Finance2 Ways to Get Reliance Jio Welcome offer for 1 year

2 Ways to Get Reliance Jio Welcome offer for 1 year

Reliance Jio is a revolution in the telecom Industry in India which you can compare with the Green and White revaluation which has improved the agricultural and the milk production. Today the time has changed and we have shifted our goal post towards making a digital India.

We all know that more than half of the population of India is living in the rural areas and most of them are still far away from using a smartphone which have a high speed Internet connection. Now, the gap between the rural and the urban areas are seeming to be narrowing with the coming of the Reliance Jio and it seems to be another revaluation which you can call as the “Digital India Revaluation”.

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Reliance Jio gave a stroke to other telecom companies in India and almost every telecom company stood against Reliance Jio since Reliance Jio promised to give freedom from the expensive tariff plans and with services like:

  • Free unlimited voice calls to any network
  • Free unlimited 4G data under the “Welcome offer”
  • Around 12 utility and entertainment apps
  • Cheapest 4G VoLET Smartphones

Despite the fact, Reliance Jio has offered the Voice Calls and the 4G Data for free under the “Welcome offer” which is meant to be end by the 31st December 2016, there is an expectation that Reliance Jio may extend this offer until March 2017. But here in this article I will help you in getting the same unlimited offer for a period of whole one year.

Earlier in 2012 Mukesh Ambani the chairman of Reliance Industries and Reliance Jio announced to offer the cheapest 4G Smartphone has brought LYF Smartphone — To promote the LYF Smartphone and the sales of the more and more handsets, Reliance Jio announced 1 year Extended Welcome Offer with every LYF Smartphone Handset.

Now, the question is who you can get the Welcome offer for 1 Year on your existing Reliance Jio number which already have “Welcome offer” valid until 31st December 2016?

Here are the three ways to get the Reliance Jio Welcome offer for 1 year:

Method 1 of 2 — One Year welcome offer with LYF Handset

Those who already have LYF Handset can contact the Reliance Jio Customer Care at 198 for the activation of the offer after 31st December and other can can follow the below steps :

  • Reliance VoLET LYF Handsets price ranges between Rs. 2999 to Rs. 25000. You can buy the cheapest one which will cost Rs. 2999 (or See here the Complete list of LYF Handsets with prices)
  • Once you got the Handset you can either buy a new Reliance Jio SIM Card or can use your old one.
  • Simply insert the SIM and Open the MyJio App (if in case it is missing get it from Google Play Store)
  • Enable the Data Services of your Reliance Jio
  • Open the MyJio app and top on the “Open” button in front of the “MyJio” option
  • On the “Welcome to your digital life” screen tap on the SKIP SIGN IN option which will automatically sign in (Make sure your WiFi is disabled and you’ve enabled Reliance Jio Data Services)
  • Now on the main screen you will be able to find the details about the Welcome offer

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