EducationCareer opportunities and scope after BCA in India

Career opportunities and scope after BCA in India

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) which was earlier known as the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) is one of the trending professional programmes in today’s youth. With the coming of Digital India, Skilled India and paperless India have increased the scope in the field of computer and IT sectors.

Now computers are being used everywhere from a small general store to giant multi-national companies. Still, BCA is a different course which does not train you to work in a general store or marts since it has much more value than those diploma courses which you can have within a few months.

In India and abroad BCA is a three-year undergraduate programme which requires 10+2 to opt Bachelor of Computer Application as your professional course.

The minimum eligibility for doing BCA in India is:

  • 10+2
  • Maths or Computer (like Computer Science and Information Practices or IT) at 10+2 level
  • English
  • Depending upon the University 55% to 60% marks in 10+2

Best careers opportunities after BCA are:

1. Start-up – Personal Business

After BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) degree, you can start your own business in India under the programme “Start-up” by the Government of India. Under the Start-up scheme, you do not require much paperwork unless your company is not going to reach a threshold of lakhs of transactions. If you wish to have your own company’s name, bank account, you can apply for proprietorship registration (proprietor-registration) which will cost you a less than a 5,000 rupees after which you can apply for the PAN card for your company or can use your own Personal Permanent Account Number (PAN) card to get an account to be opened on the name of your company. You can apply for the PAN card from

Now millions of dollar questions-

  1. What type of business can you start?
  2. How much time will it take to start-up?
  3. How much budget will it require an initial level?

These questions are worth a lot and only if you are seriously looking for the answers. Well, here is the list of top 10 business to start in India. It’s up to you how much time you want to invest in your industry. When we talk about investing the time it means the time spent on doing market research and analysis, which can be helpful to choose a better business that suits you.

If we talk about investment and budget, well it can vary from the business to business, so it’s up to you and on the background of the business that you want to start-up.

2. Indian Railways with ITI

For those who are serious in working with public sector companies like Indian Railways and other govt. Agencies should take one more year with the Industrial training institute (ITI) to get trained for working with govt. Agencies. Depending upon the department, the course and training duration can vary from 1 year to 3 years.

3. Joining MNCs

Those who are not in the mood of starting-up their own business or not in the state to invest can join multi-national companies or can contact us with creative ideas and can be a partner with us while starting their own business. Anyways, if you have decided to work with those MNCs which doesn’t mean much to earn after BCA are listed below

  • Infosys
  • Tata Consultancy Services- TCS
  • Accenture

This might be awkward for most of you; that’s why I mentioned above, “these companies doesn’t mean anything”? Well, you can ask your seniors or if you have already done or doing BCA about their experiences in working with these companies.

It is more of a scam running out there. These companies hire fresher and youth who have zero-knowledge and are inexperience by giving them greed of a few things:

  • Master’s degree of Master of Computer Application/ Master of Business Administration
  • Salary while training
  • The grantee of improving your resume

Most of us agree to join “these companies” without thinking about our future since most of the time, these companies are just exploiting you and your future. These companies pay very less, and I won’t be wrong in saying that they do not even pay the amount that you have invested in getting your undergraduate degree. You may criticise me by saying that these companies are offering a master’s degree with training. Well, the degree that they are offering is non-regular master’s degree which have no value at all in today’s date, and practice is like full time working with a company while getting holiday on Saturdays and Sundays, which further you can waste on other planning and studying and sorry you cannot even waste it if you got some project to do.

The degree that they are offering is from those universities which you may have never heard –off. After three years working with “these companies” you get a non-regular master’s degree depending upon your preferences either in Computer Application or Business Administration and a lot of experience on how to make and get fooled.

At the initial level while so-called “training” period you get paid fewer Rs. 15,000- 20,000 and after 3rd year when you finish with your “non-regular master’s course” and so-called “training session” they increase your salary between 20,000-25000. Isn’t it crazy to work with an MNC which is offering less than what you pays for the rent? Well, it may be a different thing if your parents own a house.

