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Fastest and Effective Ways to Overcome Menstrual Pain

Every woman be it in her teenage years or adulthood goes through the menstrual cycle — a natural, regular phenomenon that brings about the change in the body. Instead of taking it as a positive phenomenon, most of us tend to have a major decline in our physical and mental states. The body moves towards a state of lethargy, unable to perform daily activities with a normal state of mind. At a mental level, we tend to be disturbed with persistent irritation and mood swings. A major cause of this fall is due to the immense pain that some of us go through during those few days.

Now, a major cause of this pain and uneasiness is a lack of healthy food and living habits that we follow. So, this article attempts to look at some major foods and as well as practices that we could do and avoid so as to overcome the pain and discomfort caused during this time. We have listed the 6 effective methods on how to overcome Menstrual Pain quickly.

DO Drink Warm Water – DO NOT Drink Cold Water

Warn Water in Cup

We’ve heard this so many times and here we are heard it yet again! That’s because water is the most essential food that you can give to heal your body. Start your day by drinking a glass of warm water. Drink water, preferable warm water. Warm water cleanses the body of its impurities and helps in the menstrual flow. On the other hand, cold water disrupts the flow and aggravate the pain so it should be avoided as much as we can.

DO Drink Warm Milk – DO NOT Drink Chilled Milk

Warm Turmeric milk in Cup

Drink a glass of warm milk with turmeric added to it. It can be consumed every day as milk, particularly cow’s milk is like nectar. Turmeric is regarded as one of the most powerful herbs being an antioxidant and antibacterial. It boosts the immune system and can cure almost any ailment. Drinking warm milk with turmeric added into it brings in the heat in the body, cleansing the body, improving blood circulation and thereby giving relief from pain.

DO Eat Red Fruits and Vegetables

Red fruits and vegetables, particularly Beetroot, Pomegranate and Watermelon contain several vitamins and nutrients that our body needs on a daily basis.

Red Fruits and Vegetables

Pomegranate and Beetroot as we know are a super food. They are one of the most important foods for a woman because they help in the growth and purification of red blood cells. This property helps to bring in relief from the pain and even clear out our acne problem that occurs during this time.

Watermelon on the other hand, if consumed in the form of raw fruit or fresh juice, on an empty stomach in the morning at least a week or ten days before could turn out very beneficial to the body. In some cases, it alleviates the pain altogether.

DO Drink Divya Peedantak Kwath

Patanjali Divya Peedantak Kwath

As the name suggests, Peedantak means “putting an end to pain”. Peedantak Kwath, according to Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali brand, is a blend of several herbs that help alleviate pain and swelling in muscles, bones and nerves. This kwath is to be usually taken in the form of a decoction in water, on an empty stomach in the morning.

Although it does not have any adverse effects, but one should consult an Auyrvedic Doctor to be able to intake the kwath in the right dosage, depending on the individual’s bodily requirements.

DO Massage the Painful Area

Woman with Hot Pad

Massage the lower abdomen gently with Asafoetida. Asafoetida, one of the spices is considered a natural pain killer. Take a tinge of Asafoetida powder and dilute it in warm water, massage it for a few minutes over the painful area until you start feeling that the pain is disappearing. Massage would increase the blood circulation in that area and would give immediate results.

DO Massage over the calf muscles

Girl Doing Calf Massage

Massage and press the calf muscles of the legs gently with body oil. Calf muscles act as an acupressure point, so a massage over it helps alleviate the menstrual pain. The massage could be extended to ankles and feet as well. For oil, any oil that suits the body can be used. Several oils like Peedantak Taila, Olive oil, Wheat Germ oil, Avocado oil, Sesame oil etc. have healing properties so they may be used according to individual preferences. Oil can also be heated slightly and then massaged over the region as that would induce more heat into the body thereby increasing the blood circulation as well.

DO Walk, Run or Exercise – DO NOT Sleep or Lie Down in bed the whole day

Girl Doing Calf Massage

Walking or Running for even a minimum of 30 minutes could bring a major relief from the pain and it would not even let the pain aggravate in many cases. When we perform an exercise, it induces heat to the body, the calf muscles get a workout and this leads to an increase in the blood circulation as well.

On the other hand, if we lie down or sleep, we may think that it is an easier solution but the immediate relief that exercise would give you is incomparable and with that you will not have to skip your daily activities. Sleeping is just a mechanism of the body to get lethargic so avoid so as to not let the pain ruin your entire day.

The above information should not be taken as a medical advice, but has been shared with the reader to provide the information that may help to bring comfort.

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