TechComparison between iPhone and Android in Terms of Features and Hardware Utilization

Comparison between iPhone and Android in Terms of Features and Hardware Utilization

Today we would be discussing the Technological reasons why iPhone is different from Android as well as make comparisons between the features of iPhone with that of features of Android. So, you have earmarked your budget for buying a smart phone. There are unlimited smart phones available in the market with various price tags. But, when we go to buy one, we generally get confused due to its features.

Before we go into the features that we get into smart phones, we must get some idea of the available options that are on display in the stores. Generally smart phones can be identified from various logos on the back cover. These logos tell about the makers of smart phones. Out of the world, apple and google are the two major players that provide smart phones. Apple makes smart phones under the name of iPhone, whereas google does it under various names as google has tied up with makers across the globe to make smart phones like Samsung, Sony Ericsson.

But, slight confusion prevails in your mind about what smart phone is best suited to your eyes. Confused about what features would be the best for your requirements. Features depend upon the type of operating system on which smart phone operates. An operating system depends upon whether the phone is of apple or of Google.

Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phones are two players that ride in the same boat, slight differences between players is that they are of different characteristics.

Apple’s iPhone smart phone operating on the operating system that it develops in its own facility, whereas operating system that google use in smart phones that it gets manufactured by firms it has collaborated with operate on Linux operating system. Smartphones that Google provide are called Android based system.

Let’s discuss some features that differ from iPhones with android based systems So, not biting the dust, Let us together compare tow variants of smartphones, iPhone and Android, totally manufactured by two different manufacturers.


  • iPhone is truly manufactured by Apple in their own facility. Apple is a leading smart phone manufacturer that manufactures various versions. All iPhone released in the market are all manufactured by Apple
  • Android smart phones are manufactured in various locations. These smart phones are released by Google and are manufactured by various manufacturers spread across the globe. Manufacturers like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia etc., all use android operating system. In this, an operating system is provided by Linux with options to modify the codes accordingly.


  • Batteries of iPhone are non-removable from their instruments.
  • Batteries of Android instruments are removable.

Operating system:

  • The operating system of the iPhone is developed by Apple. Initially given the name as an iPhone operating system, at a later stage, the name was changed to iOS at a later stage. IOS operates with hand gestures. This means that iOS can be operated with finger movements. If a user wants to move from one screen to another, one has just to swipe a finger on the screen. Swiping fingers across screen allows user to swap between two screens. Likewise, zoom in or zoom out of the camera just require a thumb and a finger.
  • The Android operating system, is Linux based open source platform which is provided by Linux. This operating system is provided with such source code that can be modified and distributed accordingly. Android phones use this source, makes few changes accordingly and provides in their phones. Linux operating system in android phones is provided by Google to manufacturers for getting it embedded in their instruments.

Apps Store :

  • Various apps for iPhone are provided by Apple. These apps can be accessed from Apple store. Apps that are available for the iPhone are developed by developers of Apple and stored in Apple store list for access. Developers out of Apple range do not have any hold over this list. The largest number of applications in Apple store are paid apps as compared to the number of free apps. Free apps are also available for users, but these are not in much numbers.
  • Android apps are located in Google store. Any app developer irrespective of geographical location can develop apps and submit it to Google to get it listed in Google store. Google store has countless number of apps for downloading in android phones and the number is increasing all the time. Many of these apps are available to users free of cost. There are also paid apps in Google store, but quantity of these apps, but these are less in number as compared to free apps.

Phone updates:

  • Updates for various iPhone models are provided by Apple. Updates by Apple are less frequent for getting them onto iPhone.
  • Updates for different Android phones are provided by members of google guild Members of google guild mean those firms who are the manufacturers of Android phones. Updates are provided more frequently by guild members for their phones. Guild members are responsible for phone updates because these members are themselves manufacturers of the phones.

Battery options:

  • iPhone batteries are provided in non-removable mode. It means that we cannot remove iPhone batteries from their respective instruments.
  • Android phone batteries can be removed any time in as and when required mode. These batteries can be removed anytime from their instruments.

Customization options

  • Customization options provided in the iPhone do not have figure much in figures. A person has to stick to options that are provided by Apple in their instruments with no change at will remedy. These options are provided in the instruments at the time of phone manufacturing and users customize their phones.
  • Customization becomes easier for Android phone users. Android phones are manufactured across the globe by various manufacturers. Every manufacture puts in its customization characteristics on the phone. Phone owner can change phone display and other features.

Phone security:

  • The iPhone has high standards of security for their phones as it does not give permissions to applications sourced from third parties. Applications that are developed at Apple source with stricter control over their codes. Applications once developed, are approved and given quality clearance by Apple and then are released for users.
  • Android phone users have slightly less secure in terms of security. Applications are developed at various locations and then are submitted to google. Google releases these applications for end using. There is slightly lesser control over application codes. Even slight bugs in the code can get into the phone hardware and disturb the settings, leaving phone at the behest of service person costing from less to heavy bucks in the pocket.

Third party access:

  • iPhone does not allow any third party access to any applications listed in apple store.
  • Third party access is lowed to phones that run on Linux operating system.

iPhone and android based smart phones are a bit of confusing lot in the supermarket. Features installed in both types are the same with only slight of the difference. The difference is about availability to the users.

Jasmeet Singh Chhabra
Jasmeet Singh Chhabra
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