, and proving that a Prince who was raised by the down-trodden was the GREATEST ever warrior This will inspire the downtrodden in the ages to come that they can be great That’s why I’m there at the war-field 

His art, and his control over the ammunition, and was such that he could reverse the flight of an arrow to the direction from where it was shot by the kind of arrows he had, and by the kind of the maha-mantra as that he had learned. He possessed such a strength that he could break the hardest of the hard and the legs of the elephant by one stroke of a solid punch. He could wrestle with any best wrestler and could throw them to the distance. That was him. That was Prince Karna. That was the kind of warrior that he was.

Had it not been Lord Krishna who manoeuvred every move to place Arjuna at the right place to initiate that kind of a move, Arjuna would not have been able to kill this man who perhaps was the best after Bhishmah Pithamah as a warrior

In that war, on four consecutive days, one after another, Karna broke the resilence of the four Kuntiputra, ie the sons of mother Kunti but gave them the alms of life as he had promised to his mother, ie Kuntideviji. He could have killed them and could have then, and there won the war for Kauravas. But then he was a daanveer. He was always to keep his words

Arjuna: The ablest of them all, the apple of the eye of Lord Krishna, and Bheesham Pitahmah, and master of perfection

Arjuna actually was the fourth son of Maa Kunti after Karna, Yuddhishtra, and Bheema But with Karna outcasted, and outwitted from the family for the reason that I have described here Arjuna was thus the third son of Maa Kunti on a legal note. He was too different, and was too balanced for everything but was of a nervous character It was evident at the battlefield of Kurukshetra when he simply refused to take the bulls by the horns He was very petrified about how would he kill his Guru, Dronacharya, his Taatshree, Bhishma Pitahmah, and a lot of brothers from the Kauravas end who were very fond of him, and who he was very fond of

Arjun from childhood had a kind of an aim which except for Bhishma Pitamah, Lord Shiva, Karna, and Guru Dronacharya did not possess. Once during the dark pitch night, he was practising his aim. Every brother was waiting for him for dinner. He was untraceable. When everybody gave up, it was Maa Kunti who knew where he would be. The mother went to the place exactly where Arjun was practising the aim with the arrow. Arjun heard the noise of the foot coming to him.H could feel that somebody was approaching him. He patiently waited to hear what kind of noise it was. Was it any animal approaching him or was that his mother.

He could gauge that it was his mother by the foot noise that has been created. He aimed at the mother, directed his angle to his mother’s ear, shot the arrow at the downward lobe of the ear, and aimed at the earring on that dark pitch night. The arrow took away the ring without even touching the ear. Arjun ran toward the arrow, took the ring out of the arrow, gave it to his mother to once again wear it on the ear, and then touched her feet to receive the best of the blessing. After receiving it, he escorted his mother to the palace. That is how Arjun use and Arjun had perfected the art of shooting. He later was the master of the grandeesgaandeev, and the speed at which he would shoot the arrow at times would beat the speed of the light. Such was his perfection that in his entire life he did not miss even an aim which was meant to be aimed, and shot at

Who Was The Best, Karna or Arjun: Lord Krishna proved it to Arjun

The entire battle of Mahabharat after Bhishmah Pitahmah was put aside by Arjuna, and Shikhandi was the tussle between Arjun, and Karna. Before this battle Lord Hanuman, ie Bajrangbali in a different avatar met Bheema while was an exile in the jungle. Both Bheema and Lord Hanuman are and were the brothers because they were born out of the Lord of the air, ie, Pavan. Hence both are pavanputra, ie the son of the Lord of Air by, and in any means Bheem was put to the test by Lord Bajrangbali who was lying on the road in the form of a sick, and a very old being. When Bheem asked that is to clear his path, the old being said to Bheem that I’m so sick and that I cannot even get up. Better you lift me up by my tail, and put me aside, and start moving ahead of your destination. Bheem tried to lift that old and the sick being by its tail but was a failure in every manner to do that. He realised that it was Lord Hanuman. He touched the feet of his brother and narrated the entire episode of what was happening to the Pandavas to the Lord.

The Lord blessed him, and said that every time the winner is the one who follows the truth, and since the Pandavas were at the, and on the road of the truth they would win the battle He blessed them for that On receiving an invitation from Bheem to fight the battle, Lord Hanuman replied that his age of fighting the war was gone but he would carry the entire weight of the earth and would sit on the chariot of Arjun to be with the Pandavas, but then this had to be kept secret

During the Arjun- Karna tussle which is considered to be the greatest, and the deadliest tussle in the annals of any war that was fought between two warriors, for each arrow that Karna hit, and that would push the chariot of Arjun back by one foot, Lord Krishna would fold his hand, and would bless Karna he would everytime sat-Karna never would be a warrior again be born like you. However, when Arjun would hit the arrow to Karna and would push his chariot back by ten feet, the Lord would not praise Arjun. This had irritated Arjun. He lost his balance, and then he asked Lord Krishna- why are you praising him for nothing. For every hit to his chariot, I’m pushing his chariot back by ten feet. He is pushing me back by one. Why have you to praise him

Lord Krishna came out of the chariot that he was driving for Arjun and asked Arjun to stand beside him. He then pointed to Lord Hanuman saying that even with the entire weight, and the load of the mother earth, if Karna was pushing our chariot back by one foot, and with nothing on Karna’s chariot, if you were pushing him back by one foot, whom should I praise Arjun. Arjun was quiet, and that was the day when Arjun realised about what Karna really was in terms of a warrior

In that Arjun-Karna war, there was a time when Arjun, and all his weapon’s were crushed, and decimated by Karna. Karna took out his arrow and was reciting the mantra to shoot it toward Arjun. However, the darkness spelt all around, and Karna had to stop. It was a rule that no weapons would be shot at each other, and at the enemy after the darkness. That saved Arjun. That was the first occasion that Arjuna felt and could experience what death was, and what means death. It was Lord Krishna who with his outstretched palms covered the entire sun or else it was Arjun who was going to breathe his last on that occasion.

These three great characters of the epic and this what we could term them like a true warrior ever since then have never been born to the world. Their accuracy, their art to turn the weapons, and the kind of valours that they were with a complete knowledge of using every arm, and ammunition to the best of the perfected manner , the examples of the same, and it’s kind thereafter had not been seen in any war that has been fought now in this seventeenth, eighteen, nineteenth twentieth or even the twenty-first century so far.

This examples the greatness of these three warriors, and all about the dignity as well as the courage of the Indian warriors, be it in the primitive age or be it of the modern age

In the annals of the war, only two have won the battle without even raising or touching any arm’s. One was Lord Krishna during the Dwapar age, and the other one was Chanakya during the primitive era

That makes them intelligently great

Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Bhattacharjee Shyamal
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