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7 Ways to Develop an Attractive Personality for Every Indian Men and Women

“Personality” a word or a complete sentence? Well, personality is something we can improve so easily by developing it in new ways, believe me!!

How some people judge so easily to someone by just in one look? Why is it said to maintain the personality? A lot of questions have hung up the minds of people, all they want to know to know is; what is personality and how to develop it?

What is Personality?

The personality is an emblem of accepted wisdom, emotions, and behaviors which makes the person unique from the rest of the crowd. Personality is something which defines completely from top to bottoms revealing your way of thinking, listening and reacting.

When we say that someone has a “good personality” it means he or she is having unique attire and attitude. It is always said that even our clothes define our personality and yes, they do!!

By a survey, it was found that 85% of our life matters are resolved by our good personality. From our success to our growth in any sector is due to our pleasant personality. The personality is nothing but a definition of a person based on their appearance and attitude. This definition allows others to tag you with different words of dictionary-like; shy, clam, bold or weak.

We can only enhance our looks to a firm’s extent, but we significantly owe an ability to perk up our personality with no bar as much as we want. We integrate all our capabilities to develop the traits of the personality to perform better than the last time.

How to develop our personality?

A lot of people have asked me, how to change our personality? So, this is for all those people who are still in search of ways to develop themselves. I have decided to mention you all some traits which just need to follow in your daily life and I can surely guarantee you will soon feel the changes in yourself.

Developing personality doesn’t mean to add up a new ability in you, it’s just that we all have same abilities some of just add shimmer to it by brushing it with a significant amount of changes and learning.

Let’s find out what I have got for you today, surely something unique this time.

Be yourself, read yourself:  

A person should always read himself before learning new things. One must actually know what he is? And what else he wants to be? When he is able to get a satisfactory answer, he can move a step forward to develop himself. It is very necessary to “be yourself” as molding yourself in order to just to get fit or to be accepted doesn’t make you unique rather it will frame you as “show off” in front of others. Shaping the body like others is good but being an exact carbon copy of someone, allows you to lose your own exclusivity and authenticity.

Have a positive attitude and attire: 

None of us wants to be in an ambiance which is full of negativity, complaints, and dullness. It is very important to dress up attractively which adds up an extra point to your natural beauty. A handsome male or a beautiful lady is always preferred over a person who wears dull. A person should always maintain a proper eye contact while talking to others it reflects that the person is confident and fearless. Who wants to meet a person who never wears a smile on his face? Always maintain a smiling face!!

Explore new things and meet new people:

It is good to cultivate your interests every time with something new so that when you meet someone new you are able to exchange your thoughts easily. People generally like to meet people who are involved in an interest like you, but this confines the arguments to just one topic and which is generally less interactive. Let’s explore some different topic and exchange your thoughts with others which will emboss a new phase in you and you will definitely feel more energetic this time.

Be a wise listener:

Have you ever seen a brain reacting to your thoughts? No, it reacts when it feels some stimulus. Similarly, one needs to understand the complete theory of the person standing in front of him and explaining him. You should never interrupt someone in between because you are able to decode his or next word. This property of interrupting to others is usually termed as “impatient” the other person wants the listener to react only when he competes. You just need to hold your emotions and let the other guy complete and then you should start shooting your words at him.

Be a good communicator:

So this would be something sought of vice-versa!! A person should be both a good listener and a good communicator at the same time, if you think that being good would be enough to finish up a conversation then you are wrong. A conversation completes when it has the both of its systems a transmitter and receiver. A transmitter wants the receiver to connect with him and respond with a wise reply. It is best to respond wisely than to just speak whatever comes to mind. A person must think twice before having a conversation with others which shows their wisdom.

Set an opinion:

A person should have strong opinions on a topic of discussion. Now, the topic could be related to any field social, political or cultural. It is believed that a person having some opinion is always considered more prudent than those who never share their opinion. Sharing your viewpoint allows the next person to frame a picture in his mind. Now, these opinions can tag you good as well as bad. Keep your point enhance your vicinity!!

Treat people with respect and reverence:

A person is always thirsty for respect and the only way to quench his thirst is to bestow him with respect. It is not always possible to get a good and well-educated person in a conversation, but if want to develop the quality of sophistication we need to respect everyone. Even we expect respect from others, then why not to shower the same respect for them. Your attitude defines you and the manner you show to others leaves a permanent mark on their hearts and minds.

Well, there is always much to write, but short and sweet is always at its best. Find out your weak points and brush it up with the grease, we humans have the power to shape the things differently then why we should not try this to develop our personality!!

Like others, observe them but convert yourself into a unique gem.

Priya Israni
Priya Israni
I write to explore all those things I am afraid of, I am a suspense to be revealed 😊 Content writing is something which allows me to observe the ambiance around me with a different perspective. I hold the ability to ink down my thoughts into the combination of words and try to extract out the finest meaning out of all. My optimistic personality permits me to never give up in any situation; I always try my best to achieve something.

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