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Online Depression Counselling in Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Depression, Anxiety, Stress and what we call in Hindi — “चिंता”and “तनाव” is one of the highly spread disease. Well, let me correct myself — Depression is not a disease, but a disorder which you can address as the deformation, conjugation, spoiling, change and peccancy that lasts for a short span of time to whole day and some time for the entire life. We have heard and read since our childhood that, “Life is Beautiful” and there is no doubt at all, but life is only beautiful when you enjoy it. You can get free online Counselling from Soul Shapers in India

We are human begins the so called “Social Animals” we interact with a lot of people which include known people and unknown people. To the known people we address them as “mother”, “father”, “friend”, “boyfriend”, “girlfriend”, “husband”, “wife”, “son” and “daughter” etc. and to address unknown people we use a single word i.e. — “Strangers”.

As we grow, we learn a millions of things, sometimes we learn good things and sometime we learn bad things. Good things, teach us the skills where the bad things teaches us the lessons, the lessons of life which help us in making rightful decisions. As our all the fingers are not equal, similarly we all are not equal– Some of us are emotionally very stronger that no pain, fear and anxiety can osculate them where some of us including me are highly sensitive, emotional and snow hearted and the reason is this we are very prone to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress.

In 2014 we initiated a project named “Soul Shapers — ” — which is meant to offer free online depression, anxiety and stress counselling in India.

The Soul Shapers successfully managed to add up — up to 60 volunteer members which include 10 highly qualified volunteer doctors, scholars and the real people who managed to overcome depression. Now we are an association of more than 60 people who are committed to assist people with depression. We started serving people from the capital city of India, New Delhi and now we have extended the support in almost all the cities. In this article we have covered the cities of Madhya Pradesh where we are currently offering free online depression counselling.

Cities where Free Online Depression Counselling offered in Madhya Pradesh :

You can also download the Soul Shapers Android Smartphone app from Google Play Store

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