EducationBest Online Business Ideas that You can Start in India

Best Online Business Ideas that You can Start in India

India is a very modern and ideal nation in the World to start up a new online business and earn money from home. We all are aware that India is one of the developing country in the World and still lacks online resources that you can make avail from your business which will benefit you as well as India in its development. The govt. Of India is appreciating such business through its Digital India. In this article, we will cover up the introduction to the various Online Business ideas and the basic requirements that will need you to start-up Online Business in India.

1. Blogging

Blogging has changed the entire structure of the Internet. Today, almost 70% of the websites in the World are Blogging sites which include technical blogs, health blogs, entertainment blogs, and so on.

In past few years, it has become one of the very common professions of the people, and the reason behind this is that they are making a millions of money by just posting some Tutorial, Guidelines and Updates on Science & Technology, Gadgets, Entertainment etc. and it is the only Online Business that you can start up from Zero Investment.

Things you will need to start up Blogging

  • Basic Knowledge of Computer
  • PC with Internet Connection
  • Knowledge and Good Skill in Content Writing
  • Knowledge of SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • A domain name and hosting (alternatively you can use by Google)

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the vital parts of online marketing to promote businesses online. Every company require Search Engine Optimization, no matter what type of the website or the business they are running online. Search Engine Optimization helps a website to increase its visibility on various Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, which is a partner of Microsoft Corporation (Bing).

To begin SEO business in India, you require Zero investment and 100% contacts.

3. Affiliation Programmes

Every company which is online there is looking to increase its market reach as well as sales. Almost every website including shopping sites and the sites selling or buying goods and services online have Affiliation Programme which helps “em to achieve their goal.

You can join these affiliation programmes by visiting their website and following the instructions. Some of the well-known sites offering affiliation programme are eBay, Flipkart etc.

Once you join an affiliation programme, these companies give you an option to generate the affiliation links using which you can refer people to buy goods and services. You can share these link on your blog, Facebook profile or pages and Twitter account.

4. Web Designing

After Blogging Web Designing is another option for many web designers to opt Web Designing as their career. Web designing does not require any investments. All you need-

  • Creative ideas for designing
  • Professional and advance knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Basic skill in JavaScript and jQuery programming
  • Adobe Photoshop etc.

You can directly approach clients and ask them if they are looking for a web designer.

5. Web Development

Web Development is meant for those having advance knowledge in web programming, Database management etc.

Web programming includes the languages –

  • PHP widely used
  • ASP and ASPX alternative to PHP
  • JSP rarely used
  • Python etc.

Database Management Systems used with above-mentioned programming languages –

  • MySQL widely used
  • MSSQL alternative to MySQL
  • MS Access rarely used
  • SQLite is similar to MySQL etc.

With this, you also require knowledge of :

  • HTML, XML and CSS
  • JavaScript and jQuery

Unlike, in Web Designing, you can approach the web designer as well as the clients directly.

6. Web Hosting

Web Hosting requires a lot of investment, but still, you can start it even with a small investment through Reseller Programmes. There are almost every hosting provider companies are offering Reseller Hosting, Domain name registration and a variety of other services which includes reselling of SSL Certificates, SEO Packs and a lot more.

This will cost you at least Rs. 6000/- to start Reseller Web Hosting business.

ResellerClub, Hostgator and Godaddy are some of the best reseller provider companies.

7. Sell on Shopping Websites

Selling products and services on shopping websites has become tread since 2012. Anyone can start selling goods and services by just sitting from home. You won’t believe today, 10% of products sold on these shopping sites are sold by those sellers who don’t even own those products or offer services. They are just doing purchase and resell of these products from one shopping website to another website.

It is very tricky, and you need to play the game by purchasing good from one website and selling it to others.

Snapdeal, eBay, Paytm and Flipkart are the best places to sell goods and services. When it comes to selling stuffs online billing and invoicing is the major concern whereas with the help of free tools like Zoho Books and you can create invoices in seconds..

8. Earn from YouTube

People from the entertainment industry and other sectors who love making videos and sharing over a various platform like YouTube, Facebook and might have Googled, “How to earn money from YouTube Videos?” Well, now can make money out of your YouTube channel with Google Adsense.

You need to act more of a professional to get maximum views and hits over your channel.

9. Mobile App Development

Mobile apps development is one of the booming sectors, which is changing the lives of millions of developers and people across the globe. With this, you can make a lot of revenue by developing apps for firms, websites, educational institution etc. You can create useful apps, and with the integration of Google Adsense, you can generate a lot of income.

10. Graphics Designing

Graphics designing is the most liked business across the globe with numerous opportunities. You can be a logo designer, post-card designer, business card designer, leaflet designer, banner designer and of course all and that’s without any restrictions since this is the only business which requires creative ideas rather technical expertise.

You can start this business from Zero Investment.

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