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Challenges that are faced by every woman in India

Talking about gender equality and woman empowerment is a thing, and practising it, in reality, is another. Now the question is how much have we, as a society, have stood up to this comment? A woman faces problems or challenges in her day to day life either socially or physically.

By playing so many roles at the same time, be it as a mother, sister, daughter, wife and many more, she eventually loses her own identity or struggles to maintain it. Here are some common challenges and struggles that ONLY a woman can face.

gender inequality a major challenge in India

1. Dowry

Dowry so-called “Dahej” in Indian society. It is a based ritual of transfer of property, including cash, vehicles, household goods, etc. A Dowry is defined as the property that is received by a man from the family of his would-be wife during the process of their Marriage. Being illegal- this ritual is still practised all around India. Gifts and cash are broadly exchanged between the two families calling it to be a Tradition that has been followed from ages.

It is believed, that is the boy/groom is well-educated and a decent job with a good source of income his value automatically ascends. Hence he becomes eligible for the Dowry system. The strange thing is that this ritual is highly followed almost everyone in India no matter what caste, creed or society they belong to. Thus the dowry system could be stated as a real challenge that a woman’s face.

Indian dowry system and practice

2. NO! Education or Low Qualification

Another most essential and popular challenge that woman’s face is related to low educational level. Although a lot of new schemes and plan are being introduced as a medium of improvising this condition. As a result, the situation is for sure, getting better but only to some extent. Still, large no of girls, constitute a large body of the underprivileged citizen. They are taken away from this basic necessity of life, forcing them to make their involvement in household work. Most in backward caste these women have to face Lack of Education and attention as compared to boys.

It is believed that until these backward groups hold significant responsibility for the future development of the country. Still, this sector of society, either ignore or sideline the law of “RIGHT TO EDUCATION” of girls, who want to explore the world.

NO! Education or Low Qualification poster

3. Women Trafficking

Famous for enforcing young girls or woman to enter the world of Prostitution or Drug Dealing as means for their livelihood for survival this is another most threatening situation for a woman. Once trapped in this cage, the possibility of getting free becomes next to impossible. This so-called business not only hears a woman physically but mentally and socially too. She eventually loses her identity, feels isolated and becomes unfamiliar with the outside world.

The shocking truth of this industry is all ages is not a limitation her youngest to the eldest woman are pushed into it willingly or unwillingly either-way resulting to lost childhood of little.

Women Trafficking In India

4. Killing Girl Child (Female-infanticide)

Another most disheartening issue that a woman’s face. We hear a lot of cases every other day related to the killing of a girl child in the womb or soon after she takes the birth. A nation like India is still fighting against female infanticide. It’s a bizarre act done by some shameless and heartless people who call them themselves to be human. It looks like it’s not the mother to decide whether to keep the child or not. Due to specific laws and new schemes, the act has descended to some extent but hasn’t stopped totally.

Thus, it still needs to be uprooted. This discrimination based on gender is for sure, isn’t genuine, but mindsets of people even today revolves around some old myths or misconceptions that needs to end soon.

Killing Girl Child (Female-infanticide)

5. Restrictions from the Family

The increasing no of crimes that includes mainly sexual harassment of women, Rape cases/Murder is provoking the parents to create certain boundaries and limitations to their daughters’ lives. Late night parties, Traveling alone, Longer tours are a big “NO” to the parents because the city no longer is safe and secure for their daughters.

Just because of some creeps and gross people girls/woman has to face problems in their day to day life. They live a restricted life where they need to limit their wishes and desires to travel. According to the parents, going out should include someone on whom they can count on completely.

restrictions from family in India

6. Balancing Home and the Office

The world is fast-paced so are we, we woman try to cope up with the speed and intensity of the newly developed world. But do we succeed? Achieving success in both Home and Work is not easy and is full of pressure (from outside as well as inside). While some woman handles both work and home wisely and smartly, others look for ways to make the situation better and in their favour.

The aim should be to balance both at an equal level, but it slightly turns out to giving “priority” to one over another. Thus, it’s indispensable to maintain both personal and professional life with proper planning without affecting one another in the way possible.

Women Balancing Home and the Office

7. Distant Treatment Post Divorce

Our society claims a divorced/single woman to be outcast. Instead of sympathising or consolation, these women have to face harsh treatment from society. We can blame our morals and customs that have been followed and practised for a long time for this inhuman and unacceptable behaviour. It is being believed that a woman is a shadow of her Husband, and without her shadow/husband, she is valueless.

Here are the 10 Life Lessons Every Single Woman Should Learn To Follow which can help you in having a better life.

The strange and hard to trust fact here is that their relatives and family even criticise not only the outside people but these women. Although the case is not the same everywhere, it is since not everybody is the same by nature. If there’s a world of aloofness on the other side, there’s another world that is full of support, sympathy, love and care of our people. But still, the ratio is higher in the first case.

distant treatment from society and divorce

8. Premenstrual Syndrome

Totally out of topic, right? But let me tell you Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and the Menstruation are the most common problem that has no control. A woman has to face it every month willingly or unwillingly. So basically, PMS is defined as the physical or emotional symptoms that girls face right before the beginning of their periods. The most experienced and common symptoms suffered are:

  • ACNE (Mostly found in oily skin)

Women Mood CycleThere are times when we find that not only the society but also the media and entertainment industry comes with its biasedness as we debit most of the time that the Media Should Feature More Plus-Sized And Dark Complexioned Models.

9. Menstruation

Right after PMS the other, on average, 3-5 days challenge that woman has to deal with. Doctors consider it to be a sign of womanhood. However, along with this some even have to face the problems of irregular periods or Menorrhagia (weighty, prolonged periods), Amenorrhea (the absence of periods), Dysmenorrhea, due to hormonal imbalance or other issues.

Menstruation pain and sufferingYou might also be interested in the Fastest And Effective Ways To Overcome Menstrual Pain.

10. Body Image

Too tall, too short, too skinny or too curvy- these are the simple sentences that a woman has to hear. The not so important but still also essential features in a woman are a matter of concern. The low mentality and narrow-minded people are needed to improve their way of judging a woman.

Women low self esteem boyd image

Due to this, women tend to lose self-esteem (self-esteem is worth that you about yourself and how much you are valued and considered by others physically). Thus, the factor is undoubtedly linked directly to self-esteem.

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