TechThese 5 things you can only do with Reliance Jio Free Internet

These 5 things you can only do with Reliance Jio Free Internet

Congratulations to those who got the Reliance Jio SIM Card and are using it. No, doubt there are some network related issues, mainly in making out-calls which one cannot deny the fact that leading telecom companies are responsible — Also do not forget to read 2 Ways to Get Reliance Jio Welcome offer for one year.

You must have read or watched the news in which Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) penalised Airtel, Vodafone and Ideal etc. — with Rs. 35,00 Cr. for denying the Reliance Jio’s in calls, i.e. — incoming calls.

You must be tired by now of watching Videos on YouTube, Downloading Movies and Songs, so what’s new and time pass to informative things that you can do with Reliance Jio’s free Internet?

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These 5 things you can only do with Reliance Jio Free Internet:

1. Use Reliance Jio as WiFi Hotspot

Smartphones powered by Android, iOS and BlackBerry (at least OS 10 ) have a feature to turn your phone into a Hotspot which gives you an ability to connect up to 10 devices including — Laptop, Desktop, Tablet and Other Phones.

Reliance Jio offers High-Speed 4G Internet, and that’s free of cost until March 2017. If in case you have LYF Smartphone or iPhone 7 you can enjoy this offer till 31st December 2017.

2. Watch Live TV for Free

Now you cannot only watch the Free Live TV but also can view the previously broadcasted shows on various TV channels through JioTV which you can download from Google Play Store if in case you have not installed it.

How many channels are available for free with Reliance JioTV?

There are 375 channels available with Reliance Jio, and almost all the leading TV channels are available on the Reliance JioTV which include — Business news, Devotional, Entertainment, Infotainment, Kids, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, News, and Sports.

3. Watch Movies for Free

Reliance Jio Cinemas earlier known as the “Jio On Demand” claims to offer 1 lakh+ hour movies, including — Movies, Television shows, Documentation, Trailers and a lot of things — all these things at “No Cost” with the Reliance Jio Internet.

Reliance Jio Cinemas’ programmes are available in English, Hindi,Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati , Telugu and Punjabi and include the regional programmes to International programmes.

To begin with, watching movies for free on Reliance Jio Cinemas you have to download the “JioCinemas Movies TV Music” app from Google Play Store (or from iTunes if you are using iOS).

4. Listen to Music for Free

Ya! Ya! I know you download songs from “those” websites which are already giving you the free download service, but wait a minute — “Those” websites which I don’t want to name here, are full of spyware and harmful apps which include — malware and adware.

Anyways, here is an app which gives you feature to listen to the music, and that’s in your language and is ad-free, and most importantly, it is available for free of cost — can you believe this? Of course, you can, and when you can get the Internet with Unlimited callings for free, it will not be difficult to digest this truth as well.

With Reliance “JioMusic – HD Music & Radio” app which is available for iPhone and Android users, using which you can listen to Music and Radio for free only on Reliance Jio.

5. Secure your Precious Phone and Data

Are you looking for an app that provides safety against vulnerabilities in apps, spyware, adware, viruses and even from the real-life thefts?

Wellness, Reliance Jio has brought a security app at “No Cost” which provides safety to your data and your phone from being stolen.

Reliance “JioSecurity” app is powered by one of the most trusted anti-virus and security adviser company “Norton” which claims to protect you and your data 24×7.

You can download this app for free from Google Play Store and using your Reliance Jio Internet you can claim this offer for free of cost.

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