After a few months years working with “these companies” you only get transferred from one state to another state in India with fake promises of hike in the salary. Though you may be the lucky one and can get everything that you have expected or not even expected.

I am sorry for the criticism, but most of my friends from B. Tech, BCA and BBA background has suffered a lot. Today, they are ashamed of having that master’s degree as well, which doesn’t value at all. It’s up to you, and you should hear your inner voice before the following anyone or doing anything.

My suggestion to those who want to work after BCA should get training from some other institutions or should opt MCA or MBA from the Universities like IGNOU and other well-known universities while working with other companies.

You can go with these companies too, but not through the placement process of your college and university.

4. Checking-out into e-commerce

E-Commerce and e-business is the future of India. In the past few years, online sales and commerce have shown a hike of more than 2000%, which is much beyond than our imagination. There is no legal business in the world which has shown such a growth in a short span.

And this is the only business which gives you three ways to choose your career:

  1. Join e-Commerce or e-Business company
  2. Start-up your e-Commerce or e-Business company
  3. Start sales on e-Commerce sites

Flipkart is one of the leading online stores and is almost an online mart for a one-stop solution in India. No business in India like Flipkart has made money. You can start your own e-commerce business with very little investment in purchasing

  • The domain name (cost less than Rs. 150 including tax)
  • VPS hosting (ranges from Rs. 600 per month to 5 lakh per month)
  • SSL Certificates (comes free with most of leading VPS providers)
  • Payment gateway (free is optional)
  • CMS like WordPress or Magento eCommerce Software (free)

Though you require a lot of technical skill if you are thinking to start an e-commerce business. So, let’s make it easy and try out the sales on e-commerce sites. Well, most of you might not be aware that on Flipkart WS Retails is one of the leading sellers from Southern India.

To start sales on e-commerce, you require products and the knowledge of getting cheapest and affordable products that can benefit you.

5. Joining IT firms Software and Web Developments

BCA has endless scopes from retails shops to software development and waits a minute it is not the end of it. Those who with reasonable skill and knowledge in programming and programming languages like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, ASP, JSP, Tomcat, Python, and Perl etc. can chose an IT industry with Web development background like, BigRock etc. where for software development you require good skill and knowledge of the programming languages like .Net, C++, C#, Java etc.

6. App Development Industry

This is the only IT industry, which is highly trending in today’s date. After websites, only the App development industry has shown a craze among the IT-related and other companies which require sales and interaction with their customers. Today, almost all the companies out there looking for an app for their website and company. With App development, you have two options to choose from either to start-up your own App development company or to join an app developer’s company.

Knowledge in programming and programming languages like Java, XML, C, C++, HTML5 and MySQL (Sqlite) etc. can be beneficial.

7. Computer Networking

Computer networking is the lifeline and almost the heart of the IT industry. Today, servers around the world are increasing rapidly and hence the connectivity. No company can operate without the concept and integration of networking. Those who look out to work in the field of Computer Networking is really on the high side of IT. This has umpteen numbers of opportunities, though you require training and experience which you can earn with your hard work in a few years.

8. Travel Agencies

You can join the tours and travel companies like Yatra and Cleartrip etc. after doing your BCA. It requires very less skill and knowledge since you can gain much more understanding only by working with these companies. Depending upon the requirement of the company and your luck, you may get a higher position.

I suggest, never wait for the luck instead compel it to be with you by having a higher degree like MBA or MCA.

9. Media, Printing and Publisher

If you know Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and other publishing tools, you can opt the printing press company including the leading newspaper agencies. These companies require graphic designers for advertisement designing and news content designing.

10. Go for Higher Studies

After BCA, it is highly recommended that you should go for higher studies, depending upon your background and interest.

After BCA you can opt followed degrees:

  • MCA 3 years course
  • MBA 2 years course
  • M.Sc. (IT) Two years course
  • ITI 1 to 3 years course

As we have already mentioned above that BCA has umpteen opportunities and scope which can make your future and can give a high-paid salary. A career like teaching can also be an excellent opportunity to deliver your knowledge in shaping thousands of life. All you need skill, knowledge and most importantly, interest. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated in the comment below.

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