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Media should feature more plus sized and dark complexioned models

The pressure to be beautiful always prevailed since the beginning of civilisation, the moment from when human beings started to evolve on planet earth. The instinct of any living being is to get attracted to anything which looks beautiful at the first glimpse. That’s the reason why media or any brand hire the most good looking people for their advertisements. It’s kind of psychological conditioning (Classical Conditioning), where people get attached with the person they saw in the ad and buy the product/service unconsciously, without giving a second thought, since they liked the person. There are challenges that every woman face in the society which we have covered in detail in the Challenges That Are Faced By Every Women In India.

Often the pictures or videos of these people are highly edited, not real, and a whole team is working to make them look their best. But people perceive that they look the same in their real lives, as they are being portrayed on media. Media always makes us feel that we are not enough; we are not worthy of appreciation. Well, the fact is every one of us is beautiful in our unique way, their marketing strategies make us feel inferior, but they are also not to be blamed. It’s about us, how we perceive it, it’s about the understanding, and I think now its time for us to redefine the new concept and standard of beauty. Want to look like a Bollywood Heroine: Here are 10 Amazing Steps To Become A Diva.

Although media was invented for entertaining us, and it serves the purpose well, but there are substantial negative impacts as well on our society. Now the media and film industry is one of the significant causes of depression among people. They have shown us perfect people with perfect size, shape, and colour. So here I will talk about promoting body-positive society through media so that people become aware of this social cause.

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People often try to imitate what they see on media, and that becomes a trend. And in these series of patterns, the unusual and real people are losing themselves, getting into depression. I am not accusing the people who are models, neither accusing the media, what I am trying to say is who are they to decide what is beautiful. Beauty is a subjective attribute; what is brilliant for me may not be fascinating for you.

Beauty is how you look at yourself, beauty is how your smile brightens the world, beauty is how your loved ones love to watch you smiling unconditionally, beauty is the way someone recognizes your beauty even you feel that you are the ugliest, beauty is someone getting lost in your eyes, vision is hugging you also if your figure is worst in the eyes of society. Your confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance make you the most beautiful person in this world.

The truth is people are different. They are unique in their way. The people who are either fat, too much skinny or dark-complexioned, etc. kind of get into the depression that they look worst. These people are body shamed by the common masses who are not even perfect themselves. The term perfection does not exist. Either you have to spend tons of money for plastic surgery to get that perfect look, or you have to always be under a complete routine to maintain your perfectionism instead of being the real you, faking your personality.

Have you ever visited a botanical garden or forest? Isn’t the nature so beautiful, did you notice that all the trees combine to make that forest? Every plant is different, and it has its beauty. We don’t compare them. We appreciate the beauty of every tree or flower we notice. Same is for you. You are beautiful in your way. Your confidence makes you sexy.

Maximum people suffer from dysmorphia or body shame, where they see all the flaws in their body, and it tears them apart, leading them into severe mental health issues. They compare themselves to everyone in social media, or even in real life. In worst cases, they also become suicidal, because they feel they should not even exist in the world of beautiful people.

Even if you are not suffering dysmorphia, maybe at some point in your life, you had low self-esteem, or have been body shamed about your looks. But once you find yourself and be the best version of you, happiness prevails always.

So the point of saying so much is that it has to stop. People need to realise this significant issue which is destroying many lives out there. So, I want to request the media or film industry to feature real people who are talented enough but are only rejected because they are not good looking according to social standards. If media starts featuring dark-complexioned, plus-sized, or too much skinny people, then the body shaming or mental health issues related to looks will be solved to some extent.

Once people start seeing real, flawed faces and bodies on screen, the masses will get motivated that looks are not everything; talent speaks, hard work, dedication, and perseverance pays off. The people who have the habit of criticising will keep criticising forever, no matter what, but you always have to remember that you are better than them that is the reason you are being criticised. We can never change people if they don’t have the inertia to improve themselves. Featuring flawed, real people on the screen will somehow help genuine people to stand for themselves.

Even if the critics criticise, they have to admit that talent speaks, looks aren’t everything. In this whole article, I did not blame or criticise media or anyone who is blessed with divine beauty. I just said the way how the marketing strategy of media works, how the faces in media and film industry impact the mental health of the masses, and how we can promote body-positive media.

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The people who are blessed with divine beauty is your blessing; you should always nurture. People who feel are not blessed with divine grace, is more blessed I feel, because you are recognised, praised and loved for real you and not for your appearance. I want to conclude by saying that we all are equally beautiful. If media features more real, flawed people along with the divinely beautiful ones sharing the same screen, that will be an experience on a whole new level promoting immense body positivity and proving the world that looks are not everything.

Ishita Biswas
Ishita Biswas
Hello , I am a certified life coach, to be Psychologist , a content creator and I love to help people heal themselves. Sending you lots of healing vibes ! #Peace

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