Op-edWhatsApp Business: How it can really help your business especially in India?

WhatsApp Business: How it can really help your business especially in India?

WhatsApp has cracked the instant messaging power. Yes! After the emergence of WhatsApp messenger, people has started making use of this instant messenger to communicate, to be social. Don’t you think, It not only has brought a little change, but a drastic change in personal lives, in social life, in each aspect. WhatsApp became a social platform for us, we are engaged in communication with our family, friends with the help of it. It is great to share anything with them easily. Not only this, but features of WhatsApp has helped in each way. Management seems easy because of WhatsApp, Yes! Not only your friends, college going, but family even has a family WhatsApp group. This shows where management and communication has reached through WhatsApp. It is the easiest way to share information, may it be a personal one, a political or social information.

It is not only a great platform for sharing personal life stories, but also a wide platform for professional use. It is the easy and flexible way to develop ones brand and individuality. It has been the easiest and quickest source of business marketing. WhatsApp is a way of communication, letting business owners and customers connected, not only this, but it is flexible with time and such other issues. It just helps the owner to monitor business employees, workers and helps to inspect the ongoing work. It is a method of guidance to them, if you are not present, but still you can guide them the work with the help of image, video, audio sharing features, also you can video call to brief about the work. Isn’t it a good way to run a business even when you are stuck with personal, family or some corporate matters. WhatsApp is an add on to your business, it is a better way for quick marketing than any hardest way.

WhatsApp has made us in customer handling, online ordering, providing customer service, in instant replaying.

What comes in WhatsApp Business?

Establishing business through WhatsApp is good, but a task to complete business work. One has to be good enough sharing Business Profile including Business info., email, name, store location, products, products description, live store location, so that in case customer finds hard to get through, it becomes easy for them. Also, this would help your customer, contacts to know basics about your business and its product and services.

No worries, If unable to manage WhatsApp from phone, it is manageable through the desktop. WhatsApp business services have been available in Indonesia, United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. As per new WhatsApp blog post, it reported new roll-out that is off 80 percent small businesses in India. It was seen that India is making use of WhatsApp to communicate their customer. Brazil is also the other country making use of WhatsApp for business purposes.

Here are some points telling you: How WhatsApp helps in Business:

Providing customers, with personal service- Know about your customer, Ask them about the choices, Make comfortable. It is said happy customers shop more, so develop a good friendly relationship with customer by adding on some personal service. You can help your customer solving a query at any time, it includes emergency too, it becomes an addition of personal services. Surely, your customer would be happy sharing their requirements if you built a comfortable situation for them, it would result in better product ending and happy customers.

Best thing in running your business through WhatsApp is you can carry on your business work along with other activities and can communicate many customers at a time. Trusted Business Profile- As it provides all business information, it becomes easy for your customer to trust on your brand. It is thus suitable for them to trust on your products. At the end it would help customers develop trust and stop doubting on your abilities to work, would let them make payments with trust.

Personal Message: Obviously we carry out messaging to communicate, but if you have business clients who just have professional terms, you can send them greetings on festivals to make them feel special, it helps to maintain customer value. Personal messaging lets them ask and contact you directly in any need without a second thought. Also customer feels free to ask about queries, share what and how they want.

Better Marketing: WhatsApp provides you option for one to one marketing. It involves sharing your new arrivals, new products to each contact, with a kind text. Features like Images, videos, audio clips features of WhatsApp makes it easy. But make sure to avoid doing it unnecessarily, because nobody likes constant messaging or a shred of messages together. So put it up in a good way, Remember, it is for the business purpose. Arrange a giveaway for your specific product, ask customers about it Let them know to revert back with their answer onto your WhatsApp. This will not only help you to build contacts but also to market your specific product.

Service to Valued Customers: WhatsApp helps you to inform your all time customers, about your new products, about discount offers, sales. Adding value is like adding cherry on the cake. Build a memorable customer experience on every visit.

Easy Communication: If your customer has got quotation done for you in regard to your brand product, but you have not got a reply from them, you can ask them with a short WhatsApp text in a formal way instead of calling or mailing them.

Good Customer Support: More overly it has seen people prefer to text instead of calling on, if the WhatsApp option is available. Yes, you can provide customer support by answering back to them on WhatsApp. Customers can put their query, can share their feedback on to your WhatsApp, thus it becomes a quick way to revert them.

It is a good option if the business is limited has limited customer requests and calls.

Portray your Brand/Products in a good way: Portraying your products helps to maintain a good business identity. You can make creative use of Images, Video clips and all other features. As WhatsApp helps you with all the features make sure to use it for the purpose. Don’t you think it is great to share not only information but can share documents like business brochure, and all such things, and make your products reach to many at a time.

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