TechCloudflare domain registration and transfer reviews, pros and cons

Cloudflare domain registration and transfer reviews, pros and cons

Cloudflare is one of the giant tech organisations well-known for its free DNS and CDN services which is being used by millions of website worldwide. Cloudflare offers tons of website optimisation and security options with its CDN and DNS services which include Web Application Firewall (WAF), Image optimisation, high-level content caching, free SSL certificates and enterprise-level security and web application solutions.

Cloudflare is not just used for its free DNS and CDN services, but also for security and proxy which help website owners to hide behind the Cloudflare DNS services without revealing their actual identity or the real server IP (hosting provider). From the mid of 2018, Cloudflare has started domain registration services at most nominal prices and in this article, we have reviewed their domain name registration services with pros and cons.

Here are the Cloudflare domain registration and transfer reviews, pros and cons:

Cloudflare gave another surprise to its customers and users by announcing domain name registration services at no extra cost or surprising hikes in renewal prices. Cloudflare is known for the easy and well-organised dashboard, but when it comes to the domain name registration, Cloudflare has made it even more comfortable. Be it a new domain registration or transfer of the old domain from your current registrar to Cloudflare – the steps are quite easy and straightforward.

Cloudflare claims to offer domain name registration and transfer services at the best prices and no extra cost with a promise with no surprising renewal prices.

Pros of Cloudflare domain registration and transfer:

  • Domain registration at no extra cost
  • Free DNS and CDN services
  • Easy to register or transfer the domain
  • Support most of the top-level domain (TLD)
  • Auto-renewal services
  • Accept most of debit/credit cards and Paypal payments
  • Free WHOIS privacy protection
  • Instant domain registration or transfer
  • Support DNSSEC

Cons of Cloudflare domain registration and transfer:

  • No option to change Nameserver
  • No option to disable WHOIS privacy protection
  • No direct payment – you need to add a payment method
  • Can’t rely on the commitment on future price hikes
  • Limited payment method (and most of the payment methods are not accepted like Rupay, UPI, Net banking etc.)
  • Only E-mail support is available (except for the enterprise customers)
  • 60-days wait period to transfer to other registrars

Everything has pros and cons – even with Cloudflare domain registration you get tons of freebies, yet there are certain things which may bother you. Cloudflare does not have an option to change the nameserver, and you are forced to use their DNS and CDN services even if you are no interested. Still, the good thing about it is you can add necessary DNS records like A, AAAA, MX and TXT etc. without any issues and disable additional protections and CDN services with the help of page-rules and options available for the different CDN and security services from the dashboard.

Cloudflare could be an ideal domain registrar for most of the website owners who are already using it or looking ahead to try it. WHOIS privacy protection is another freebie that you get with every domain that you transfer or register with Cloudflare, which help you to keep spammers and domain hijackers away. Also, you shall not forget that Cloudflare uses advanced routing methodology which propagates DNS resolution at a much faster rate which could bring a positive impact to your website as far the Search engine optimisation is concerned.

Comparison between GoDaddy and Cloudflare registrar:

DiscountsFirst-time usersNil
Free DNSYesYes
Free CDNNoYes
Free SSLNoYes
WHOIS PrivacyPaidFree
SupportPhone, Chat & EmailEmail-only
Payment methodsAll International & regionalInternational CC/DC & Paypal
Registrar chargesExtraNil
Custom nameserverAvailableNot available
Surprising renewal chargesApplicableNil

Websites and companies using Cloudflare registrar:

  • Isrg KB (
  • Cloudflare (

Let us know if you know any other company or website using Cloudflare registrar, and we will add them here.

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